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WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Results

WWE Money in the Bank 2017 Results

WWE Money in the Bank 2017: What’s Next for Baron Corbin and MITB Match Losers?

What we learned from WWE Money in the Bank 2017

Watch WWE Money in the Bank 2017 6/18/17 – 18th June 2017 Full

WWE Money in the Bank

Baron Corbin has won the 2017 Money in the Bank briefcase. From now until June 18, he can cash in the case at any time for a WWE Championship opportunity.

It all came down to Corbin outsmarting his competitors. When he took out Shinsuke Nakamura early, he left Nakamura vulnerable, leading to the moment where Nakamura and AJ Styles both tumbled off a ladder together to leave Corbin alone in the middle of the ring smiling. The finish was a foregone conclusion from there.

For a man who has been on the roster less than two years and had never main-evented a pay-per-view before Sunday, this is a massive accomplishment. Similar to the current WWE champion Jinder Mahal, Corbin is unproven, not quite clearly ready for the opportunity he holds in his hands, but he has undeniably been a major part of the brand for months now.

Where does Corbin go from here? The current champion is a heel, which makes for an awkward situation that will likely make certain that Corbin is not cashing in any time soon. In the meanwhile, he will likely be contending with the man he most clearly cost the briefcase, Nakamura.

Corbin vs. Nakamura sounds like an odd pairing on the surface, but it should be the perfect feud for both men. Corbin needs opponents who can help him grow as a main event performer while Nakamura needs real adversaries to test his limits. The feud should be one of the top three rivalries on the brand in the near future.

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Corbin may have to wait a while before he ends up cashing in with it since it is not clear who is next in line to capture the WWE Championship. John Cena is close to returning and may be on track for his historic 17th world championship reign. However, if Cena does not immediately capture the championship, Sami Zayn or Nakamura would be the next top stars in line to take the title from Mahal.

It is likely whichever face wins the title next, though, will not be carrying it long. Corbin has been groomed for the moment he becomes the top heel on SmackDown, and it is highly likely he will successfully cash in the case when the time is right.

Meanwhile, this leaves the rest of the Money in the Bank ladder match field in an uncertain place. Kevin Owens and Styles will likely resume their feud, with the issues between the two far from settled. It would be in SmackDown’s best interest to rely on the duo as long as possible as they already have proved their chemistry one-on-one.

Even with a recent winning streak, Zayn has lost much of his momentum after this loss, and his primary rival Corbin has moved past him. While The Underdog from the Underground should certainly remain a top contender, he likely will be left waiting for an opportunity, much like the sixth man in the ladder match, Dolph Ziggler.

Zayn vs. Ziggler sounds like the feud that would fit best on this changing roster, especially after Zayn sent Ziggler all the way to the mat with a sunset flip powerbomb during the ladder match. The two have untapped potential and make up the rest of the upper midcard on SmackDown going forward.

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Whatever the reaction to WWE Money in the Bank 2017, this show has unlocked many fresh new feuds for the entire field of the main event ladder match. It may have even given us a glimpse of SmackDown’s money match down the line when Nakamura and Styles finally clash.

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