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What to Expect from Google I/O 2016

Google I/O for 2016 has kicked off on May 18th, and this 3 day long developer conference developer conference is certainly going to bring some exciting new updates for the tech enthusiasts in the upcoming year. Like every previous year, Google will have some new achievements to unleash, new products and services to unveil and a whole lot of new experiences to gather. This year human interaction with technology interfaces has been given more preference, and as a result we are seeing introduction of Google’s very own wearable technology. Also, new AI based app platforms are being given more preference.

Also, people have higher expectation of getting to know about Android N more which is likely to release this summer.

Few of the remarkable updates in this year’s Google I/O are –

Google I/O 2016

  • Daydream in Android N: Android N is going to include a native Virtual Reality platform built into Android N. The feature is going to stand against typical VR headset technologies, however this time from the very own creator of the Android ecosystem. Users won’t anymore have to rely on third party apps to explore through a virtual world, and perform their actions – instead Google is now providing a much homely way of doing so. Google’s own platforms will be available in VR like the Google Play Store, YouTube, Google Photos, Play Movies etc. Few developers are working on coming up with VR apps, The New York Times and Electronic Arts are to name a few.
  • Google’s very own VR Headset: Apparently, Google has made their very first full-fledged VR Headset, nothing like the early day Cardboard which was more of a DIY VR headset, without the core vibes of an actual VR headset. However, the design of this Google VR Headset was shown off by Google, which is more like a prototype and subject to change before the actual market launch. It’s more like an Oculus Rift, and intended to work with Google’s Daydream.
  • Allo: Google embeds Artificial Intelligence into their new messenger, named Allo. The signing up process is pretty typical like many other mobile messengers like WhatsApp and Viber, the subscriber would only require their phone number to join Allo. There are the most typical of messenger features like stickers, emojis and few other relevant features. The AI part comes in Google Assistant which is included with Allo. It provides answer to user’s questions through an assessment of the question and information asked using the AI technology.
  • Google Duo: Duo is a video chatting app that Google has announced lately, and it’s supposed to be a direct competitor to Apple’s FaceTime. Apple has been providing separate messenger apps for text chatting and video message almost since the beginning, and now Google is giving this strategy is try. The Duo app is very said to be dead simple for use!
  • Smart Speakers: Apparently, Google is coming forward for home automation as well. Google Home is a small speaker with embedded microphones that listen to human conversation and seeks commands to start working. Of course we have seen similar stuff before – the Amazon Echo, but this is Google’s approach to native Android home automation system.
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With only the first day of Google I/O have taken place, these were the highlights we needed to let you update with. As more information becomes available, we shall update our readers.

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