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What is Pellet Gun – Facts to Know

A pellet gun or an air gun is a pneumatic weapons that projectiles using compressed air or gas to fire. A pneumatic weapon is a weapon that uses air pressure to fire. It works on a principle which is similar to the pneumatic tube. The name is derived from the Greek word which means wind.

A pellet gun is usually metal and so are the pellets or the BB’s that are used in place of bullets. While an air gun can also use darts or propel arrows, a pellet gun only uses pellets. There are different kinds of pellet guns available in the market. Some of them are multi stroked, some are singe stroked and some are pre charged.

Pellet Guns have a very simple mechanism. Here are a few of the basics that you need to know.

pellet gun

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Automatic Locking Safety

A Pellet Gun has an automatic locking feature for your safety. This engages automatically when the gun is cocked. The safety slide is usually located at the end of the compression tube. The basic thing to remember is when the safety button is back and the white dot is visible it means that the safety is on or in safe position. When the button is pushed forward and the white dot is not visible this means that the safety is off and the gun is in fire position.

Adjusting The Trigger

Most triggers on the Pellet Guns are adjusted in the factory. This means that most pellet guns do not need adjustment. This feature is only for experienced shooters.

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Most Pellet Guns are break barrel, single shot, spring pistol rifles. They require cocking only once and the muzzle break acts as a handle for cocking and a lever. Cocking the pellet gun is easy. All you need to do is pull down one end of the barrel of the gun in one single action. This compresses a piston and a powerful spring inside the gun that draws air into the compression chamber. You need to grasp the barrel behind the front sight and pull it downwards until it stops. Once you hear an audible click, the trigger mechanism locks. You must be careful to avoid pinching your fingers or hands in the hinge area.

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