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What is it to be like in a live-in relationship in India? Advantages and Disadvantages

There were times when bride-groom were not even allowed to reveal their faces to each other before every ritual and ceremony was accomplished to the last. Post this time, marriages and relationships in India have passed through a number of turns, looping out into an all new trend evolving today that is Live-in Relationships.

From Ayan Mukherjee’s 2009 release Wake Up Sid to the latest Dear Zindagi, our Bollywood fraternity hasn’t shied away from depicting the concept of Live-in relationships. But like the big screen in real life too, is our society really comfortable of digesting the idea of two persons living together before being legally tied in marriage? The answer is both Yes and No. While a big population of young adults and adults alike support the idea of live-in relationships, it’s still a taboo for an equally larger section of the society.

So, ignoring the worlds of black and white, we delved into the middle way and explored these ebbs and flows of live-in relationships in India.

What is it to be like in a live-in relationship in India

Scene from Bollywood film Shuddh Desi Romance. Live-in relationships …


Live-in relationship is a science in itself to understand. It teaches you a lot of things apart from romance and intimacy. The Supreme Court of India too has now legalized the act of living together before marriage. See how your life changes to good as you enter this new book of life.

  1. No Silver Spoons Here

Here, when you are in a live-in relationship, your responsibility is completely to your own. You can no more laze around your responsibilities as you did often while being with your parents. That means, gradually you’ll have to learn how to manage on your own the tasks of cooking, doing laundry, dusting, purchasing and all that. This helps in bringing out a more responsible, matured and independent personality of you.

  1. Practice Before The Leap

Before you take the big lifelong leap of marriage, it’s always a good idea to understand some more of your partner. With a live-in relationship, you can always cross check and work to grow your compatibility as a couple.

  1. Lonely But Not Alone

Researchers have proven that people from late teens to young and middle adulthood suffer psychological loneliness the most. To this, a live-in relationship can of great help. Here both the partners can share their emotional dilemmas and conflicts with each other that lead to a constant relief to psychological suffering.

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  1. Mundane Turns Interesting

Purchasing of groceries is no less than a short date. Doing laundry is interesting when you have someone to splash water foam on. It’s true. With your live-in partner by the side, even the monotonous of the tasks turn interesting and fulfilling. Overall, every small moment in life becomes colourful and memorable.

  1. All Odd Hours

When your taste buds urge to have a scoop of fudgy chocolate in the middle of the night, who’ll take you to the ice cream parlour? Yes, when you are living with family, there are some kind of do’s and don’ts but obvious. But here, when you live-in with your partner with no family obligations, every hour, odd or not is a loving cuddle and romantic dates.


Though there are quite a lot many pros of living in together with your partner, the only fly in the ointment is you have to remember that you are still in India where time changes but minds change slowly to that. See how.

  1. Society’s Scuttlebutts

In India, live-in relationships are still not acceptable by a large population of conservative society. Society, which is an undeniable part of everybody’s life here, makes it somehow a struggle for the lovers to tie-up for living together. Both the boy and the girl along with their friends and family object to the idea of living in due to societal gossips and pressure.

  1. Parents

Most of the Indian parents have been brought up with conditionings of traditions, culture, security and norms, in their minds. So, owing to this upbringing parents are strictly into off-putting the idea of live-in relationships, especially in case of females.

  1. Cut Off From Circles

A romantic island with the two of you and nobody else! Well, it sounds pretty cool but is it so? Nobody else means really ‘nobody’, not even your clique friends. When you live-in together, now you have your partner by the side for every small task you are doing from morning to night. This is good though but somehow it cuts off your time from friends and cousins. So, once a social buff can make you become an isolated animal.

  1. Lack of Commitment

With marriage comes a lot of commitment and responsibility. But, while being in a live-in relationship, ‘not married’ can actually become an excuse for either of the partners to not participate enough in the relationship or to avoid responsibility. This can be a serious trouble as lack of commitment can cause one partner to walk away from the relationship leaving other shattered and directionless.

  1. Personal Space

In order to cater and match the mood of your partner, at times it becomes quite a routine which leaves you with absolutely no moment of solitude, which is necessary for everybody. Although you can always take some time out for yourself, it becomes difficult when you have your lover living-in.

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