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Top Ten Best Bicycle Brands in India 2016

Bicycle is one of the best things to ride. The environment-friendly bicycles are excellent for the health as well. It is said that a person suffers less from heart ailments if he or she drives a bicycle regularly. Bicycles in India are very common and found at most of the houses in rural and tire B cities. However, that does not mean that it is not in trend in the urban cities. Here are the top 10 bicycle brands in India.

10. La Sovereign

This is a brand that has been launched jointly by a Thailand and Indian company. This is a company that has huge amount variety in the bikes from city bicycles to the trekking bicycles. The best part of the bicycles is that these are meant for both boys and girls. Different models available with the bikes are BMX Bikes, Proline Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes and others. This brand also has many accessories for bicycles as well.

9. Schwinn

This is a US brand but hugely popular in India. One of the most efficient and popular brands in India, Schwinn is century old brand has reputation for comfortable riding even in extreme conditions. The bicycles produced by the brand ranges from Road, Mountain, Urban, Hybrid, Cruisers and many more.

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