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Top 10 Famous Beaches in Goa You Must See

Everyone yearns to enjoy a relaxing vacation at some point and many individuals look for the perfect hiding place to unwind. Nestled on the beautiful western coast of India is the small state of Goa, a sanctuary of complete serenity and enjoyment. Annually, tons of tourists and local residents travel to this haven in search of the ultimate vacation experience. Besides the love for flora, fauna and the historic architecture, is the love for Goa’s exotic beaches which run northerly and southerly along the Arabian Sea.

10. Dona Paula Beach: Lovers’ Kingdom

The area is named after the legendary Dona Paula who performed many charitable acts during the 17th century. The charm of this beach lures couples into hiding away at the Dona Paula beach spot. Beach benches serve as a meeting and greeting spot. Looking to have fun, fun and more fun? Lovers’ Paradise has a bundle of excitement wrapped around water sports. Do you fancy yachting, wind surfing or scooter riding? Maybe you prefer parasailing, boat rides or fishing. Whichever your favorite is, the experience will be ecstatic. Travelling to the beach is easy. You may travel to the beach via bus, water or cab. The Dona Paula monument rests on a small island on the beach. A Roman sculpture, the Belvedere, is also housed on the islet. When you are in Goa, remember to come and see Dona Paula beach. You will be glad you did.

9. Vagator Beach:A Magical Spot

Vagator Beach:A Magical Spot

Vagator beach in BardezTaluka will undoubtedly captivate and steal your heart. Westerners adore this hot spot. Every aspect of this convex-shaped beach is beautifully crafted by nature. The contour of the tropical Palm trees salutes the horizon and the sooty rocks silhouette against the blue waters and white sand. Vagator beach has two divisions. Ozran beach or Little Vagator houses the famous stone sculpture of Shiva and North Vagator or Big Vagator features the famed Chapora Fort. Hazy, red cliffs envelop the beach. Two magical, water springs are also etched right there on the beach. Tourists look forward to night life activities at Vagatorbeach. Parties are hosted frequently and these usually leave the visitors asking for more. Vagator beach has gained recognition over the years for the hosting of the Sunburn Festival and the EDM Fest which is the largest music Festival in India. Tourists may book accommodation in resorts or lodges. The Dabolim Airport and the Tivim railway make travelling quite easy.

8. Bogmalo Beach: A Touch of Class

Bogmalo Beach: A Touch of Class

The Bogmalo beach rests on a gentle gradient. This beach has an extra touch of class. Pitched on the shoreline is a plush five star hotel which attracts many foreign tourists. The amenities of the hotel pattern a chic style. There is something for everyone to do. Take a dip in the pool, unwind in the spa tub or work out at the fitness centre. Be adventurous! Ride on regattas and go parasailing or splash and dash yourself in the radiant sea. One thing that you must do while at Bogmalo is to sit back and watch the sun as it drifts beneath the horizon. This will take your breath away. AtBogmalo beach, the most picturesque scene is the sunset. Dine in fine style at any of the exquisite restaurants on the beach. The Dabolim Airport is only 5 km away. The beach can also be accessed through the use of the highway, railway or sea.  Choose Bogmalo beach when you come to Goa.

7. Majorda Beach: Absolute Serenity

Southern Goa is the home of Majorda beach which is celebrated for its serenity. The gleaming, white sand sit between the dancing waves and the lofty Palms. This small, sensational beach sets the tone for a restful ambience.Bask in a sun bath or relax under a palm canopy along the beach and seep in the cool, tingling breeze that crawls in from the Arabian Sea. Majorda beach is sublime and makes a great vacation spot. Sporting activities are some of the top features of this beach. When visiting Goa, pamper yourself and stop by Majorda to indulge in the finest Goan cuisine and baked products. Grand hotels provide accommodation. The Dabolim Airport and the railway station in Margao are easily accessible.

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6. Calangute Beach: The Queen Among Them

Calangute Beach: The Queen Among Them

The popular Calangute Beach is endowed with spectacular beauty. Tourists come to this area in droves and they turn up from across the globe to enjoy the vastness of the enthralling beach. To the right of the beach boasts Casuarina trees which add sophistication to the atmosphere. At Calangute beach, the fun never ends. Under the sun, beach goers can enjoy the exciting water sports of snorkeling, water scooting, windsurfing and water skiing. Under the moon, party goers dance all night. The Goa Trance is a popular dance which is unique to this beach area. If you are looking for rich entertainment, let Calangute be your choice.

5. Colva Beach: A Special Nest

Colva BeachA Special Nest

Colva beach is situated to the south of Goa. On the outskirts of the beach are relics of the noble lifestyle led by the inhabitants of former Colva. The beach sees a high traffic of Indian visitors who use the beach to generate money through fishing activities. Today, the number of foreign tourists who visit the island is rising. The towering Coco Palms delicately intertwine themselves in the overlay of the shimmering white sand. This beach spot is praised for its tranquil and graceful nature. Foreigners who come to Colva beach are intrigued by stories of the statue that bequeaths healing (Menino Jesus) and are compelled by curiosity to make the trip to the Lady of Our Lord Church which is quite near. You can spoil yourself by engaging in gripping water sports. Cottages and fine hotels are available for accommodation and dining.  Dabolim Airport and the railway station make travelling hassle-free.

4. Miramar Beach: The Bird Village

Miramar BeachThe Bird Village

The small, city beach of Miramar is located in Goa’s capital, Panaji. The beach follows the theme of the urban culture because of its location. The grandiose Palm trees woven along the luminous sand exude a reflective and serene mood. On entering the beach, you are greeted by a Roman statue in the midst of a stately garden. Immediately, you begin to think about the history of Panaji. This is not just a beach. It is nature’s treasure. It is a part of the translocation route for a diversity of birds. Between November and March each year, thousands of tourists visit the zoo-like beach to behold the migrant birds which come to this special spot. It is an incredible experience.  Comfortable accommodation and delectable meals are accessible on the beach. A wide array of sporting activities are offered: surfing, scuba diving, jet skiing and the like.

3. Benaulim: The Fishing Beach

Benaulim: The Fishing Beach

The Benaulim Beach is one of the most valuable gems in southern Goa. It is well rated for the high level of privacy that can be experienced by beach lovers and this is because it is usually not as crowded as other beaches. This makes the Benaulim Beach idyllic for vacationers searching for a quiet and laidback atmosphere in which they can recline. The picturesque setting along with the enchantment of the beach provide couples with a romantic scenery for marriage proposals. You can also use this beach as a get-away spot for family time. If you are passionate about beach sports, Benaulim is the place to be. Indulge in jet-skiing, wind surfing, swimming, fishing, dolphin spotting or take a boat ride to get closer to the wild life. You may even swim with the dolphins if you have a flare for sea animals. The possibilities for a fun-filled experience are numerous.Enjoy a waitering service that lets you take a sun bath and get served right where you are. Wouldn’t you also like to have an invigorating massage and shop for Indian craft? If your answer is ‘Yes,’ it means thatBenaulim beach is the place to come. Travelling to and from Benaulim is easy because the Dabolim Airport and the Madgoan Railway are right next door.

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2. Baga Beach: The Place Where the Music Never Stops

Baga BeachThe Place Where the Music Never Stops

If you desire a fast pace beach setting with never ending thrills, then plan a trip to the Baga beach and bring the entire family. The Baga beach which offers a package of beauty, nature’s wonder, excitement and charm is situated in the northern region of Goa. Baga beach got its name from the adjoining Baga creek. To the south of the beach, is a landscape of alluring greenery.The rocky cape of the beach forms a curtain of splendor which lures you into deep admiration. The Palm trees which decorate the coastline create a magnificent view. Foreign tourists gather on the beach at nights to witness the elegance of nature after dark – a royal jewel. The Baga beach is flocked by tourists because of the high spirited nature of the beach. If you like to groove and engage in vibrant night life activities, you will choose Baga beach as your vacation destination. A myriad of exhilarating sports await you, from kite surfing, banana rides and parasailing to dolphin spotting, jet skiing, wind surfing and wake boarding. Baga has a lively transportation system. Dabolim Airport is just a heartbeat away and taxis and buses ply the routes regularly.

Tourists may make reservations for accommodation in private houses or at deluxe hotels and the abundance of eateries on the beach will keep you trying different Goan cuisines. There is no room for boredom at Baga beach. Come here if you want an intense experience.

1. Palolem: A World of Paradise

Palolem: A World of Paradise

Leaning against the Arabian sea in Canacona of southern Goa is the pristine Palolemor Paradise beach. Whether you are seeking respite or looking for adventure, this beach site will serve a dish of experience that is fulfilling and entertaining. This haven is superb for persons seeking to become intimate with nature and the culture of Goa. Along the coastal crescent lie palm trees and cabins which provide accommodation against a simple but exquisite backdrop. One of the most unique features of this site is the scenic view of beautiful rocks which raise their heads above the waters at the front and back ends of the beach. Usual mild currents offer a platform for recreational activities such as parasailing, swimming, dolphin spotting, boat rides and even fishing. This bliss of land and water carries a family theme and has easy access to the airport and railway station. Local delights can also be enjoyed at the Palolem Beach which is home to a variety of lovely restaurants. A highlight which makes this beach number one is the expedition to the phenomenal American sculpture called ‘money stone’ where people leave money for those in need. This spot is a ‘must-see’ once visiting Palolem Beach.




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