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Top 5 Best Bikes within 200CC -250CC Segment in India in 2016

250 cc segment includes motorbikes with bigger engines than usual. The targeted consumer range for these motorbikes usually fall between 18-35 years, and they need to have heavy pockets as well since the higher the engine displacement is, the higher the fuel cost would go up and the other maintenance costs as well. However, if this is put into perspective with the fun a motorbike rider gets during their long haul riding, each and every penny spent is totally worth it. With a 250 CC bike, indulging one within the dirt, mud and sand is much easier since these two wheelers are made to go almost any distance. Fun on motorbikes have never been any better!

Indian authorities allow riding bikes within the 250 cc segment so it shouldn’t be an issue, however all the driving safety regulations must be abode by. Here’s a list of top 5 motorbikes that fall within the 250 cc segment and are available in the Indian market.

First checkout this table to get overall details of these best 250cc bikes In India.

RankingBike NamePriceMileage/Engine(cc)
5Honda CBR 250RRs. 169,31729 kmpl/249.60 cc engine
4Hyosung GT250RRs. 302,00030 kmpl/250 cc
3Hero Karizma ZMR 2014Rs. 112,560.40 kmpl /223cc
2Benelli TNT25Rs. 173,23330 kmpl/249 cc
1Kawasaki Ninja Z250RS 3,20,65928kmpl/249cc

5. Honda CBR 250R


The motorbike enthusiasts had been demanding a performance motorbike within the entry level segment for quite a long time, and Honda heard to the consumer demands – that’s how the Honda CBR 250R was born. Engine power distribution through the engine has been done in such ways that it drives through all sort of terrains in the most effective and fuel saving way. Honda CBR 250R has a 249.60 cc engine that provides a maximum power output of 26.15 bhp at 8,500 rpm. Also, the maximum torque output figure is impressive enough, 22.90 Nm at 7,000 rpm. The gear shift is manual as expect, and there are 6 gears to help the rider with smooth transition between the shifts. Aerodynamic design properties help the motorbike push through the air barrier without any issue at all. Since the top speed on this motorbike is 135 kmph, it requires a pretty good amount of stopping force and that is very well achieved by the disc brakes in both front and rear wheels. Even with all these power, the Honda CBR 250R manages to pull off a great fuel efficiency of 29 kmpl. Curb weight on the chassis is 167 kilograms, that’s pretty heavy. Price: Rs. 169,317.

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4. Hyosung GT250R

Hyosung GT250R

The South Korean motorbike maker makes a good appearance in the Indian market! The competition of the Hyosung GT250R is so far the Yamaha YZFR25 which is an upcoming addition to the Yamaha premium motorbike range. Though Hyosung made their first Indian appearance in 2004 with 250 cc model motorbikes, now the Hyosung GT250R is set to change their own game. The engine displacement on this motorbike is 249 cc with 28 bhp maximum power output at 10,000 rpm, and the maximum torque amount is 22.07 Nm at 8,000 rpm. Despite having higher amount of raw power output, there are still only 5 gears. However, for expert riders this might not become an issue. Fuel efficiency on Hyosugn GT250R is 30 kmpl and the fuel tank on this motorbike is 17 liters in capacity. Price: Rs. 302,000.

3. Hero Karizma ZMR 2014

Best 250cc bikes

The first iteration of the Hero Karizma was introduced back in 2003. Now, the Hero Karizma ZMR 2014 is a two years older model, yet the appeal it has on the local customer base is extensive. In almost 13 years of its existence, the Karizma ZMR had sustained bunches of different riders, and the company had learned through their mistakes. Being present in the market for so long certainly has it perks, and that makes Hero Karizma ZMR 2014 a near perfect motorbike. Hero manufactures this particular model at their Gurgaon based plant, and thus this powerful motorcycle is in fact a local product. Hero Karizma ZMR 2014 has a 223 cc engine, which provides maximum 20 bhp power output at 8,000 rpm and 19.70 Nm maximum torque at 6,500 rpm. Number of gears in the manual transmission system is 5, and fuel efficiency has been rated 40 kmpl by the manufacturer. Both the brakes are disc type. Price: Rs. 112,560.

2. Benelli TNT25

Benelli TNT25

Benelli TNT25 marks a revolution innovation in the Italian Benelli company’s line up. This motorbike falls in the premium motorcycle segment from the company, at the same time it is one of the best high end commuter motorcycles in the market. KTM Duke 200 is a competitor against the Benelli TNT25 despite having a smaller engine, and Mahindra Mojo also counts within the competition. There aren’t many single-cylinder motorcycle models in India but the Benelli TNT25 is one. The engine is 249 cc, the maximum power output through this engine is a whopping big 28 bhp at 9,800 rpm and the maximum torque output for Benelli TNT25 is 21.61 Nm at 8,000 rpm. There are 6 gears for better speed picking up, regular highway commuter will find the number of gears very useful. The overall weight of this motorbike is 159 kilograms including the 17 liters fuel tank, and it has disc brakes in both wheels. Price: Rs. 173,000. Its another best bikes under 250 cc.

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1. Kawasaki Ninja Z250

Kawasaki Ninja Z250

Naked motorcycles are popular with every motorcycle enthusiast, and one of the latest addition to this line up in the Indian market is the Kawasaki Ninja Z250. The first showcase of this motorbike had taken place back in 2013 at Tokyo Motor Show, and people had applaused the outlook and engine performance output on this motorcycle. There are two insanely bigger engine variants to this model, the Z1000 and Z800 with 1000 cc and 800 cc engines respectively, this smaller sibling is for those who want a smaller engine and affordable motorbike. Maximum power output on the Z250 is 31.50 bhp at 11,000 rpm and the maximum torque output is 21 Nm at 10,000 rpm. There are 6 speeds in the manual gearbox. Design of Z250 is based on a tube diamond steel chassis that weighs 168 kilograms.It can give you 28 kmpl and 249cc displacement.

To put the bike to a zero stop, two disc brakes are used but they are non-ABS. Ex showroom Price 3,20,659/-


These higher capacity motorbikes were made to leave remarkable footprints on the roads, and they certainly do so. If you want to ride any of these, check with your nearest dealer or authorized reseller. The pricing reference could change any time, however in the central ex-showrooms like Mumbai typically maintain a pre-announced price unchanged for pretty long.

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