Top 5 Best TV Shows On Zindagi Channel In 2016

Zindagi Channel is an Indian Hindi-Urdu entertainment television channel that is owned by the Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEEL). It was promoted as a channel broadcasting short-run programming and as India’s only premium Hindi-Urdu entertainment channel. It prides itself in not running on-going, indefinite serials. It is also the first channel in India to syndicate content from countries such as Egypt, Pakistan and Turkey. Its syndicated Pakistani tele-novel, Aunn Zara, premiered on 23 June 2014, the day the channel was launched and ended its run on Zindagi on 12 July 2014. This made Zindagi the first Hindi entertainment channel in India, to end a show in 20 days. In early-May 2015, Zindagi for the first time in its history launched two shows of US origin, dubbed in Hindi-Urdu. They were Simply Beautiful, a health and beauty tips show hosted by Roni Proter, and Nirmala’s Spice World, a cookery show hosted by Chef Nirmala Narine. Zindagi Channel is slowly gaining popularity due to the uniqueness of the shows it airs. Here are the 5 best shows running on Zindagi Channel in 2016.

5. Bhaage Re Mann

Bhaage Re Mann

This show is all about the story of a woman who refused to keep herself from being tied down by social norms and various stereotypes. The show is in its second season and has gained a lot of popularity. The cast of the show see Karuna Pandey playing the lead and various talented actors playing supporting roles and making guest appearances.

4. Fatmagul


Fatmagul is a Turkish television drama adapted in Urdu and featuring on Zindagi channel. The story is about Fatmagül Ketenci, a girl who lives in Ildır, a village on the Aegean coast belonging to the administrative district of Çeşme, in Izmir province. She lives with her brother Rahmi, who runs a dairy shop. She is engaged to marry a fisherman called Mustafa Nalçalı in a month’s time and dreams of getting away from her nagging sister-in-law Mukaddes, who hates her. This story is all about the struggles of freedom, love and emotions.

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3. Malika-e-Aliya


Malika-e-Aliya is a 2014 Pakistani drama serial directed by Syed Asim Ali and written by Nadia Akhtar. Malika-e-Aliya is the story of Alia and her evil plans to become the sole owner of her in-laws’ wealth. She puts this act on hold to convince everyone in the Baig household that all she wants is to provide them the same home and its comfort which their mother and Mr. Baig’s late wife once provided them with.

2. Do Qadam Door Thay

Do Qadam Door Thay

This show follows the story of Zohab who is the main lead male character and is abducted by Nayab’s cousin Raza. Zohab is blindfolded and is forced to marry Nayab. The story takes new twists and turns at a speedy pace. Do Qadam Dur Thay is a tale of love, grief, sorrow and affection. It revolves around a married couple and their search for each other. While on the search they bump into one another. They are together for a long time and to make the situation even more dramatic start developing feelings, not knowing that they are lawfully wedded.

1. Aadhe Adhoore

Aadhe Adhoore

Aadhe Adhoore is an original soap of Zindagi Channel. Its story revolves around Jassi, a girl next door who is happily married and settled domestically with a loving mother-in-law. She however feels incomplete as her husband is in a faraway land. This makes her fall in love with her brother-in-law. The story then unfolds the trials and tribulations Jassi faces for falling in love outside marriage and how she tries to emerge from the taboo.

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Updated: July 15, 2016 — 10:05 pm

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