Top 5 Best Solar Water Heater in India with price

Solar Energy is one of the best renewable sources of energy. It is available free of cost with no pollution. Currently, Government of India is emphasizing more to use Solar Energy and giving special benefits to the companies producing Solar Equipment. The solar water heater uses the process of converting sunlight into heat energy and subsequently used this energy to heat the water by a solar thermal collector. There are a number of solar water heaters available in Indian market. Each product has its own set of specifications and price range. These products are based on latest advanced technology. The global leaders in the world producing solar thermal devices are India, Japan, Europe, and China.

Using solar energy is one of the best ideas for energy conservation. The water heater is an essential equipment in every household in India to get hot water readily. The limitation of solar water heater is that in some cold regions, during the winter season, sunlight is not enough to heat the water. Here is the list of Top 5 best solar water heater models popular in Indian market.

5. Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heater

Suntek solar water heater is ideally suited for domestic use. It is a suitable device for home applications. The inner tank is made up of Stainless steel with 304 material. The system capacity of this solar heater is 150 LPD. It has come with 1-year warranty and can give temperature output from 60 to 80 degree Celsius. This solar heater has advanced design structure with tube length is approx. 1500mm with 47 mm in diameter. This heater consists of 20 no. of tubes with glass, thickness is approx. 1.6 mm. This heater is energy efficient and saves lot of energy while using. It is also safe for the environment.

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Approximate Price of Suntek SWH-150E Solar Water Heater: INR 25000

4. Solax Solar Water Heater

Solax water heater is the intelligent option to get hot water in the house at an affordable price with the competitive product. It has come with the packet of 4-5 watts panel. The material used for manufacturing Solax Solar Water Heater is as per international standard in quality and durability. The module size of Solax water heater is approx. 2m.

Approximate Price of Solax Solar Water Heater: INR 32000

3. Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater

Next name in this list of top 5 best solar water heater is Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater. Haier is known for producing high-quality electrical appliances. This water heater has packed with panels heating water more efficiently. The maximum Power current and power voltage for this solar heater is 3 amp and 240V respectively. The height of this solar water is normally double than the usual solar heater. With its high-class design, it can offer hot water all the time.

Approximate Price of Haier Gv150rnf Solar Water Heater: INR 30000

2. Supreme Solar Water Heater

Supreme is the next brand in this segment which is manufacturing quality models of solar water heater. The capacity of Supreme solar water heater is 100litres which can give you hot water for multiple purposes and at all times. The dimension of this water heater is 300 X 65 X 70 along with approx. 1mm glass material.  Supreme solar water heater is also having impressive look with pre-coated outer body. It has PUF insulation feature which minimizes the energy losses.

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Approximate Price of Supreme Solar Water Heater: INR 15000

1. Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized Water Heater

Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized Water Heater

Tata is the famous and world renowned brand water heater across the globe. They are in multiple domains and solar equipments are one such domain. The famous model of Tata solar heater is Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized water Heater. It is available for Rs. 110,500 in India. It is one of the best product at an affordable price range. You can use this heater for domestic purpose, commercial purpose, and swimming pool etc.

It consists of 5 bar pressure bearing capacity which offers excellent performance. The withstand capacity of hard water of this device is 600 PM and chlorine up to 300 PPM. When the sunlight falls on heater collector, the equipment starts working and offer hot water up to 80 degree Celsius.

Approximate Price of Tata Solar 200 LPD Zing Pressurized Water Heater: INR 1, 10, 500


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