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Top 5 Best & Popular TV Shows On Channel V In 2016

It has not been a long time since the Channel V TV Serials and Series have become very popular among the audience in India. However, the most interesting part is that the involvement has been from Teenagers and the Channel V is slowly becoming the favorite TV Channel for the youngsters. There are many serials that are being currently aired on Channel V, however, most of them are Teen Drama and are catching the eyes of the Teenagers. Here are the Top 5 TV shows of Channel V in 2016 that have won the popularity and the viewership both at the same time.

5. D4


D4: Get Up and dance has won many acclaims and popularity for the youth content and the different kind of story based on Romance and Dance. The TV Series shows a girl from Delhi who aims to be a dance but her family wants her to pursue something else. The story revolves around the same and the arrogant choreographer who  is also the male lead. The story is about the destiny when dance will bring them close and make things interesting for both of them. The show features Utkarsh Gupta and Niyati Fatnani in the lead roles of the TV Show.

4. Dil Dostii Dance

Dil Dostii Dance

This is one of the different and unique TV Series that is mainly focused on the youths. The TV series deals with the group of people who are friends. The journey of their life is interesting and is full or love, romance, excitement, life and of course dance. The show was first aired on April 11, 2011, and till date, it is extremely popular TV series. The show has won many awards and has racked up high viewership rating. The leading casts of the TV Series are Kunwar Amar, Shakthi Mohan, Vrushika Mehta, Shantanu Maheshwari, Vrinda Dawda and others.

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3. Mastaangi


This is a story of two people and reincarnation. Yes, this show with reincarnation is not only popular but is also one of the most watched TV series in India. The extremely popular show among the Teenagers shows the life of an RAW Agent and an ISI agent who die mysteriously in Pune. However, they met again in Pune after 21 years through reincarnation. It is about their new life, finding the truth of the last birth and much more. This is not only a love story but also an interesting thriller plot as well. The show was aired on January 18, 2016. Aakash Talwar and Swati Kapoor are in the lead roles of this TV Series.

2. Gumrah: End of Innocence

Gumrah: End of Innocence

This is one of the most viewed and popular TV series on Crime. The crime committed by the youth is a matter of worry for the entire country and the shows aim at the same. The show has tried to ensure different stories from different backgrounds. So far, the TV Series has had different five series and different presenters. Karan Kundra and Abhay Deol have also presented the series. However, the fifth season is being presented by Karan Grover. This is considered one of the best Crime Shows. It was first aired on March 11, 2012.

1. Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq

Sadda Haq is one of the most popular TV Series aired on the Channel V. This is one of the most popular and equally integrating TV series that has made many youths its fans. The show has carved a different niche for rights and youth based content and that has really worked for the show. Sadda Haq has many characters from different parts of the country. However, Harshita Gaur, Param Singh, Ashwini Koul are the lead cast for the TV series. It is currently in the second season of the show. The first season was immensely successful.

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These Top 5 TV shows of the Channel V are known for the amazing script and popularity.

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