Top 5 Auto Rickshaw Companies in India with Price


From so many past years, auto rickshaws have been an important means of transportation in India. They also play a significant role in the lives of people who are residing in the Indian cities due to the benefit of low-cost mobility. It moreover connects several travellers to mass transportation and even straight to their terminuses. There are so many auto rickshaw companies in India that are manufacturing these vehicles on the large scale. These companies basically apply their innovative thinking to build auto rickshaws in a new inventive way.

The auto rickshaw companies not only trade inside our country but also deal in export trade. These companies are getting quite famous all over the world. The below are the top five auto rickshaw companies in India with the price rates:

5. Tuk-TuK

Tuk-TuK auto

Tuk-Tuk is one of the famous and well-known auto rickshaw manufacturing company in India. It has various best and innovative features. This auto rickshaw is in high demand in the Indian market and hired for traveling purpose. It is four-stroke auto rickshaw available in economical price. Due to four stroke feature, the output of this auto rickshaw is Outstanding and impeccable. The body of this rickshaw is made up of metal which is sturdy and strong. There are two versions of Tuk-Tuk auto rickshaw available in the market – Petrol and CNG version. It has come with the 2000cc engine which provides optimum performance. The seating capacity of this auto-rickshaw is 3+1 which makes it one of the best and ideal choices for city riding as well as countryside traveling.

Features of Tuk-Tuk three-wheeler

  • It has higher power torque with less fuel consumption
  • The chassis is made up of Steel and metal body increases strength and durability
  • It has one of the latest advanced engineering design which provides optimum support
  • It also has shaft drive transmission feature
  • The headlight is of crystal which provides better and clear visibility

Tuk Tuk Price in India: Approx. INR 1, 00,000 to 1, 25,000

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4. TVS

tvs auto rickshaw

The next name in the list is of TVS. The TVS King three-wheeler is one of the best vehicles from the renowned company TVS. You can find this vehicle in the petrol and the CNG versions. It mainly certifies super power, elegance, and ease along with the good mileage over the road due to its effective engine. Owing to the longer warranty and lesser maintenance costs, the TVS King has become one of the best quality products at present.

Features of TVS King three-wheeler: The following are the features of TVS King three-wheeler:

  • The regular accessories of this vehicle come with water bottle pouch, magazine frame and striking LPG as well as CNG gas kit shields.
  • There is a four stroke solitary cylindrical engine.
  • The capacity of the engine is 199.26cc.
  • You can either start it electrically or through the hand start button.

TVS King Auto Price in India: INR 1, 35,130/ approximately

3. Mahindra

Mahindra Auto rickshaw

Mahindra Alfa Passenger is a three wheeler auto rickshaw from one of the well-known brand of India i.e. Mahindra. It has come with 8 hp (Horsepower) diesel engine and single cylinder which make it one of the tough vehicle to be used on daily basis for taxi purpose. It has outstanding mileage and performance and one of the bestselling auto rickshaw in its category.

Features of Mahindra Alfa Passenger Carrier:

  • Comfortable seating and back support for convenient driving
  • Driver cabin is stylish and spacious
  • Superstructure is strong and robust
  • Advanced air intake system
  • Passenger seats are well cushioned and more headroom space for passenger comfort
  • Economical in range

Mahindra ALFA Passenger Price: Approx. INR 1, 50,000

2. Piaggio


Piaggio Ape City is a quite common three-wheeler carrier for passengers in India from the famous company Piaggio. This auto rickshaw originates with an industry’s first a three-regulator engine. It is also available in the four fuel options i.e. PLG, diesel, Petrol, and CNG. The latest version that is launched is diesel model. This three-wheeler is an influential competitor for the renowned Bajaj RE auto rickshaw.

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Features of Piaggio Ape City: The following are the features of Piaggio Ape City:

  • It is driven by the four-stroke naturally extracted engine along with the 395cc engine shift.
  • This three-wheeler can generate power of 5.52 KW @ 3600 rpm as well as 16.7nm @ 2400-2200 rpm rotation during the ride.
  • Its engine also features a damp multi-disc kind clutch.
  • This vehicle possesses 20% of gradability and 165 mm clearance.
  • There is one hydraulic magnifying forward-facing suspension also.

Piaggio Ape City price in India: Petrol: INR 1, 06,645/-, LPG: INR 1, 23,031/-, CNG: INR 1, 26,570/- and Diesel: INR 1, 25,000/- approximately.

1. Bajaj RE

Bajaj RE best auto rickshaw company

The top name in the list of top five auto rickshaw companies in India is Bajaj. The Bajaj RE is an extremely trustworthy three wheeler from the renowned maker company “Bajaj “. Due to the presence of high-class features, this auto rickshaw certifies high resale cost also. The appearances and designing of this three-wheeler are quite eye-catching and provides extra leg space for the auto driver.

The Bajaj RE also provides the warranty period of 120 days or 15000 km whatever comes earlier. This is also equipped with stress-free maneuverability. You might drive this three-wheeler easily over all the ways rapidly with ease in any type of tough traffic circumstances.

Features of Bajaj RE Auto rickshaw: The following are the high-quality features of Bajaj RE auto rickshaw:

  • You can have options of the diverse category of fuel engines like Petrol, PLG, Diesel and
  • The engine capacity of the petrol version is 145.45cc and 447.3 cc for the Diesel version.
  • It provides the power output at [email protected]
  • There are 4 forward gears in the petrol version along with the one reverse gear.

Bajaj RE Price in India: INR 2, 00,000/- approximately


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