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Top 4 Most Haunted Places in Patna

Ghost stories are very normal in life and in India almost everyone comes across the eerie stories from one or the other source. There is hardly any city that does not have such haunted stories, incidents and experiences and Patna is not an exception as well. One of the historic cities, the capital of the Bihar state, Patna has long been hearing ghost stories in some or the other form. There are many places in Patna that are called as the ghostly places and haunted places. Here are the 4 most haunted places in Patna.

  1. 4. Haunted House

This is very popular and known as haunted house in Patna. The house mostly remains vacant and located at the outskirts of the city. However, whenever, anybody has rented this big bungalow, the paranormal activities have been witnessed. One of the people who stayed in the house described in her post that the haunted house would kill all the pets and even people. The temperature of the house was always freezing even in the hot summer of Bihar. The paranormal activities of the house are no secret for the people and none really is interested to stay at the house.

  1. 3.Old Railway Quarters

The old railway quarters in Patna are considered haunted. It is said that plague epidemic once killed many people during the British era. However, after that the spirits of the dead continue to haunt the people staying at the old quarters. Many quarters have been abandoned now and many have been reconstructed. However, the ghosts of the epidemic continue to haunt the quarters. The abandoned quarters mostly remain unoccupied even by the poor people for the fear of the ghosts.

  1. 2. Qilla House

  2. Qilla House

This house is very famous in Patna and is known as Jalan Museum or Killa Ghar as well. The old heritage house which has been turned as museum is still haunted by the past. There have been many instances where people have experienced paranormal activities in the house. However, none has still figured out the mystery behind the paranormal activities in the house.

  1. 1. Bhutaha Ghar

This is another old house in Patna and is known for the paranormal experiences. However, this is not only known for the Spirits or the ghosts but also for the black

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