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Top 10 Toothpaste Brands in India IN 2016

Toothpaste is one of the most used things in the world. People use it as the day begins and end the day with the same. This is a formula for oral care and healthy teeth. Apart from cavity, gum protection and healthy teeth, it can even keep your breath fresh. There are wide ranges of toothpastes available in India. The toothpastes are famous for the several usages and features. Here are the Top 10 toothpastes brands in India.


Meswak is one of the most used toothpastes in India. It is known for the natural and herbal extracts that help the users to fight against the germs and cavity. One of the best toothpastes in India, Meswak is easily available and is quite reasonable as well in price. The 200g Meswak is available for INR 82.

9.Dabur Red

Dabur Red is one of the most popular brands in toothpastes. The Dabur product is a chemical less and herbal product that keeps the teeth healthy and protected. It is widely available in India in different regions. The 200g pack of Dabur Red is available for only INR 84.


This is another herbal and natural product and is very popular. The major popularity of the toothpaste is found in the rural part of India. The toothpaste is extremely affordable and it is quite effective for teeth as well. The 400g pack of Babool is available for only INR 74.


This is a new entrant in the market and is doing a tremendous job. The toothpaste believed to be made with the secrets of Ayurveda is very popular. The natural and herbal toothpaste is known for multiway protection for the teeth. The product is from Patanjali which is run Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. The 75g pack of the toothpaste is priced at INR 60.

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This is one of the most popular products and is known for the affordable cost. It offers great protection and is considered a great for the fresh breathe. It comes in multiple colors Red, White and Blue and thus it is very unique. It is hugely popular in the rural area. The 100g pack of Aquafresh is available for INR 25.


This is a specific product for the people who have sensitivity in their teeth. This toothpaste is considered to be great for the relief from sensitivity. However, it also offers other teeth protection. The protection from germs and bacteria is also considered of high quality for Sensodyne. The 80g pack of Sensodyne is available for INR 90.

4.Oral B

Oral B is one of the leaders in the market for oral care and protection. The toothpaste is very effective for the problems like plaque and sensitivity. It is also considered a good toothpaste for the whitening of the teeth. It can even shine the teeth. The 80g pack of the toothpaste is available for INR 40.


Pepsodent is one of the huge brands in India when it comes to the toothpaste. It is available with many features and multiple variants as well. It also uses herbal ingredients for overall protection for the oral care and teeth. It can also strengthen the enamel and prohibit germ formation. The 80g pack is available for INR 42.

2.Close Up

Close Up is known as the new generation toothpaste. It is not only popular but also highly sold in all parts of the country. The toothpaste is great for whitening of teeth, protection and great breathe. However, Close Up has multiple variants as well for the teeth protection. It is a Unilever Product. The 80g pack of Close Up is available for INR 52.

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Best toothpaste company in india

This is brand that has almost replaced the word toothpaste. This is the most popular, oldest and most sold toothpaste in India. The brand is present in India since 1896. It is great for strong gum and teeth. The toothpaste is available for INR 52 for 100g pack.

All of these toothpastes are hugely popular and reputed in the market for generating adequate amount of sale.

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