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Top 10 Reputed Best Jewellery Brands in India

It’s a known fact that Indians love their jewelry and splurge on it whenever they get a chance to. Considering the demand for jewellery in India there are a number of jewellery brands that have established their stores in the country.

Jewelry is not cheap and you end up spending quite a lot of money in investing in it. This is why it is essential to buy it from reputed stores. While the price of jewelry will not differ from store to store, the quality does differ. Big brands have a reputation to live up to which is why they ensure they deliver high quality jewelry. It is also always safer to make a purchase from such stores because you get a genuine bill and even a certificate of authenticity for the purchased jewelry.

Apart from using it as an ornament, jewelry is also a great investment. However, it is essential to make the right investment and always purchase from genuine jewelers. If you love your jewelry and like to purchase it on occasions, here are some of the top jewelry brands in India that you should consider shopping from.

10. Diya

. Diya

Diya Jewelry is one of Gitanjali Group’s most reputed brands. They keep customer preference in mind and design the best possible jewelry in India. Their range of jewelry is intricate and stunning at extremely affordable prices. The special feature of Diya Jewelry is they conduct a regular survey among women and design their jewelry based on customer needs. Diya jewelry’s range includes rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Each of these pieces is perfect for every occasion and are available at the lowest rates possible.

9. Rivaaz


Rivaaz literally translates to ‘Tradition’ and the brand lives up to its name in every way. They design jewelry for occasions that suit the need of every Indian. They are also popular for some of their modern designs which are delicate and can be worn on a daily basis. Rivaaz has multiple stores across the country and they even help in customizing your jewelry if you are not happy with their current designs.

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8. Parineeta


Parineeta jewelers are known to be the best diamond jewelry brand across India. Their range of jewelry includes high end diamond and precious stone pieces that are perfect for weddings and bridal jewelry. Their pieces of jewelry are carved in gold and include colored gems and precious diamonds. Each piece is exquisitely hand crafted giving it a very unique look. Wearing Parineeta jewelry will make you the centre of attraction anywhere you go. Most of their designs are inspired by the golden era of India and wearing them will make you feel like royalty.

7. Kiah


Kiah jewelry has been the preferred brand for Indians for many years. It is said that anyone who wears a piece of Kiah jewelry will never prefer anything else. Their designs are exclusive and beautifully hand crafted. Kiah specialized in bridal jewelry and their range of jewelry brings out the beauty in a woman. While some women prefer flashy jewelry, Kiah jewelry is anything but flashy. They believe in keeping things simple as that is the most beautiful way of presenting things.

6. Nakshatra Diamond JewelryNakshatra Diamond Jewelry


This is one of the best jewelry brands in India if you love diamonds. The brand specializes in diamond jewelry and has a wide range for customers who are looking for affordable as well as exquisite collections. Nakshatra has some of the best diamond jewelry which is crafted to perfection and has some intricate designs that make them stand out. The brand is usually endorsed by some of the most popular celebrities in the country and has multiple branches all over the country.

5. Nirvana


Nirvana is the most antique jewelry brand in India. It is one of the most trusted brands in India and their range of jewelry is fit for a queen. Nirvana jewelry brightens any woman’s personality and brings out her inner beauty and glow. They stick by the age old method of hand crafting each piece of jewelry. This means that all the gold and diamond ornaments will be hand cut and the best in the market.

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4. Gili


If you love unique designs and want your jewelry to stand out in a crowd, Gili is the best place to visit. The brand is best known for their lavish diamond jewelry and has a wide range of amazing designs that you can pick. Gili also has a bridal collection that is perfect for weddings. Unlike most other brands, the designs at Gili are different and have a unique style which will make you fall in love with them. There are Gili outlets all across the country.

3. Asmi


Asmi is one of the most trusted names in diamond jewelry. They are said to have the largest number of stores across the country. Their jewelry is definitely from a different galaxy. The work and design of each piece is mind blowing and they take craftsmanship to a whole new level. Owned by the Gitanjali Group, Asmi jewelry is popular in India as well as the USA, Belgium and Italy.

2. D’Damas Jewelry

D'Damas Jewelry

D’Damas is one of the most popular jewelry brands in India. Owned JV and Gitanjali, this brand offers a wide range of gold and diamond jewelry to choose from. They also have light weight jewelry that you can pick if you are on a budget.

1. Tanishq


Tanishq jewelry needs no introduction. This TATA group brand is one of the most famous brands in India. They have over 150 showrooms across the country and their jewelry is known to be a favorite among women. The design and elegance of each piece is truly breathtaking. Their diamond brand Zoya is equally popular and is apt for the Indian woman.

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