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Top 10 Popular Hairstyles for Indian Men

Are you stuck in the routine of just a few well-tried, over worn hairstyles? Wouldn’t you like to try new styles that showcase the hidden you; the man who others never knew existed? Would you like to embark on new hair adventures that make envious eyes turn and follow you as you confidently stride across the walkway to enter your office, while you pretend not to notice all of the attention coming to you?If your answer is in the affirmative, then examine the top ten hairstyles for Indian men below. These have been carefully researched and handpicked for men of exquisite taste like you.

Whatever your hair type: straight and long, curly, short, thick or thin, there are styles to match your taste and your special occasion. Dive in and carefully scrutinize each type according to your liking, hair length, hair type and any special occasion planned.

10. Medium shag

Medium shag

This style sports a mixture of intrigue and casual sophistication at the same time. It is a sure hit for casual and semi-formal occasions. It is modern, trendy and endearing. It effuses charm and appeal from those who wear this style.

9. The Buzz Cut

This low cut hairstyle is an excellent choice for hot, clammy weather. It is also a good choice for those who have little time to spend on styling. It is suitable for all ages and face shapes. If you are going through a very busy period and you are working in hot sweltering environments, this style will be an excellent choice for you. Beat the heat and wear the Buzz.

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8. Crew Cut

This is another great low maintenance hairstyle. If you want your face to have a sharp, well-defined but sporty look, this style could be a magnificent choice. Though this is not a new or recent style, it is classic.  It is almost always in vogue and transfers that air of refinement to its wearer.

7. Slicked Back Cut

If you want to tame your unruly, long hair and give it charm, this could be a wonderful choice. This is an ageless classic hairstyle that never loses its appeal. If you have to face rough, windy weather, no worries, just anchor your masterpiece with a suitable gel or pomade (preferably water based) and sail safely into harbor.

6. Curly Peak (Also called Widow’s peak)

Curly Peak

If your hair is curly, this hairstyle will be natural for you. It is very suitable for wearing to semi-formal or formal occasions. You may even add a spicy variation by placing a special part to one side of your head, along with a reasonable amount of gel or pomade to make you an instant hit for the occasion.

5. Spiky Crop

Spiky Crop is a trendy, modern hairstyle for the young and the older folk who are young at heart. Subtle but eye-catching variations can be added to this style by varying the length of the cut at the top of  the crown. Just let your imagination speak to your heart.

4. Shaggy Crop

If you want to be suave and sophisticated, this could be an excellent choice. This seemingly simple hairstyle exudes an aura of finesse that is sure to captivate your audience and turn a few heads.

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3. Long Wavy Mop

hrithik roshan

If you number yourself among those who prefer to keep their hair long but desire to be trendy and modern in their outlook, then this style is a sure option for you. If you have straight or wavy hair, this style will be among your‘to do’ options.

2. Natural or Casual Wavy

This style is easy to design and goes well with casual or semi-formal occasions. If you are blessed with a reasonable extension, you can even add a ponytail and subtly enhance your sex appeal.

1. Straight Shag

Straight Shag

Straight Shag is another modern hairstyle that inherently radiates a youthful look. It is not only trendy but astute alterations in styling can increase the number of pleasant variations to this style. It is sometimes sported by middle-aged men who desire to hold on to their youth.

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