Islam is the world’s second largest religion in terms of the number of its adherents – trailing behind Christianity. This religion has really grown in leaps and bounds over the years when one takes into consideration that Islam was actually one of the youngest when it comes to world religions. So far, in the 21st century, it had overtaken many world religions such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism by its sheer number of followers. That being said, it is safe to predict that Islam will still grow more and more as the years go by.

Born in Saudi Arabia in West Asia, Islam has spread far and wide beyond its place of origin. This list dishes the 10 nations with the highest Muslim population. How about you? Do you live in a Muslim country?

10.Morocco – 32 million Muslims

Scenic and culturally rich Morocco is a nation which is overwhelmingly Muslim. It is located in North Africa and is geographically close to Europe. Morocco is home to the Moors, the feared Muslim conquerors who overruled Spain and defeated its Catholic monarchs – ruling the Iberian peninsula for close to seven centuries and establishing beautiful cities that showcase Islamic art such as Cordoba and Granada.

9.Algeria – 35 million Muslims

Algeria is an African country located at the Northwestern portion of the so-called dark continent. It is an Islamic nation that is conservative and takes its faith seriously. Islam is the nation’s official state religion and nearly 100% of the population are Muslims. Algeria is an Arab nation and the country is actually very proud of its Arabic and French mixed heritage.


8.Turkey – 72 million Muslims

Turkey is geographically located between the crossroads of Europe and Asia and is now historically as Asian Minor. Turkey used to be a center of the early Christian and Christian Orthodox faiths. However, the onslaught of Islam in the 11th century wiped out these faiths. Nevertheless, Turkey maintains its secular status despite its Muslim majority.

7.Iran – 74 million Muslims

The Persian Empire and civilization already has hundreds of years of heritage when Islam conquered what is now modern-day Persia – Iran. The Islam that is practiced in Iran is the fundamentalist and conservative type of Islam, and Iran is known as a nation where this type of religious fundamentalism has created both advantages and social ills for the nation and the world in general.

6.Nigeria – 77 million Muslims

Religion is a very tricky and sensitive issue in Afghanistan because no religion can claim to have a majority in the nation’s populace. Islam and Christianity are evenly divided in Nigeria and though the Muslims may be more numerous, the Christian community appears to be more influential. This has resulted to many problems and social ills that has continue to plague Nigeria even to this very day.

5.Egypt – 78 million Muslims

The very old civilization of the Egyptians were modified and changed forever when a great majority of its population converted to Islam. Located in the middle of the African heartland and West Asia, Egypt is one of the Muslim nations of the world that is relatively secular.

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4.Bangladesh – 134 million Muslims

Bangladesh is a small but very densely populated nation located in South Asia. It is one of the world’s poorest nations which is mainly due to overpopulation and rampant government corruption. It was also once known as East Pakistan and was part of the Indian subcontinent.

3.India – 168 million Muslims

The high population of Muslims in India does not, in anyway, make Muslims the majority in India. India is primarily a HIndu nation, and this country of a billion people had experienced the worst kind of religious turmoil due to this phenomenon.

2.Pakistan – 177 million Muslims

Much of South Asia’s Muslim population may be found in Pakistan – a country located to the west of India. It used to be part of India but the Muslim majority resisted and became separatist – thus birthing the nation of Pakistan.

1.Indonesia – 210 million Muslims

Indonesia has the world’s largest Muslim population and Muslim majority. An archipelago with the largest group of islands on Earth, Islam penetrated this nation thru missionaries from India.

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