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TOP 10 Most Popular BRA Brands Available In India

Bra is an important part of the attire of women as well as girls. The fitting and comfort of bra will have a great impact on the whole appearance of the clothes of women. The wrong choice of bra will ruin the beauty of your expensive dress, no matter how beautiful or adorable your dress looks? So a woman has to select from the long list of brands available in the market that which will give the perfect fit. By wearing a perfectly sized bra, a woman feels confident and look beautiful. Here are the top 10 bra brands available in India to choose from, so that you settle for nothing but the best:


Floret is one of the most popular brands of bra which makes available for you different kinds of bras in India. It provides bras of a variety of styles for every occasion which includes bridal bras, sports bras, wired bras, padded as well as non padded bras and many more. It is really a good brand for buying bras.


Daisy Dee has all the varieties of bras which a women needs. If you are looking for bras for regular fit then Daisy Dee will be the best choice. It has a great deal of bras which will provide you with a perfect fit without any flaw in your regular attire whether you are wearing a t- shirt or shirt or saree or even a salwar kameez.


Among the list of top bra brands, Beyouty is standing at number eight presenting a variety of beautiful looking inner wears and night wears for the modern and high class Indian women. The brand is famous for it’s no show invisible bra and the crystal studded “Carol” bra. This brand is becoming popular day by day and will gain a huge market share in the future.

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Nike will be the best choice for the women who are conscious about their fitness and who are active in sports. Nike is a leading international sportswear brand which provides you high quality sports bras upon which you can easily rely. The main area in which the brand specializes is the comfortable and supporting sports bras with high class material for active Indian women.


Hanes is a popular lingerie brand which manufactures undergarments catering the needs of both men as well as women. Hanes is specialized in providing bras which gives an attractive shape to the Indian women. The glamorous shape night wear bras and active sportswear bras which it provides make it a versatile bra brand in India. The brand fulfills all the diverse needs of the Indian women.


The Pretty Secret is gaining a huge share in the Indian lingerie market. It is becoming the best brand in India by offering a huge range of shape wear and night wear with different types of colors which give just the right fit for the body shape of the Indian woman. It has a huge collection of bras for every kind of body shape which makes it one of the famous brands in India.


Coming at number four position is the Tweens which makes available bras for women and teenagers. The bras manufactured by Tweens are made of high quality breathable fabric which provides extra comfort to the users. This special quality in this brand adds another star to the brand’s profile. Other attractive features of the brand are the great variety of design and styling which it gives to the bras.

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Jockey is another famous brand in India. It produces undergarments for both men and women. The brand showcases bras which are known for high quality fabric, best shape, fit and comfort. The quality and durability which it provides makes it the best choice for lingerie. The brand has become one of the leading brands in the bra market in India.


Holding the second position in the top 10 list is the Enamor which is known for producing delicate and stylish looking lingerie and nightwear. The brand was launched by Gokaldas Images in the year 2003 and due to its high class bras it has now become a premium lingerie brand in India. The big thing about this brand is that it makes available different variety of nightwear for the Indian women in a wide range of colors.


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The top most position is held by Lovable lingerie brand which provides maximum comfort to women along with the great fit and style. The brand offers a variety of color schemes in bras coupled with high class fabrics which caters to the mood and diverse choice of the Indian women of all the age groups.

Following was the list of top branded bras in India. These top 10 bras are quite popular among female folks.

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