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Top 10 most Industrial Cities in the World In 2016

City living is preferred by many for its convenience and for being in the center of all the action. People who live in the cities tend to have all the major social services and institutions at their doorstep – from the best schools to the nearest hospitals to the trendiest of malls and the best infrastructure. Indeed, cities provide its inhabitants with the high life.But not all cities are created equal. Some cities are more advanced than others and some struggle with many social ills as much as they enjoy being in the center of it all.

This list dishes to you the ten most industrialized and most globalized cities in the world. These cities are ranked according to how influential they are not only to their inhabitants but also in world affairs. Check it out and find out if your city is on the list. Ready?

10.Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s busiest cities. It is the economic and cultural center of the rich Dutch economy and is also one of Europe’s most progressive cities. It is one of the many centers of European civilization, as the Dutch practically ruled the world in the 18th century. It still retains its importance today despite being overshadowed by other cities in Europe.

9.Seoul, South Korea

South Korea was an impoverished small nation in East Asia ravaged by civil war back in the 50’s. It lay on barren and battle-stricken land, with Koreans counting on its neighbors and the United States for all kinds of aid – including food and medicine. Flash forward after 50 years and there is no other city that best exemplifies South Korea’s trillion dollar progress and prosperity than its capital and most populous city.

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8.Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is a small city-state located at the tip of the Malaysian peninsula. It is a highly-developed and high-income city and is considered as the benchmark of most cities in Asia in terms of infrastructure, urban planning, and city management. It is also one of Asia and the world’s wealthiest cities – earning the moniker “The Little Empire” from many contemporary historians.

7.Shanghai, China

Shanghai is China’s wealthiest, most-populous showcase city. It exemplifies the prosperity and advancement made by China economically and socially in the last 30 years as the nation grew by more that 11% for 25 consecutive years. China is also home to many multinational firms and is a hotbed for private investors and tourists alike.

6.Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong remains to be the financial center of Asia. The Hong Kong Dollar is one of the most heavily traded currencies in the world and the crown colony is a center of commerce, banking, and education in East Asia. Hong Kong also has the highest ratio of millionaires and billionaires per square meter.

5.Berlin, Germany

Berlin is easily one of Europe’s most important cities. It is a center of European life and civilization. The city is an engineering giant, an educational hub, a vast tourist attraction, and is highly influential when it comes to world affairs.

4.Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is Asia’s most important city and Japan used to be the most influential nation in Asia and the East before China overtook it just a few years back. Tokyo is known as a center for technology, engineering, science and biomedicine, and has one of the most expensive office spaces in the world.

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3.Paris, France

Paris is continental Europe’s most important city. It is a major tourist draw and the center of everything French – from cuisine to fashion to manufacturing and textiles. It is also one of the most technologically advanced cities in the world.

2.London, United Kingdom

The rivalry of London and Paris still continues up to this day. London has the edge as a global city – as it has more multinational forms and historically was the center of the industrial revolution.

1.New York City, United States of America


It has already been said that New York City is not only the center of the western hemisphere but is still the undisputed center of the world – the quintessential example of Americana.

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