Top 10 Interesting Facts about Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik has become a center of controversy nowadays. His preaching is being condemned by everyone and there are reports that he is an inspiration for the terrorists. The Bangladesh Clerics have also said that he is un-Islamic and his teachings are too. He has been banned in UK, Canada, and Malaysia. However, he has been conferred with awards as well for serving the Islam religion from Saudi Arabia. Who is Zakir Naik and what has done to create so many controversies? Here are the 10 facts about Zakir Naik that can help you to understand him better that who is Zakir Naik and why he is now in every media headline?

10. Birth

Zakir Naik was born as Zakir Abdul Karim on October 18 in 1965 in Bombay (Now Mumbai). He is an international orator on Islam and he is a preacher of the language as well. He is the most influential Salafi Ideologue in India and one of the most important in the world.

10 Facts about Zakir Naik

9. Education

He is a Doctor by Profession. He did his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBBS) from Mumbai. He attended Kishinchand Chelleram College in Mumbai. He then moved to study Medicine at Topiwala national medical college and BYL Charitable Hospital and finally went to the University of Mumbai for MBBS.

8. Early Work

He started working in the field of medicine and carried on his own field. However, in 1991, in the aim of the medicinal work, he established Islamic Research Foundation. It is also famous as IRF. He then started United Islamic Aid for the poor Muslim Youth through Islamic Research Foundation.

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7. Marriage

Zakir Naik has been married to Farhat Naik who also works in the woman section of the Islamic Research Foundation.

6. Peace TV

Zakir Naik founded Peace TV International. This is the TV Network through which he telecasts all his speech to the world. Peace TV has two other versions as well. One is Peace TV Bangla and the Peace TV Urdu specifically for the people of Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India.

5. Life as an Orator

The Islamic Research Foundation claims that he has delivered more than 2000 public lectures since last 20 years through the Peace TV Network. He is one of the most famous Televangelists for any religion in the world.

4. Controversial Figure

Zakir Naik is often referred as “Authority of Comparative Religion”. However, he is also called a radical televangelist who promotes radicalism and Wahabism.

3. Controversial Statements

He quoted controversy when he said that if Osama Bin Laden is killing the enemies of Islam, then I am with him and every Muslim should be a terrorist. He was widely criticized for his statements. He later said that he did not do research on Osama and cannot condemn or condone him.

2. Oppositions and Bans

Clerics, especially from Asian countries, have opposed his teachings. He has even been banned in the countries like UK, Canada, and Malaysia as well. He generally takes tours to different countries to deliver lectures on Islam.

1. Prizes and Awards

He has received the award King Faisal International Prize 2015 from the King of Saudi Arabia for contribution towards Islam. He has received many other awards from UAE and Islamic countries. However, at the same time, many Islamic Countries have opposed him too.

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He is a real controversial figure and has done many things.

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Updated: July 9, 2016 — 2:13 pm

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