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Top 10 Funny YouTube Channels Of India

YouTube has been the biggest source of entertainment for people over the years now. There are various channels that upload funny homemade videos or funny plays delivering a social message. Such videos provide a perfect start to the day and serves as a source of entertainment while traveling as well. Here is a look at the funniest YouTube channels in India.

10. Kanan Gill

Kanan Gill is one of the best known Indian stand up’s. He famously started the honest movie reviews. Each of his reviews is better than the last. His latest review of Premaggan is definitely one of the most hilarious movie reviews seen in recent times. Kannan also uploads hilarious song videos on social messages and delivers the message while keeping the audience hooked.


9. Shudh Desi Endings

As the name suggests, this groups gives a hilarious comic plot twist to the most popular movies in Bollywood. Their animation and mimic of the top actors in Bollywood is simply rib tickling. The comic actors provide a Shudh Desi Ending to all the movies that they decide to spoof. It is one of the funniest video channels available online and is very popular. If you want to get a little entertainment from a channel with some light hearted comedy, then this is a great channel to go to.


8. Comedy Nights With Kapil

This name needs no introduction. Comedy Nights With Kapil is by far the best comedy show on Indian Television. Stars appear on the show to promote their upcoming movies and are a subject of hilarious banter. This YouTube channel is especially for people who miss on the regular show on television due to their busy schedule. The YouTube channel also adds unseen footage from time to time that is definitely rib tickling.


7. Abish Mathew

Abish Mathew is part of the famous ‘All India Bakchod’ team. He also runs his own channel that has been called ‘Son Of Abish’ which is an obvious derivative from a popular swear phrase. Abish regularly updates his channel with crazy videos that will definitely get the audience rolling on the floor laughing. He focuses on bold topics that not a lot of people talk about. He has his way with words and this makes it very entertaining for people who like bold comedy.

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6. Vir Das

Vir Das needs no introduction. He is said to have made the art of standup comic popular in India. Although all his videos may not be appropriate for children, he certainly knows how to get the audience in splits. Vir is a popular celebrity and also has a huge fan following. This automatically makes him popular on YouTube, but he has a very unique style of entertaining his fans which is why they keep coming back to his channel to see what he’s up to and what he has to say. Vir is smart and very funny and is one of the most entertaining personalities in India.


5. East India Comedy

This is one of the most recent and the best comic YouTube channels in India. It is formed by a group of standup comedians and the channel usually uploads clippings of their live shows or various sketches. Their videos are very entertaining and they have a large number of subscribers on YouTube.


4. Comedy One

Everyone remembers Suresh Menon. He is known to be the face of comedy on Indian televisions and movies. He is currently the face of Comedy One and that has helped the channel gain popularity quickly. Although the videos uploaded are short, the comedy content is absolutely hilarious. If you want a quick laugh without spending too much time online, this is a great channel to subscribe to.


3. Mania Ki Duniya

This channel gained popularity a few years ago. The channel features various animated characters that do a hilarious spoof on old Indian songs. The videos on this channel have more of a riddle format and the answer is given in the form of a song. It is a clean and light hearted comedy channel that is loved by people all over the country as well as overseas. The channel has a large number of subscribers and high views.

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2. The Viral Fever Video

TVF has slowly become one of the most popular channels on YouTube. They do a hilarious take on various super hit shows and movies and feature big celebrities as part of their videos. With more than a whopping 600,000 subscribers to their channel, it will only be a matter of time before this slowly becomes the number one comedy YouTube channel in India. The kind of videos shared here are very funny and they get a large number of views as well as shares. The idea is creative, innovative and very interesting.


1. BB Ki Vines

We have given no one spot to two channels. Apart from AIB, BBK vine also in our top spot. It is another popular funny you tube channel. Bhuvan Bam has done great work for each character and his acting skill is tremendous.  His dialog Delivery is spontaneous. it does not look like artificial or script generated.

BBK Vine has more than 6 lakh subscriber and it is growing day by day.

Link :


1. All India Bakchod


Who can forget the controversy created by the now infamous AIB roast almost a year ago? Although many people thought that the language used in that video was over the top and bad in taste, it gave AIB the recognition that it didn’t have before that. Their take on social issues is simply out of this world. They have prepared various sketches, however Honest Indian Flights, Honest Indian Weddings and Dhoom 3 Parody is definitely worth a watch. They are one of the most popular comedy icons in India.



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