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Top 10 Fastest Broadband Service Providers in India 2016-17

The Internet has become one of the basic need apart from food, house, and clothes. The speed of the Internet is fastest in the sector of Broadband Services in India, the cable-based Internet service is the safest and fastest speed Internet option available in India. The recent year in the field of Internet services has seen a great boom as most of the members of the family have their own Smartphone and PC.  Rather than billing separately of the bulky plan it is always smart and convenient to go for Broadband services with maximum users and great speed. Offices around India are opting the Broadband services in office as the Internet is the basic need in every sector of a job. Flooded response from the users around India has also resulted in breakage in speed as most of the user’s complaint less than usual speed offered in the tariff.

Here is the list of top available options as Broadband Service Providers in India with great speed and budget plans.

10. Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo has started its Broadband based available Internet besides the common mobile based services, the company started its coverage over the Bengaluru city far back in 2013. The speed of the broadband is rated thumbs up by its users in Bengaluru, the site of Tata doesn’t show any information about other available city options. The basic plan offered by Company is 50MBPS plan starting with INR 1,999 with 20GB cap for 28 days usage.

9. Airtel


The Telecom operator company Airtel is offering FTTH plans in some of the selected parts of the nation that includes Delhi NCR region, Mumbai, and Bengaluru. The local agents of Airtel will inform you about the availability of FTTH based services in your area. The basic plan for Airtel Broadband services offers 100MBPS speed at INR 2,399 with the usage cap of 100GB.

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8. Jetspot Fiber

Jetspot Fiber

The company launched in the year 2015 offers an affordable range of different plans and mainly deals as FTTH (fiber to the home) plans , the starting range of the plan is offered with 10GB cap and 5MBPS speed at INR 699. The deluxe plan includes 9,999 that offers nitro speed for 150GB and falls to 10MBPS after the cap. The promotional plan of the company is 999 that offers 100MBPS speed till 10Gb and falls to 1MBPS unlimited speed post the usage.

7. Asianet


Asianet has its reach in over 14 districts in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the services offered by the company includes FTTH/DOCSIS 3 connection plans for 50mbps the range starts from 549 with a limit of 7GB. The other five plans are affordable with great speed, the Xtream 2499 plan offers 160GB mammoth download option and following charges of 20 Paise per MB.

6. Spectranet


The company has its headquarter based in New Delhi and generally carries no hidden conditions and cap range for the usage. The ‘Success Unlimited’ plan offers 50mbps speed at INR5,547 with no limit, the company is running with a promotional offer of 100mbps speed in Gurgaon with 1,199 per month with no limit on download. The plan will be available in other part of the country and state soon.

5. Den Boomband

Den Boomband

Den Boomband has its reach over the North India mainly and the plan for the company starts with INR 1,200 that offers 30GB FUP data cap. The other 100GB speed option is available at INR3,500 with a cap of 100GB. The site of broadband will show the map that will make it clear the connection option is available in your locality or not.

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4. YOU Broadband

YOU Broadband

YOU Broadband is one of the few broadband services that reaches for cable modem based services in different categories of connections ranging as residential, SME and corporate based customers. The states that are covered with YOU Broadband are Gujarat, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Haryana, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

3. ACT Fibernet

ACT Fibernet

The ACT mainly focuses on its services in the South India as ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd) has established itself as the largest non-telco ISP in India. The company leads the business to provide services as fiber net, digital TV, and HD TV services with convenient monthly plans available under 2,000 for 50-100mbps speed in the southern part of India mainly.

2. Hathway


Hathway is the leading name in the Fiber net based services and Digital Tv services, the company stands proudly in 13 cities with an offer of 50 MBPS speed option in selected 9 cities. Different range plans starting as INR 2,099 for 3 months with 50 mbps speed and 20GB monthly downloading limit.

1. Hayai


Hayai is the top available choice in the list of convenient and user-friendly broadband options available in India. The economical price scheme with great value speed starts at INR 899 that offers 100mbps speed with 50GB usage cap. The 1gbps plan with the 500GB cap is available at INR 5,099. In recent time company is planning to expand its reach to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Karnataka.



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