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Top 10 Chocolate Companies in India- Best Confectionary Brands

Chocolate is something that always remains as a sweet craving in our life. Something that makes the mouth slurp with flavor’s delight. To boldly state, you’ll never find anyone hating chocolate for sure.

Chocolate remains a worldwide delight and that runs true in the context of India. Primed as the best-selling product in packaged items, this one rules everyone’s heart. Chocolate consumption ain’t just limited to kids, they are implied for everyone including the adults.

With healthy properties around, they do make a fine piece trade for your money. In the context of India, they have already replaced the traditional gifts of Mithai. Chocolates are the way forward as the giftable item on any ceremony or occasion.

Why don’t you have a look at the top 10 chocolate companies in India-best confectionary brands we’ve prepared for you. Go on, read it.

10) chocon India

  • Chocon India company that transformed itself from being a mineral water producer to one of the most loved brands of chocolate in India.
  • It started the journey with Milk and Nut and added Milk Crème Choco Bar, Chocolaty Bar and more during a period of booming production.
  • The company remains a private entity and has a prime investment in producing fine chocolate confectionaries.

9) Lotus

  • A company that remains one of the best brands of chocolate in India, Lotus prepares an exquisite range of products.
  • The confectionary brand kindles the love affair with their fine cocoa quality.
  • They remain one of the top growing companies when it comes to chocolates in India with products like Eclairs, Milky Punch, Chuckles, and Kajoos.

8) Parle confectioniairies

  • A company that’s famed for its biscuits and other confectionaries, this one retains a special place in the hearts of Indian customers.
  • Named as the seventh most trusted brand in India, this one remains one of the top players in chocolate markets too.
  • The products range of Parle Confectioneries is Kismi Bar, Fruit Drops, 2-in-1 Eclairs and more.
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  • A government initiative started back in 1973 via Central Areca Nut and Cocoa Marketing and Processing Co-operative Limited, this one is stationed in Mangalore.
  • The company battled to establish the trend of growing losses in the areca nut and cocoa growers in the Southern parts of the nation.
  • However, with time, they have emerged as a tycoon in the Indian Chocolate industry. Quite a feat.
  • The company produces Krust, Melto and Treat and more under their repertoire.

6) Itc candyman

  • A company that made its mark in such a quick growth leap, it deserves an applause from all.
  • The company was formed back in 2002 and has become the face of Indian chocolate industry in a short while.
  • The product variants of ITC Candyman includes Eclairs, Toffichoo, and Cofitino among the most loved ones.
  • Get a bite of the ones from ITC and savior yourself in the milky and creamy delight.

5) Mars Chocolates

  • A company that’s synonymous with being one of the best in the world let India alone, Mars kicks off at fifth in our entry.
  • The chocolate company offers fine confectionaries that are mouthwatering, to say the least.
  • The company was established back in 1932 in the U.S and remains a worldwide top seller of chocolate products.
  • A few of their products are Snickers, Mars Chocolate Bars, Mars Almond Bars among few.
  • They recently launched the Galaxy variant of chocolate in India.

4) Ferrero

  • A company that’s famed for its chocolates, this one retains the position as the top three in the whole world of chocolate brands plying their trade.
  • The company that was started back by Pietro Ferrero in 1946 is loved worldwide for its distinguishable brand of chocolate and confectioneries.
  • Some of its most successful variants include Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Mon Cheri and more.
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3) Amul

  • A premier dairy production company based in Gujarat, this one remains the top producers of milk products in the whole world.
  • The company features an ownership of magnanimous 3.6 million people, only one of its kind.
  • It has been offering the different sensation of chocolate confectionaries through its subsidiary parts.
  • Such a repertoire has seen them being awarded India Leadership Award 2015, APEDA awards for 16 continuous years and more.
  • Try their rich milk chocolate variant, you’re bound to fall in love with it.

2) Nestle India

  • A company with the tagline of ‘Good Food, Good Life’ stays clear at number two in our list of Top 10 best chocolate companies in India.
  • The company offers products that have ruled the hearts for years.
  • Their product range includes KitKat, Milky Bar, Munch, Polo and more under their chocolate confectionary module.
  • Apart from that, they are fine producers of other edible products.

1) Cadbury

  • A British Multinational giant, this one remains on top of the best brand of chocolate confectionery in India.
  • The company boasts a profile featuring Dairy Milk, Bourneville, Dairy Milk Silk, 5 Star, Gems and more.
  • The company is represented by Mondelez India Foods.
  • It retains the most loved tags among the kids and adults alike with their fine taste bud tickling products.

What’s your thoughts on this list? Were you quantified with what we presented? Will love to hear yours. Post your thoughts down below.

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