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Top 10 Best Websites For Online Bus Booking In India

People use the internet to order groceries, shop for clothes and even pay their bills these days. When you can do all this, why not book your bus tickets online. While train traveling is popular in India, a number of people prefer to travel by buses. If you’re tired of searching for a reliable agent who can provide you the best prices on bus tickets, try booking your bus tickets online. Here’s a list of the top ten websites for online bus booking in India which are reliable, affordable and convenient.

10. eTravelsmart

eTravelSmart is one of the most intuitive and smartest ticket booking portals. This website offers bus ticket reservation services across the country. The website services over 80,000 bus routes and over 3,000 operators. Booking bus tickets on eTravelsmart is extremely simple with various filters such as type of bus, boarding point and drop points available.

9. is one of the most popular online tickets booking websites to reserve bus tickets. It enables you to pick seats with a number of buses and also enables you to see which seats are available for various buses. You can plan your travel based on the time and date that is most convenient for you. It helps you to see the various pick up points as well. One of the best things about is that is has a 24 x 7 x 365 Customer Support.

8. My Bus Tickets

My bus tickets are one of the most famous bus ticket websites in India. This website has been in operation for years now and is an extremely easy website to use. Users can also book tickets using their smartphones and can pay using their debit or credit cards to make payments. There are various filters that allow users to choose the type of bus and timings as well.

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7. Travel

Travel is a great website that not only enables you to pick the effect bus for your travel, but also helps you find some of the best hotels that fit your budget. It offers complete package deals and guidance in order to help you get the best deals in order to ensure you have a hassle free trip without having to spend too much money.

6. Clear Trip

Clear is one of the most popular online booking websites in India. This website provides you with a wide range of websites that you can book your tickets from. The website offers some of the best deals on ticket bookings and you will manage to get a good discount via this website. It helps you to find buses to various locations in India in an easy and convenient manner.

5. Ticket Goose

Ticket Goose is one of the top websites in India. It is one of the most trusted bus ticket booking sites since 2007. The website offers over 10000 trips and has over 700 bus operators. Bus tickets can be booked in three extremely easy steps. All users need to do is find the bus, select the appropriate seat and make the payment online. The website also offers applications for Android, iOS and Windows platforms.

4. Goibibo is one of the most popular online ticket booking websites which is convenient and very user friendly. It is a great website to book bus tickets and also provides users wit additional discounts that help lower the costs of the tickets. also has an app which can be downloaded on all Android and iOS devices. You can also look for some great hotel deals using the website.

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3. Abhibus

Abhibus is a famous bus ticket booking website. All users need to do is select their date of journey and their destination and they will be presented with loads of options. There are various discounts and offers that are offered by the website from time to time. Users can book bus tickets with one click and abhibus is the preferred choice of bus ticket booking for most users.

2. Make My Trip

Make My is one of the most popular online bus tickets booking websites available. It is known to provide users with the widest range of bus options that enable them to pick the perfect bus that can help them to get to their desired location. Make My is one of the oldest websites that is also mobile friendly with their app. Apart from bus bookings; the website also offers flight bookings, hotel bookings, package deals and a lot more. This is one of the best websites to visit in order to plan your complete trip with ease.

1. Red Bus

Red Bus

Red is the leading website in India that enables you to book bus tickets online. This website is dedicated to bus ticket bookings which are why it focuses on providing you with the best deals on bus tickets. It has a number of services that you can pick in order for your travel and while there are multiple websites available, this is the only one that is dedicated only for bus bookings.

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