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Top 10 Best Textile Companies in India

Just in case you don’t know, the other term of textile is “cloth”. This is what we usually wear in our daily lives. Textile is actually made through the processes known as felting, knotting, crocheting, knitting, and weaving. There are a lot of companies in India that produces clothes that are made from different materials. In this regard, here are the top 10 best textile companies in India that you should know:

10. Mysore Silk Factory

Within the entire India, 70% of the mulberry silk materials comes from the Indian state of Karnataka, where the Mysore Silk Factory processing plants are located. It is particularly in the Mysore District that silk is mainly grown. The main office of the company can be found in the city of Bangalore.


9. Lakshmi Mills

Since on its foundation year in 1910, Lakshmi Mills Company Limited is already known in producing high quality clothing pieces. This is exactly located in the city of Coimbatore in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Such textile company would be nothing without the great effort of its founder, G.Kuppuswamy Naidu. Its estimated turnover is around $27 million.


8. JCT Limited

This world-renowned textile firm is actually the Thapar Group’s flagship company. It has a very good reputation when it comes to the textile industry. As a matter of fact, JCT Limited is well-known as the very first firm in India that introduced environment-friendly fabric materials to the public such as organic cotton.


7. Reliance Textiles

The headquarters of this excellent and highly recognized textile firm can be found in the city of Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat. This company would be nothing without its founder, whom was very famous in the business industry of India. He was none other than Dirubhai Ambani. The World Bank has recognized it as the most modern one when it comes to textile complexes.

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6. Fabindia

Fabindia Overseas Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1960 by its brilliant founder, John Bissell. It is actually a chain store in India that is well-known when it comes to furnishings, ethnic products, fabrics, and garments retailing. The main office of Fabindia can be found in the city of New Delhi. $80 billion is the estimated turnover of this company.


5. Grasim Industries

Grasim Industries Limited was established way back in the year 1948 in the city of Mumbai. The best thing about this company is the fact that it expands into a bigger company that offers not only textiles, but also different kinds of building materials such as cement, chemicals, sponge iron, and Viscose Staple Fiber (VSF).


4. Bombay Dyeing

The Bombay Dyeing & Mfg. Co. Ltd. is well-known in manufacturing bed linen, towels, and furnishings. It was founded a number of years ago, particularly in the year 1879. It is the Wadia Group’s flagship company that is highly flourishing in the textile industry.


3. Raymond Group

This textile company was incorporated way back in the year 1925. It is a big-time fashion retailer not only in India, but in the entire world as well. It is known in manufacturing wool and wool-blended fabrics, which is around 31 million meters. Such firm is spearheaded by a well-known Indian businessman, Gautam Singhania.


2. Arvind Mills

Arvind Mills, which is now known as Arvind Limited was established in the year 1931. It’s the Arvind Group’s flagship company that is focusing in manufacturing denim, woven, knits, telecom, retail, engineering, real estate and a lot more. It’s currently employing 25,620 people on its numerous company plants.

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1. Vardhman Textiles

Such textile company was established in the year 1965. It’s the number one textile company in India that has $1 billion of turnover. The headquarters of this excellent textile firm can be found in Ludhiana in the Indian state of Punjab.


These are the top 10 textile companies in India. Without a doubt, these companies have already proven their worth in the industry where they belong.

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