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Top 10 Best Sweater Brands For Men in India

Men’s clothing has always been inspired by the latest trends and class. Men are rarely satisfied with the clothes that are on offer. Very little impresses them. Choosing sweaters is another story altogether. Making sweaters trendy and good looking is extremely difficult. Thankfully there are quite a few brands for winter wear that excite men. Here are the top sweater brands for men in India.

Sweater Brands

10. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the leading sweater brands in India. This brand has been around for a long time and is known to manufacture some of the highest quality sweaters for men and women. While they initially focused only on basic sweaters, with the increase in demand for fashionable designs, Monte Carlo too has ventured into creating trendy sweater designs for men. There’s a wide range of choices that you have with this brand. While they still have the traditional sweaters that you will find, they also have some jackets and formal sweaters that you can wear to work.

9. Provogue

Provogue is one of the most famous fashion brands in India. There are some men who prefer only Provogue clothes due to their unique design and color. Provogue makes amazing sweaters with the best woolen fabric. Their style of sweaters includes Choco Chip, Wave, Amaze, Scott, Peterson, Frost, Breeze and Short Cut. These sweaters offer comfort and unmatched style. Provogue is definitely one of the most desired sweater brands in India for men.

8. Duke

Duke is a large fashion brand for men in India. They have a number of trendy sweater designs for the winter which look very stylish. The brand is also known to create winter wear T-shirts that look very fashionable. Duke is an affordable brand and men who love to look stylish without shelling out too much money swear by this brand. Since they have a wide range of affordable sweaters for men, you have the option of investing in a few sweaters that will pull you through the winter, still making you look very trend.

7. Roadster

When it comes to Roadster clothing, everyone thinks of the latest trends and style. Roadster sweaters offer the most attractive looking and trendy sweaters for men that will make them look and feel good during winters. All the sweatshirts and sweaters made by Roadster can be worn casually as well as formally. Their products are known to be handmade, unique and crafter from the best possible wool available in the market. This gives a personalized look to each sweater.

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6. Puma

Puma is one of the largest sports brand in the world. While Puma is famous for its shoes and T-shirts, the brand also sells some amazing sweaters for men. If you’re more into a casual look and you prefer something that will pair up well with your jeans, then Puma is one of the best brands to shop at. They have a large variety of patterns, designs and styles that are very trendy. The sweater collection at Puma is quite affordable and will last you a long time.

5. Fort Collins

Fort Collins is part of Indra Hosiery Mills that is one of the biggest manufacturers of jackets in India. Fort Collins specializes in winter wear. Their sweaters are known to have amazing stitching, excellent designs and some of the best colors available. Fort Collins’ range of sweaters are made with the best quality wool that helps keep men warm along with keeping them stylish as well. They specialize in making sweaters that are really comfortable to wear even when the temperature goes up.

4. Arrow

Arrow is one of the leading American brands in India and has been known to deliver top quality clothing for men and women. Their range of winter wear is made in classic American style that is truly unique. Sweaters by Arrow are made of the best wool fabric and soft cotton that feels good on the skin and keeps the body warm as well. Arrow certainly knows how to keep men looking stylish and keep them comfortable as well.

3. Pepe Jeans

When it comes to style, no brand does it better than Pepe Jeans. While the brand is best known for their jeans, Pepe also has some amazing sweaters for winters. The brand understands fashion and they come up with some amazing designs for winter each year. Apart from sweaters, Pepe also has zippers, hoodies, high necks and more. They have a unique style and all their sweaters are well fitted. Pepe Jeans is a reputed brand and their clothes are known to last for a long time. The brand also has a wide color choice so you can pick a sweater color that suits you most.

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2. Indian Terrain

Indian Terrain is one of the best clothing brands for men in India. Indian Terrain sweaters are known to be unique because they are made of lamb wool and cash acrylic. The choice of fabric keeps men comfortable and warm. Their sweaters come in two variants – Half Zip and V neck. They have a wide range of patterns and colors that make men look hot even in the coldest weather. In a market where most sweaters offered by other manufacturers look dull and monotonous, Indian Terrain comes across as a breath of fresh air.

1. United Colors Of Benetton

United Colors Of Benetton is one of the largest clothing brands that has a reputed name all over the world. They love to experiment with style and fashion and are known to come up with trendy designs. If you love fashion and you don’t want to settle down for a bulky looking sweater, United Colors Of Benetton is the perfect place to pick up a sweater that will suit your style. They have some amazing choices for the winter which include body hugging sweater, coats, jackets and pullovers. UCB is an affordable brand and if you’re one of those men who doesn’t like to be seen in the same clothes often, you can pick up multiple sweaters and look great all winter.

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