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Top 10 Best Superbikes in India In 2016

The Indian market has a broad consumer range for all sorts of motorbikes – starting from the basic everyday commuter to the most expensive superbikes. Since the laws are flexible for riding motorbikes with greater engine power and also the roads are motorbike friendly in most cases, the bike enthusiasts won’t hesitate much to spend a lot of money for the currently existing superbikes in the market.


Superbikes are usually equipped with very high capacity engine and extreme acceleration for faster pick up. Let’s checkout the best 10 super bikes in India in 2016.

10.Ducati 1299 Panigale

Best sports bike in India

If you’re looking for an insanely powerful superbike, then the Ducati 1299 Panigale won’t disappoint. With split type elevated seats, the Ducati 1299 can ride only two riders, even with the pillion behind the top speed or safety rating doesn’t deteriorate which is a fantastic property of this motorbike. It has 1285 cc engine that produces up to 202.19 bhp at 10,500 rpm and 144.60 Nm torque at 8,750 rpm. The seats are located at 830 mm height from the ground, short people might find the Panigal 1299 as a huge vehicle. However, the transmission box is manual with 6 gears, and both the brakes are disc type for stopping very fast even from the top speed. It’s a heavy motorbike with 190 kg curb weight, including 17 liters of fuel tank. All the gauges in the instrument panel are digital – speedometer, odometer, tachometer, trip meter, a digital clock, ABS status signal light, fuel gauge etc. An Engine Kill Switch is installed for safety measures. The Ducati Panigale 1299 comes only in Red. Price: Rs. 3,241,000.


9.Aprilia RSV4 ABS with Factory APRC

Aprilia RSV4 ABS with Factory APRC

This Italian motorbike is equipped with a 999 cc engine, and there are advanced technologies like Aprilia Performance Ride Control for more precise control over such a speedy motorbike, and anti-lock braking system for instant stopping. There are two variants of this Aprilia motorbike, the other variant comes without the APRC, but ABS comes standard in all variants of Aprilia RSV4. The engine output goes up to 180 bhp at 12,250 rpm and torque up to 115 Nm at 10,000 rpm. There are 6 gears, and the rated mileage for this bike is 12 kmpl. The wheels are made of alloy as it should be in a price of this price range and power offering. Total capacity of the fuel tank is 17 liters, and kerb weight of the bike including fuel is 179 KG. Price: Rs. 2,683,560.


8.Suzuki GSX-R1000

Suzuki GSX-R1000

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 is a replacement of the original GSX-R 1100, they both carry the same branding but a lot has changed since the original 2001 model. It’s one of the most expensive Suzuki motorbikes not just in India but across the world. Suzuki GSX-R1000 superbike is very popular with the petrolheads. Maximum power output from the 999 cc engine is 160 bhp, and the maximum torque figure is 110 Nm. There are 6 manual gears for faster pick up in racing tracks, or even for a highway ride having one extra gear could be largely helpful. As standard equipment in the respective class, the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 is equipped with anti-lock braking system (ABS), traction control and selectable power output – serious enthusiasts would love all of these. The fuel tank holds 18 liters of fuel and the rated mileage is 12 kmpl. Price: Rs. 1,595,000.

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7.Triumph Speed Triple ABS

Triumph Speed Triple ABS

Triumph speed comes in three different color options – Phantom Black, Diablo Red and Crystal White. The colors are as elegant as they sound on the catchy terms. Engine capacity on this motorbike is 1050 cc with 133 bhp of maximum power output, and 111 Nm of maximum torque. There are 6 gears, all manual and both the wheels have disc braking technology. To transmit the fuel through this advanced engine, a much better fuel system was required and thus Triumph came up with a multipoint sequential electronic fuel injection with SAI. The fuel tank holds 18 liters of fuel and the rated mileage is 17 kmpl. Instrument panel on this motorbike mixes the gauges, for example it has an analog tachometer and digital speedometer – for the best convenience of the rider. Price: Rs. 1,160,180.


6.KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure

KTM 1190 Adventure is an upcoming motorbike from the Austrian manufacturer, however we are talking about the 2016 model. The First 1190 came out in 2012 and have been receiving facelifts ever since. This motorbike is equipped with 1190cc engine with 145 bhp maximum power and 125 Nm maximum torque. The gear shifter comes with 6 manual speeds, which is suited for any type of riding – highway, sports track and city. It has a large 23 liters fuel tank, and the net weight of the whole motorbike is 212 kg. A mileage hasn’t been declared yet, probable figure should be 18 kmpl. The anticipated price is Rs. 1,170,000.


5.BMW S1000 RR

best super bike

The BMW S1000 RR comes with a 999 cc engine that produces a maximum power of 193 bhp at 13,000 rpm and the maximum torque output is 112 Nm at 9,750 rpm. There are 6 gears and the fuel efficiency in this motorbike goes up to 17 kmpl, while the fuel tank holds 18 liters at max. For smooth shifting between the gears in BMW S1000RR, the apparatus used is constant-mesh straight toothed wheels. Like most other sports motorbike, the instrument panel is a combination of digital and analog gauges. The tachometer is analog so that the rider gets to see the rpm at the smoothest possible glance, and the rest of the meters like speedometer, trip meter, fuel gauge etc. are digital. BMW S1000RR has both electronic and kick start, and it has a split up seat for easier casual riding across the city. Apart from the brand value, the BMW S1000 RR certainly offers a great power output and handling experience. Price: Rs. 2,755,446.


4.Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

There are two color schemes for the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade, either a plain white full body or a combination of white & red across the body. Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade has a 1000cc engine that truly performs like a fire blade. The maximum power output is 176 bhp at 12,000 rpm and the maximum torque output is 112 Nm at 8,500 rpm. It has 6 manual gears, and disk brakes in both front and rear wheels. Rated fuel efficiency for the CBR1000RR is 16 kmpl. Top speed in the Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade is up to 286 kmph from the tracks. Since the top speed is crazy high, the braking had to be extremely efficient to make sudden stops at the shortest notice. CBR1000RR has a pair of dis brakes installed in both wheels, and both of them are equipped with anti-lock braking system as a standard factory equipment. Fuel tank in this motorbike holds 18 liters of fuel, summing to a net weight of 199 kg. Price: Rs. 1,713,678.

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3.Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Kawasaki Ninja 1000

Masculine aggressiveness in the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is certainly something to praise about this motorcycle. With crazy power and absolute control over the motorbike, Kawasaki Ninja 1000 never fails to satisfy a rider to their fullest. Engine displacement on the Kawasaki Ninja 1000 is 1043 cc with maximum power output of 140 bhp at 10,000 rpm and 111 Nm maximum torque at 7,300 rpm. 6 manual gears help the rider with precision engine pick up and reach the top speed of 182 kmph at the shortest possible time. The fuel tank is 19 liters in capacity and rated mileage is 15 kmpl.  Even with 17 liters of fuel, the bike manages to stay light at a net weight of 172 kilograms. Price: Rs. 1,287,000.

2.MV Agusta F4

MV Agusta F4

The introduction of MV Augusta F4 happened in two colors, red and white and it’s an absolute beast when crazy fast riding is involved. The engine is almost like a lightweight sedan car, displacement on the MV Augusta F4 motorbike is 998 cc with 192.30 bhp maximum power output and 110.80 Nm maximum torque. Top speed on this motorbike is 291 kmph. The fuel tank is 17 liters with rated mileage up to 15-18 kmpl. Both wheels are equipped with disc brakes. Whole body of the motorcycle is based on a steel tubular trellis chassis, it’s a strong and sturdy type for the motorcycles in the most premium category. Price: Rs. 2,599,000.


1.Yamaha YZF-R1

Best super bikes to buy

The Yamaha YZF-R1 2016 model is the 60th anniversary version from the Japanese manufacturer. To carry out the Yamaha legacy, this model had to have a great revamp over the 4 years’ old 2012 model, and it certainly achieved what it was supposed to. The configuration are pretty much similar to what it had been in the past like 998cc engine displacement, 197 bhp maximum power and 112 Nm maximum torque output and 6 manual gears. The rated mileage on this vehicle is 15 kmpl. All the gauges and consoles in the instrument panel are digital, even the tachometer. There are certain convenient indicators like low battery indicator, low fuel indicator, check engine light etc. Price: Rs. 2,234,300.



All the pricing references has been taken from the Mumbai ex-showrooms of the respective manufacturers. One thing for sure, to buy a superbike in the Indian market you have to have heavy pockets.

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