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Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies in India

With the world facing an upsurge in energy and fuels, the demand for non-renewable fuels sky-rocketed. However rather than going by the books, many joined hands to harness are newable form of energy in a bid to counter the growing demand. And what else could be more efficient than the oldest form of fuel, solar energy? Well, there’s your answer. And it a bid to initiate the use of solar based energy, we’re lining up a list of ‘Top 10 Best Solar Panel Manufacturing Companies in India’.

India has been blessed with great bit of companies offering solar based options in forms of panels, cells, PV modules, photo voltaic and more. We went through the mercurial list of companies and have unearthed the best solar manufacturing companies in India in our blog.

Well, guess it’s time we switch to the efficient form of energy and reduce our dependence on other costly non-renewable measures. So off we go to the major content to see what’s lined up for us. Shall we?     

10) Moser Baer Photovoltaic Ltd

  • Let’s start off the list with the prominent solar panel manufacturers in the nation, Moser Baer.
  • It has been in existence since 1983 and is based in New Delhi.
  • The company runs manufacturing units for Solar PV modules and Solar EPC services.
  • It has around 7000 employees designating to fully efficient functioning.
  • Website-

9) Amnini

  • A company based in Kerala, this one has been in existence since 1993 offering top class products.
  • Their product catalogue includes a wide range of options like solar PV module, indoor and outdoor lighting, Solar power products, BOS for solar PV systems.
  • The company started it’s venture into solar powered products from 1993 and has built quite a brand name within a short span.
  • Website- 

8) XL Energy Limited

  • One of the leading solar panel manufacturers of the nation, XL Energy Limited has been racking up products since 1985.
  • The company is based in Hyderabad and has been using innovative techniques paired with ground-breaking ideas to harness energy from the sun.
  • It has been a leading manufacturer for the Solar Photovoltaic Modules in India and has delivered more than 75 MW of solar modules across the globes.
  • Website-
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7) Kotak Urja

  • Kotak Urja has been helping along to self-initiate the need for energy via its solar panels and solar photovoltaic systems.
  • Having set foot in 1997 into the realm of solar panels and more, the company has gained strength to strength over the years.
  • It offers Crystalline Solar PV Modules ranging from 10 Wp-300Wp along with a host of solar heaters and solar powered lightings.
  • The company is based around in Bangalore and commissions all aspects of service ranging from production to installation.
  • Website-

6) NPEC India Ltd

  • A Chennai based company dating back to 1984, this one offers solar systems for flat roofs and ground mount.
  • It’s an ISO 9002 certified one and has been offering anon-conventional form of energy to India and abroad.
  • The company specializes in wind turbines and solar photovoltaic panels along with batteries.
  • Website-

5) Central Electronics Ltd

  • Another one of prominent solar based products manufacturing company in the nation, Central Electronics Ltd has been around since 1974.
  • It offers solar panels in the ilk of photovoltaic cells, modules and more through its outlet.
  • The company has an international presence with its products gaining top bucks in foreign-based
  • Website-

4) Microsol Power P Ltd

  • Stationed at fourth in our entry are the Hyderabad-based solar module and cells manufacturer which goes by the name Microsol Power P Ltd.
  • It has been in existence since 2000 and offers solar based products ranging from 125 mm to 150 psimonocrystalline with a power of 3.3 watts PV models.
  • The company has become one of the top sellers in the Indian soil for thesolar based panel and cells in a short span of 16 years.
  • Website-
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 3) Bharat Electronics Ltd

  • Kicking off our top three entrants, we’ve got Bharat Electronics Ltd at the third spot.
  • A Bangalore based company, this one was started way back in 1954 and has been manufacturing solar and electronic based products.
  • The company expertise in solar panels, cells, PV modules and more.
  • It is owned and managed by the Government of India and has been awarded the highest accolade ‘Navratna’ from the Indian Government.
  • Website-

2) Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd

Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd is one of the top tiered solar manufacturing companies of India.

  • It has been in existence since 1964 and has become the preferred option in the market littered with solar panel manufacturers.
  • The company manufactures solar panels, cells, PV modules, photovoltaic modules and more.
  • The company is based in Bangalore.
  • Website-

1) Tata BP Solar India Ltd

Tata BP Solar India Ltd

  • The top of the pile belongs to Tata’s venture into solar manufacturing named as Tata BP Solar India Ltd.
  • It was started back in 1989 and has been functioning out of its head office based in Bangalore.
  • The company has further 9 regional offices along with 4 manufacturing units.
  • It is certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for its high-grade products and quality assurance.
  • Website-

So when are you switching to solar based energy? Share your thoughts on these down below in the comment box and let us know.


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