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Top 10 Best Selling Toaster Brands With Price In India 2017

Toaster is these days are the requirement of every kitchen as it serves better breakfast every morning. It was invented in Scotland and today this is very popular in every household. With the increase and updates in technology these days, they are offering better services and are reaching to the expectations to the customer satisfaction. There are many international and national brands which are coming up with the toasters of different models and quality. However, while going to purchase them it is important to note that which toaster is better and convenient in terms of price and quality. This article will help you in knowing the better toasters available in India and which are popular.

Let us have a look at all those toasters which are popular:

10. Usha (PT 3221)

Usha (PT 3221)

Usha is very old brand which manufactures electrical appliances in India. Being an Indian company, people rely on its products and performance too. There is one product under toaster section which us popular and it is PT 3221 which is a model of toaster. It offers easy clean crumb tray, push button option, reheat and defrost options. This appliance consumes only 850 watts. This brand is of great quality and it also is available with a warranty of 1 year. This product is available at a price of Rs.2199.

9. Black & Decker (ET-122)

Black & Decker (ET-122)

This toaster is very reliable and coming from a very reputed brand Black and Decker. This is of very high quality and made up of good materials as well. Its features are very monolithic such as it is compact in size; you can use it for browning as well as re heating and for defrosting. It is available easily in the market and its price is Rs.1799. this product is available with 2 years of warranty. There are two more features such as neon light and temperature control feature which you will love to use.

8. Maharaja Whiteline (Primo)

Maharaja Whiteline (Primo)

Talking about Maharaja White line which is a prominent company manufacturing electrical appliances, it is also coming up with the options into toasters also. There is ne toaster which they manufacture and it consumes only 750 watts along with a 1 years of warranty and sleek design too. It has 2 slots of slices as well. Thus, it is worth buying as well with a price of only Rs.899.

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7. Oster (TSSTTR9260)

Oster (TSSTTR9260)

The very well known feature of this toaster is that it is having an advanced toasting option that puts it into the top ten of the best toasters. With 2 slots of slices, it is also coming up with the 7 browning settings too. There are many more features too such as auto shut off function and dual auto adjusting along with adjustable temperature knob. You can toast different sizes of breads into it and it is easily available with a price of Rs.989.

6. Prestige (PPTPKB)

Prestige (PPTPKB)

There many lovable functions of Prestige toaster because of which this is a widely accepted toaster. One of the best features is that it is having cool handle touch. Others are it has 6 degree wide browning function and also has neon light indication along with non skid base. This appliance is good in saving your electricity bill as it consumes only 800 watts of electricity. Available with a price of Rs.1429, this product is available with one year warranty.

5. Nova (BT 305)

Nova (BT 305)

This is an Indian brand and coming up with various functions that you will love to enjoy. You will have reheat and defrost feature along with 2 slots of bread slices along with cool handle touch and browning controls of variable number. This gives the product a heavy advantage to become a product under top 10 toasters. With long durability and easy to clean, this product is available with Rs. 980 and is available with 1 year of warranty too.

4. Morphy Richards (AT-201)

Morphy Richards (AT-201)

Morphy Richards is an international brand and it comes with many specifications that are not available with the Indian manufactures. This company is also manufacturing toasters and one of the toasters is having features like variable browning control with 7 settings and also having cancel feature too. It is also having automatic pop up function and hi lift feature. With some dynamic features, this product is available with 650 watts that saves electricity and also at Rs1266 this product offers best operation as well.

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3. Pigeon Pop up Toaster

Pigeon Pop up Toaster

Pigeon is an Indian brand that offers quality and ensures safety for its electrical appliances too. The product which is very popular in terms of toaster is very stylish and modern that will give a modern look to your home. Also, 6 levels of browning control and toasting according to preferences is also one feature that offers comfort to its user. With many high tech features, this product is available at a price of Rs.799.

2. Bajaj (ATX 4)

Bajaj (ATX 4)

If you are using electrical appliances or fond of it, then you will surely love Bajaj appliances. They are continent easy to use and are available with many of those features which are customer friendly. Among the section of toaster, this product is offering variable browning control, auto touch technology, automatic pop up, cord winder and non skid base. This cool appliance also saves electricity as it consumes 759 watts and is available at a price of Rs.1145.

1. Philips (HD2595/09)

Philips (HD2595/09)

Philips is always rules in electrical appliances market and its products are also of great use too. This time within toasters they are coming up with multiple functions such as 2 wide slots, reheat/defrost/cancel functions along with 7 browning level and also consumes less electricity with 800 power watts too. Available with 2 years of warranty for this toaster, it is available at a price of Rs.1635.

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