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Top 10 Best Scooters Under Rs. 50,000 In India 2016

Scooters are one of the easiest to commute in India, especially in the cities where traffic congestion is almost like an epidemic. Scooters are much fuel efficient, they need lesser maintenance than regular motorbikes and everyone can ride them due to easier riding properties. Due to all these factors, people are often very interested about the top 10 scooters in India under Rs. 50,000. The only downside is lack of sportiness but that too isn’t much of a ‘downside’ for most of the people who ride a scooter. But in exchange to that, riders get access to an automated gear box that saves the hassle of changing gear every now and then in busy traffic, and higher fuel economy to save bucks on daily commuting from home to workplace or college, and vice versa. In the emerging economy of Indian remote locations mobility is the key, and a scooty / scooter can offer the utmost of mobility for everyone.

However, not only fuel driven scooters but also the electric scooters are making their ways into the market. These scooters are pretty much like bicycles, just much bulkier in shape and in some cases even slower in speed than any average bicycle. However, these two wheelers are still very useful options for citizen members of the society who shouldn’t be riding very fast motorbikes to avoid any unwanted hazard, or aged women who could achieve a better control over a two-wheeler that rides in a specific speed and not too risky. The electronic bikes can ride without a registration in many regions as well, if the yearly renewal fees seem like a burden then these battery driven two wheelers could be an efficient option.

If you had been assessing options lately, you must have come across a lot of scooter models in the past few days. Speaking of top 10 scooties in India, there’s a lot but not all of them cost within 50 thousand rupee budget range. Anyone looking for a new scooter daily commuting will be able to find and pick up options from this article.

We have listed all 10 scooters in RS50,000 range in a tabular form with Price and mileage.

RankingScooter NamePriceMileage/Engine CC
10Suzuki Let’sRs. 46,722. 64 kmpl/112cc
9Honda Activa-iRs. 49,85366 kmpl /109.19 cc
8Yamaha Ray-Z Blue CoreRs. 49,33652 kmpl/113 cc
7Hero Duet 110 VXRs. 4860063.8kmpl/110cc
6Mahindra Gusto DXRS47,06061kmpl/109cc
5Honda Dio 110Rs. 48,26452kmpl/109cc
4TVS Scooty Zest 110Rs. 47,26162kmpl/110cc
3Yo SparkRs. 46,59460 km per charge
2Mahindra RodeoRs. 49,86056kmpl/124cc
1TVS Scooty Pep PlusRs. 42,15368kmpl/88cc

10.Suzuki Let’s

best 110cc scooty

“Let’s” doesn’t really sound like a scooter’s name, but Suzuki has named one of their entry level segment scooters by this name. Obviously, the title yells out ‘let’s go!’ in the abstract sense, and when someone gets to lay their eyes on the design language and color sparkles of the Suzuki Let’s, they will certainly realize the meaning of this naming. It comes in four different colors – Matte Grey and Black, Pearl Suzuki Blue and Matter Black, Pearl Mira red and Matte Black and Pearl Mirage White. The first three color options are dual toned body which costs almost 5,000 rupees higher than the last standard single color option. Slight modification in the exterior could be offered from Suzuki retailers, however that’s not a standard sales feature though. Suzuki Let’s is powered by a 112 cc engine that is capable of providing 8.50 bhp maximum power out at 7,500 rpm and 9 Nm of maximum torque at 6,500 rpm. Scooters don’t really max out the speedometer and tachometer and thus they don’t need extreme stopping force like the higher end premium motorbikes with higher engine capacity does. Both wheels on the Suzuki Let’s are equipped with drum brakes and no disc brake variants are sold in the market. It’s an automatic transmission scooter based on the Constant Variable Transmission (CVT) technology, and the rated mileage is 64 kmpl. Curb weight on the Suzuki Let’s scooter is 98 kg with 5 liters of fuel. Lightweight of this two wheeler allows the rider to perform evasive maneuvering through tight traffic. Price: Rs. 46,722.

9.Honda Activa-i

Honda Activa-i

Honda has launched various models in the inexpensive entry level scooter segment, but the Honda Activa-i was introduced as a benchmark, and standard for other Honda scooters in the very same segment, or slightly higher segments. However, active and effective marketing strategy has made the Honda Activa-i one of the best-selling scooters in the market. Anyone who wants a reliable scooter with unisex outlooks would opt for an Activa-i rather than any other models in the market, because most of the scooters are either male oriented, or female in terms of design. The engine power on Activa-i is 109.19 cc with 8 bhp maximum power output at 7,500 rpm and 8.74 Nm at 5,500 rpm. Automatic transmission on this Honda scooters makes it easier to ride for all. The fuel efficiency has been marked 66 kmpl by the manufacturer. It weight 103 kilograms with 5 liters of fuel in the tank. The color options with this two wheeler are purple, beige, red and white. Price: Rs. 49,853.

8.Yamaha Ray-Z Blue Core

Yamaha Ray-Z Blue Core

The Ray Z model from Yamaha was followed by the success of early day Yamaha Ray model. Though the Yamaha Ray was a great model, but many of the people actually opted for a unisex sort of variant which would be a great daily option for any member in the family. Thus, Yamaha responded to the customer demands by launching the Yamaha Ray Z. The motorbike has sharp edges and aggressive looks, as well as tenderness in the design by the lower seat, nice bright front headlamps and the rear LED lamps. The Yamaha Ray Z is powered by an 113cc engine which offers a maximum power output of 7 bhp at 7,500 rpm and the maximum torque output on this engine is 8.1 Nm. The transmission is full automatic, the gear changes smooth and unlike many older transmission boxes, this unit offers much lesser fuel consumption. The rated mileage on the Yamaha Ray Z is 52 kmpl. Diameter of the drum brakes in both wheels are 130mm. On the central console, Yamaha used analogue gauges for the speedometer and tachometer. Price: Rs. 49,336.

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7.Hero Duet 110 VX

Hero Duet 110 VX

Hero Duet 110 VX was launched with a complete spec sheet, many scooter rider had been expecting a near-complete configuration sheet from an Indian manufacturer for so long. There are two variants of this motorbike – LX and VX, and both are priced under Rs. 50,000 in India. Hero Duet 110 VX deserves a spot in the Top 10 Scooters in India list because of the design, configuration, performance and convenience features. In the central part of the Hero Duet’s body there’s a V-lining designed chrome outlining that distinguishes the Duet from the rest of the scooters in the market. It has an 110cc single cylinder engine that’s able to provide 8.31 bhp maximum power at 8,000 rpm and 8.3 Nm maximum torque at 6,500 rpm. Rated mileage on this scooter is 63.8 kmpl. The transmission that accompanies the engine is automatic type, and a 12V maintenance free battery in this scooter provides the jolt for the automatic ignition. VX variant of the Hero Duet 110 comes with a cellphone charging slot as well.

6.Mahindra Gusto DX

Top 10 Scooters in India under Rs. 50,000

It hasn’t been long since Mahindra started producing two wheelers, and Mahindra Gusto is in fact the first scooter model from this manufacturer. Unlike the other ones, Mahindra Gusto coms with many exciting features like a height adjustable seat, now short and tall people won’t have to look for a scooter that’s suitable to their height – rather anyone can ride the Mahindra Gusto and adjust as they see please. Also, it comes with a remote flip key that operates almost like a car’s remote key. Find me Lamps help the rider find their scooter from a parking lot by flashing the indicators remotely, and all the other lights are placed in their respective places in a very stylish way. Mahindra’s Pune factory R&D has come up with the Gusto, it’s equipped with a 109 cc M-TEC engine with a maximum power output of 8 bhp. The suspension in front are built on telescopic suspensions. Overall curb weight of this motorbike is 120 kilograms. It reaches a top speed of 80 kmph while still maintaining a fuel efficiency of 61 kmpl all through. Transmission system on the Mahindra Gusto is automatic. There are four variants of the Gusto – Dx, Hx, Vx, and Vx Special. Price: Rs. 47,060.

5.Honda Dio 110

top scooters under 50,000

Market for the two wheeler vehicles in India has intense competition, due to the higher demand and supply of scooters and motorbikes in this market. However, the Honda Dio 110 is a model that stands out from the rest of the crowd in so many ways. The new Honda Dio 110 is powered by the company’s latest innovation Dream Mileage technology based engine that provides a higher power output, while maintaining a much wallet friend mileage at the same time. The same technology is used in other Honda scooter models like Aviator and the Activa. Honda Dio 110 has a 109cc engine that offers 8 bhp of maximum power and 8.74 Nm of maximum torque. The engine is 4-stroke and air-cooled, with 50 mm bore inside. The rated mileage for the Honda Dio 110 engine is 52 kmpl combined in both highway and city riding. However, Honda announces that the Dio will offer approximately 45 kmpl fuel efficiency in busy city traffic, and 60 kmpl in high speed highway commuting. Central panel located on the handle has the gauges like speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauge in analog hands rather than digital which often seems confusing to so many people. The pillion gets a footrest for a comfortable journey, however the seat isn’t split up into two parts. The electronic start in the Honda Dio offers hassle free starting of the vehicle at any time, at any situation and a 12V battery serves the purpose. Price: Rs. 48,264.

4.TVS Scooty Zest 110

TVS Scooty Zest 110

TVS’s factory is based at Hosur, and they have introduced few very exciting scooter models in the Indian market over the past few years. The Scooty Pep is immensely popular in the nation, but the TVS Scooty Zest isn’t any less either. It’s a latest offering from the company that’s equipped with a moderately powerful engine, unisex design unlike the Pep or Pep Plus, and all the elements used in internal and external locations have received latest revamp so that no performance aspect needs to be compromised. On the design end, it has a big headlamp in the center of the front, and the turn lights are vertically stacked with the headlamp which creates a futuristic illusion. The LED tail light is very bright, they could be easily seen even in broad sunny daylights. The central console offers instrument panels like the speedometer and fuel gauge, they are backlit for easier visibility in the dark. For storage, there’s a huge 19 liters space and anything with a moderate dimension like daily groceries or the backpack carried to class or office will fit in there. To keep the rider’s packages in place, there are hooks where things could be tucked in. TVS Scooty Zest is equipped with a 110 cc engine that’s capable of providing 8 bhp of raw maximum power at 7,000 rpm. The highest achieved fuel efficiency 62 kmpl on official test. Fuel tank capacity on the Zest is 5 liters. It weighs merely 97 kilograms. Price: Rs. 47,261.

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3.Yo Spark

top 10 best sccoters u can buy under 50k

Yo Spark happens to be one of the best and fastest electronic bikes in the Indian two wheeler EV market. Of course, fastest doesn’t really mean something that reaches 100 km/h in the electronic motorbike domain, but even 45 kmph is considered higher enough when it comes to a two-wheeler that is powered by electronic motor, and a big battery. Yo Spark is an Indian origin electronic motorbike with an electric motor of 900W power output. The maximum speed reached on this motorbike is 45 kmph, and it goes up to 60 km per charge on a charging duration of 6 to 8 hours. That given said, the Spark can be very useful in city riding conditions. There’s no pollution, and running and maintenance requires the least amount of cost than any other type of two wheeler will take. Since the motor is electric, no power is consumed when it’s stuck in traffic or in a stop for some other reason. For commuting to education or workplace, we’d strongly recommend the Yo Spark. There are five color options for this electronic scooter – neo black, royal silver, slate grey, pearl white and flame red. The bike is well-designed with ample of storage spaces. Price: Rs. 46,594.

2.Mahindra Rodeo

Bests ccoters under 50000

The Rodeo is the follow up of Gusto in the scooter market of India. Designed in a unique unisex way and popped up with some brilliant color schemes like Bolt Black, Victory Violet, Racetrack Black and Velocity White, this Mahindra Rodeo suits almost any age and any personality of people. However, when creating the Mahindra Rodeo the R&D department had the young people aged between 20 and 30 in mind. Not just the exterior colors, even the instrument console has seven different backlit colors for the LED lights, rider can change them to suit with the exterior color or just their own personality. The seat is placed low and adjustable, and under the seat there’s 22 liters of storage space. People who require a powerful engine on a scooter, Mahindra Rodeo’s 124 cc engine can meet their demands. The raw power output is 8 bhp, and even with this level of power the fuel efficiency is up to 56 kmpl. Curb weight on the Mahindra Rodeo is 106 kg. With 4 liters of fuel, its curb weight is 106 kg. Price: Rs. 49,860.

1.TVS Scooty Pep Plus

top sccoters under 50k

The first Scooty Pep model was introduced to the Indian market back in 2003. A long period of 13 years has gone, yet the TVS Scooty Pep hasn’t lost is appeal a single bit. There had been several facelifts to the scooter and the outlook has changed by a remarkable aspect, at least the current Scooty Pep Plus model has a higher influence of the futuristic models from sci-fi movies, but still the model somewhat manages to remain on the ground. It’s a pretty long scooter at 1735 mm length, and the seat is located at 740 mm higher from the ground. 135 mm ground clearance allows for maneuvering through difficult terrains. The TVS Scooty Pep Plus isn’t certainly the most powerful scooter in India, but undoubtedly one of the most popular ones and probably one of the most deserving ones to be in the top 10 scooters in India. The engine capacity is 88 cc with 5 bhp of maximum raw power output. Scooty Pep Plus can reach a top speed of 70 kmph and it maintains a fuel efficiency of 68 kmpl. Price: Rs. 42,153.


Riding a scooter is much easier than riding a full-fledged motorbike. Some fun aspects are missing like extreme engine pick up and the fun of manual shifting, but at the same time automatic shoft offers the convenience of easier riding through jam packed traffic. The pricing mentioned in this article is referred to the Mumbai ex-showrooms of the respective manufacturers. You could check on the most updated price with your nearest retailer. If You have any suggestion for best scooties / scooters under 50000 then please mention the model in comment box.

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