Rum is one of the favorite alcoholic drinks having a special flavor. It is very much popular among the party lovers around the world due to its charming taste. It is a sugarcane based drink which is available mainly in two variants i.e. dark rum and white rum, essentially used directly as a drink or in cocktails. There are many rum lovers in India which initiates varieties of brands to promote their rums in India. We can find a whole lot of rum brands in the Indian market but only few have the capability to win the hearts of the consumer. Here are some famous Rum brands available in India:


Hercules is a popular brand of rum in India due to its classic taste and aroma. It is mainly liked by the defense sector as it contains a totally distinct and charming taste and flavor. It is available in many variants which include Hercules White Rum, Hercules Deluxe Rum Dark, and Hercules XXX Rum. The price of the brand is also reasonable as it is available at a rate of Rs. 116 for 180 ml.


A product of Allied Blenders and Distillers, Jolly Roger is famous Rum brand in India having a slight hint of spices and a unique taste. The alcoholic content in the rum amounts to 42.8% and the aroma is also very good. It is available at an affordable price of Rs. 270 for 750 ml.


Coming from the house of Amrut Distilleries, Old Port is an amazing Rum brand which is known for its extraordinary flavors. The rum contains only 40% of alcoholic content and is hugely famous for its butterscotch and the vanilla flavors. It is available in four different types of variants and is priced at Rs. 65 for 180 ml bottle.

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Radico Khaitan, the manufacturer of Contessa brand has brought for the Indian consumers a special type of rum which is made from cane juice spirit. The alcoholic content comprises of 42.8% in the rum and it also has a hint of raisins in it. This strong rum is extremely popular in the defense sector of India. The Rum is sold at a reasonable price of Rs. 64 for 180 ml.


Captain Morgan is another popular brand which is rolled up in the Indian market by the company called Diago. This is a famous brand all over the world and is known for its great variety and an extraordinary taste. The brand contains 42.8% of alcohol and a slight hint of spices. It is offered by the company at a price of Rs. 200 for 180 ml bottle.


Coming at number five is a Cuba based Brand; Havana Club is supplying its product in India from a plant in Punjab. This rum is known for its vivid variety and vanilla and chocolate flavor having alcoholic content which is close to 40%. This brand is offered in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 200 for 180 ml.


Old Monk, a leading rum brand in India, is manufactured by Mohan Maekin and is considered the best for the seasoned rum consumers. The rum is available in six variants having an age of around 7 years to 12 years. The product has slight flavor of vanilla in it which gives a completely different taste. The price of the rum is Rs. 35 for 90 ml.

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Another immensely popular rum brand is Bacardi which is recognized for its delightful taste and hue across the globe. It is available in a wide range of varieties and flavors which include limon, orange, apple, raspberry and dragon berry. The content of alcohol in the rum amounts to 42.8%. This premium rum brand is offered at a price of Rs. 134 for 90 ml bottle pack.


Coming at number two is the Pernod Ricard product named Malibu which is a premium rum brand liked by a huge section of population in India. The brand is regarded as one of the best compared to other rum brands. The coconut flavor present in rum makes this brand distinct from others and gives an amazing taste to the consumers. It is considered as the most liked brand for making up of cocktails. It is light alcoholic content rum as it contains only 21% alcohol. The price of Malibu is fixed at Rs. 1650 for 750 ml.


Ruling the Indian market since decades is the product of United Breweries which is most loved by the Indian consumers. The brand has won a lot of international awards and is known for its unique taste and flavor having hints if vanilla and caramel. It has 42.8% content of alcohol and is available at a price of Rs. 34 for 90 ml.

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