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Top 10 Best Restaurants In Bhopal‎ City

Bhopal is the capital of M.P i.e. Madhya Pradesh state in India. In Bhopal,there are so many prehistoric Mughal buildings which can be visited. The smooth pioneering structural design showcasing the intended growth of a systematically modern Indian city is also one of the main attractions of the city.

Besides this, the restaurants of Bhopal also provide an outstanding variety of divergent flavors i.e. from the Indian street appetizers to the hot greatness of the biryanis, tikkas, and kebabs which lure from the Mughal origins. These restaurants are not only famous in India but also over the world. You will find number of restaurants in Bhopal but the following is the top ten best restaurants in Bhopal which you must visit once in his life:

10. Greek Food & Beyond

This restaurant is the finest place in the city that serves the flavor of the genuine Greek food along with a good variety of Italian, Chinese and Lebanese dishes also. Greek Food & Beyond is a quite delightful place with a calm and soothing ambiance.It is best suited for the people who are having the mid-range budget.

Address of the restaurant: DB City Mall,

  1. P. Nagar,

Hoshangabad Road,

Arera Hills,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

9. La Kuchina

The next name in the list is of La Kuchina which is one more wonderful Italian restaurant in the Bhopal city. Itis indistinctly ignited inside but filled with brightness flowing in from the big picture frames. The food offered in the restaurant is quite homely such as Italian classics such as penne alfredo, ricotta spinach ravioli, and subtle crust pizzas. The famous dish here is smoked chicken carbonara.

Address of the restaurant:Shymala Hills,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

8. Rice Bowl Thai & Chinese

You will get a good combination of Chinese as well as Thai cuisine in this ultimate restaurant of Bhopal. The ambiance is also very warm her.The famous dishes of this place are the paneer satay for starters and the crispy chicken,meet going noodles, chicken fried rice etc.

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Address of the restaurant:Mansarover Complex,

Near Habibganj Station,

Arera Colony, Bhopal,

Madhya Pradesh

7. Za-area

Za-area is established inside the classy Noor-Us-Sabah Fort heritage hotel.It is one of the deluxe restaurants in the city where you can relish theamazingMughlai and Peshwari food in conjunction with beautiful views besides the lake. The visitors can also see the food preparing in the live kitchen here. It is mainly famous for the non-vegetarian platter.

Address of the restaurant:VIP Road,

Kohefiza, Bhopal,

Madhya Pradesh

6. Kebabsville

The one more famous restaurant of Bhopal isKebabsvillewhich is really the greatest place for a good eating experience. It is located in the Sayaji Hotel where the visitors can dine outside by the pool.You can see your kebabs preparing here live.The famous dish of this place is Kebab platter.

Address of the restaurant:Near SairSapata,

Van Vihar Rd,

Prempura, Bhopal,

Madhya Pradesh

5. Bhopal Express

Bhopal Express which was previously recognized as Shan-E-Bhopal is the first restaurant in the world which is constructed inside of a refurbished broad meter coach of the railway. This restaurant issituated in the Hotel Ashok. It is the wish of the visitor that whether they want to sit inside the coach or not.  The set of choices for the food is very simple and reasonable.

Address of the restaurant:Shymala Hills,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

4. Manohar

Manohar restaurant was started as the milk selling shop in the year 1978 and slowly it has extended and grown into a busy place where 180 people can dine at one point of time. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, bakery food, etc here. The best specialties of this place are its delicious Indian street food i.e.Dahivada, papri chaat, or samosa.

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Address of the restaurant: #6, Hamidia Road,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

3. Sankalp

This is a good Indian cuisine restaurant which follows the off track in Bhopal because it’s menu is subjugated by the South Indian dishes. Sankalp is a complete family restaurant where you can do lunch or dinner anytime.The service is also very friendly here.The famous snacks of this place are the tandoori potatoes or dosas and idlis, chakra, green chutney and Telanganaaloo. This is the finest place for the mid-range budget people.

Address of the restaurant: Ram GopalMaheshwariMarg,

Zone-I, MaharanaPratap Nagar,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

2. Under The Mango Tree

This is also an excellent outdoor fine dining restaurant which is located inside The JehanNuma Palace of Bhopal. Under The Mango Tree has the ultra-stylish space along with the nearby visions of plants and serene water fountains.The famous dishes of this place are kadhaipakora, chicken kebabs, gobhi paneer bhurji and butter chicken.

Address of the restaurant:157, Shymala Hills,

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh

1. Da Pizzeria

Da Pizzeria

The top name in the list is of Da Pizzeria.This is one of the best restaurants in Bhopal for the people who like to have inexpensive, delightful pizza along with other filling Western appetizers. It not only offers you the reasonable price food but also provides the good quality of the dishes.It famous food items are the corn o mania pizza for veggies and the tandoori paneer pizza.If you are the sweet lover, then you must try the brownie of this restaurant.

Address of the restaurant:Zone-II, MaharanaPratap Nagar, Bhopal, MP




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