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Top 10 Best Refrigerator Companies in India- Best Brands 2016

Have you ever eyed over your home and quantified something as quite essential? You must have done it, everyone does. There was an eerie time where the currently designated house full of modern amenities were thought to be outside the purview of a normal mankind.

Not today, the trend has changed for life. Modern amenities have become the necessity of today’s life. One such amenities in the form of the home appliance is a refrigerator. An appliance that kicks off our routine life. Think of it, the refrigerator has become a much-needed part of our chores.

There’re multiple brands vying in the market to achieve the top status-quo of best brands. The only thing beneficial is we as a consumer get to enjoy the competition between these bigger giants. Lest we enjoy it fully.


We thought of giving a run for the money to these multiple refrigerator brands in India and list out the best among them. So off you go to the top 10 Refrigerator Companies in India-Best Brands 2016.


10) Panasonic

  • Panasonic, a Japanese giant who are one of the top players in electronic and home appliances kick off our entry.
  • They have been offering one of the best feature laden refrigerators in India for quite a while.
  • If you’ve been looking for the best refrigerator brand in India, then surely this ticks off your list.
  • They are available in single door, double door and triple door variants.

Price range- Rs 10,690 to 195,000.
Capacity- 190L to 630L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool

9) Electrolux

  • Electrolux remains a fine option for those looking to shed a little of cash for a quality refrigerator.
  • They have been offering products in budget range along with features that make the bigger giants ogle over.
  • As of current, they are available in only single door variant in India.


Price range- Rs 6,648 to 12,342.
Capacity- 47L to 190L.

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Defrosting type- Direct cool


8) Hitachi

  • Here comes another of the top brands of refrigerator companies in India 2016.
  • Manufacturer of premium products that features the highest order of facilities and functions, they are the best of the bunch.
  • They are available in single door, double door, triple door and French door bottom mount variant as of current.


Price range- Rs 46,650 to 79,950.
Capacity- 415L to 601L.

Defrosting type- Frost free

7) Haier

  • Haier has been famed for manufacturing efficient and intuitive home appliances over the years.
  • They continued the trend with refrigerators in the ilk of a single door, double door, and triple door ones.
  • Surely, this remains a prime option for anyone wanting one of the best refrigerator brands gracing their home.


Price range- Rs 7,990 to 57,990.
Capacity- 52L to 565L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool

6) Videocon

  • A company that’s synonymous for offering premium feature laden home appliances as a mere pricing to that of other brands, it makes it mark at sixth in our entry.
  • A great piece to have in your home, they are one of the top sellers of the lot.
  • Their variants boast of a single door, double door and side by side ones.


Price range- Rs 6,335 to 79,891.
Capacity- 47L to 604L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool


5) Godrej

  • Godrej, an Indian conglomerate company with products ranging from home appliances to electrical security ones, it ticks off at five in our entry.
  • Never to compromise on quality concerns, they offer high-standard pieces.
  • Apart from that, a great feature they boast of is the portable thermoelectric coolers to the top of the line side by side.

Price range- Rs 10,490 to 64,990.
Capacity- 35L (thermoelectric cooler), 181L to 603L (Refrigerator)

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool or Thermoelectric cooling



  • Whirlpool remains a favorite for many Indian households.
  • A company with a quantified history of producing great home appliances doesn’t disappoint in refrigerator variant.
  • They offer different variants of the refrigerator in the ilk of a single door, double door, and triple door.
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Price range- Rs 11,790 to 52,990.
Capacity- 190L to 480L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool




  • Kelvinator, a company that’s famed for being the household name in refrigerator niche ticks off at third in our entry for top 10 refrigerator companies in India-best brands 2016.
  • The best bet if you’re looking for a refrigerator that ticks off all the boxes, get one of them, you won’t be disappointed.
  • They come in the single door and double door variants.

Price range- Rs 9,590 to 16,990.
Capacity- 150L to 245L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool



  • Samsung, a premier South Korean company with the production repertoire of fine options for homes, it remains a favorite in the Indian market as well as abroad.
  • They offer top of the line products in variants like a single door, double door and side by side door ones.
  • Time to get one, aye?


Price range- Rs 12,100 to 102,502.
Capacity- 192L to 600L

Defrosting Type- Frost free or Direct cool.

1) LG

  • Nothing would match up to what LG can offer in home appliances.
  • A definitive must-have brand in the home, they represent the best brand of refrigerator in India.
  • The products feature list ranges from one door to the top of the range side by side frost refrigerator.


Price range- Rs 11,690 to 275,000.
Capacity- 188L to 1001L.

Defrosting type- Frost free or Direct cool

Quite a fine list, aye? Go on, get yourself a piece of these. What’s you waiting for?

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