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Top 10 Best Quality Sanitary Pads In India

Sanitary pads are something that every woman needs and while there were not too many brands available in the early days, the market is filled with options of sanitary napkins to pick from. Various women have different needs and it is very essential to pick one that will suit your needs perfectly. Some women experience mild flow while others experience heavy flow. Using a napkin that is not meant for heavy flow can cause uncomfortable situations especially for women who work and this is one of the main reasons it is important to pick the right sanitary pads. Here are some of the best pads available in the market these days.

10. Carefree Panty Liners

Carefree panty liners are an excellent choice when you start spotting at the beginning of your menstrual cycle or towards the end. These Carefree Panty Liners take away the stress of staining your underwear and you don’t have to bear the inconvenience of wearing sanitary pads as well. These panty liners are softer and a lot smaller than regular sanitary pads. These Carefree panty liners are an excellent and affordable option to wear on the days that you are spotting.

9. Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings

Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings is one of the most comfortable sanitary pads that are available in the market. They come with a soft cotton layer that prevents any rashes. The Kotex Soft Smooth Gentle Wings can be used on days when you have a lesser flow. This protects your skin from rashes that you develop from using other sanitary pads during the start of your period. These pads come with wings and their borders are contoured which means that it will cause minimal damage to the skin. This will also enable you to walk long distances during your menstrual cycle without feeling any discomfort.

8. Whisper Choice Regular Wings

If you don’t get a very heavy flow or you are used to changing your sanitary pad every 2 to 3 hours then Whisper Choice Regular Wings is a great brand to pick. These sanitary pads are affordable lightweight. They do not feel very heavy to use and will not make you feel wet during the days you have a heavy flow. The pads come with a gel based core to keep you dry at all times.

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7. Don’t Worry Ultra Thin XL pads

Don’t Worry Ultra Thin XL pads are probably the most unique sanitary pads available in India. They are perfumed and is perfect for working women who always need to be on the go. These sanitary pads will not slow anyone down and does not cause any discomfort as well. The perfume on the pads also makes you feel refreshed during your menstrual cycle. These sanitary pads turn fluid into gel and are perfect to be worn on days with heavy flow. It also has wings that prevent any leakage from the sides. These sanitary pads are about 240 mm in length and are perfect for women who are active through the day.

6. Whisper Ultra Night XL

As the name suggests these sanitary pads are a must for night usage. They are really large and you might find it uncomfortable to wear during the day, but it will last you a good 6 to 8 hours and you do not need to wake up in the middle of the night to change your pad. Women who experience very heavy flow should opt in for these sanitary pads even during the day since they are large and will prevent staining even if you need to stay out for long hours.

5. She Ultra XXL wings

One of the most common problems that women complain about during their period is the rash that is caused due to the plastic layer over the sanitary pad. She Ultra XXL wings does not have that layer and instead comes with a non plastic cover that is perfect for sensitive skin and people prone to rashes. Since these pads are large, you can use them on days that you have a heavy flow and not worry about the rash. They can also be used at night.

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4. Stayfree Dry Max Ultra-Thin

Stayfree Dry Max Ultra-Thin sanitary pads are made for daily use. These sanitary pads are super thin. They come with a special dry max cover and unique super lock pockets that help keep women dry and comfortable throughout the day. The core is made of gel that helps absorb liquid very quickly keeping the skin dry. The Stayfree Dry Max Ultra-Thin sanitary pads are perfect for daily wear and women wearing these sanitary pads will not feel a thing during their menstrual cycle.

3. Sofy Side Walls

Sofy Side Walls comes with special walls on either side that prevents leakage. This is designed especially for women who have a hectic day and need to move around a lot. These sanitary pads are made with the latest fit to zone technology. This enables the pads to fit the body perfectly and helps in absorbing liquid quickly as well. These sanitary pads also come with a unique dry net sheet that will give women a dry feel all day long.

2. Stayfree Dry Max All Night

This is a great option for women who are looking for all night protection without the wet feeling or a napkin that is very large and bulky. Stayfree Dry Max All Night pads are slim and highly absorbent which makes them comfortable to use. They are also great for women who need to stay out for long hours and can’t change their pad often.

1. Whisper Ultra Clean XL

Whisper Ultra Clean XL

The Whisper Ultra Clean XL sanitary pads are built to provide long lasting protection. Their core is made of a super absorbent texture that instantly pulls away any leakage from the edges. The wings for these sanitary pads are longer than others and this helps in giving additional protection especially during heavy flow days.

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