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Top 10 Best Perfumes For Women In India

A perfume is not just a beauty product. A perfume is capable of defining your personality. Many people say you are what you wear; some people also say that you are you what you smell. While some women prefer clean fragrances, others love more feminine floral fragrances or fruity fragrances. Perfumes are a personal choice for a woman and not every perfume can entice women. We have selected the best perfumes for women in India to make this decision easier.

10. Romance By Ralph Lauren

Price: Rs. 5,199

Ralph Lauren is one of the best brands all over the world and the brand is well known for their amazing fragrances that they keep on launching. While they have a large number of fragrances under their wings, Romance still manages to top their sales charts. This is an elegant fragrance that comes with notes of citrus oil and rose. It also has some spicy notes in order to balance off the sweetness in the fragrance. This is a very classy fragrance that will trigger your senses. It lasts for a long time and leaves an amazing after effect even when you walk past.

9. Chloe New By Chloe

Price: Rs. 8,508

Chloe is a feminine fragrance that is perfectly designed for the woman in you. It is mild, yet sexy and it has some amazing combinations that leave a unique and sensual fragrance that lingers for a long time. It has top notes of Litchi, Peony and Freesia and also has light notes of lily, magnolia and rose. It’s a fresh and new fragrance that you will love. You can use this perfume on a regular basis and it is perfect for casual as well as office wear.

8. Le Parfum By Elie Saab

Price: Rs. 5,633

Le Parfum is one of the most exotic floral fragrances that you get in India. The top notes of this perfume consist of Calabrian bergamot that has been blended with magnolia. The unique part of this perfume is the scent of rose honey and orange blossom in the heart of the perfume. The base of the perfume contains a fusion of vanilla and green almond scents that causes addiction.

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7. Baiser Vole By Cartier

Price: Rs. 7,353

Cartier is one of the leading brands when it comes to fragrances and the Baiser Vole is one of the best scents a woman can buy. It is fresh, classy and has a lingering and long lasting fragrance that you will enjoy. It is perfect for women who like sophisticated fragrances. This is not a very feminine sweet smelling perfume, but rather a fresh fragrance that comes with notes of blossoming lily. This is a very delicate fragrance that will ignite your senses.

6. Black Orchid By Tom Ford

Price: Rs. 9,850

Black Orchid By Tom Ford has to be one of the most elegantly packed perfumes in India. This scent can be identified even from a distance. It consists of rich accords and sultry woods smell that gives a natural aroma to the perfume. This scent is blended with citrus and deep floral notes that are truly unique.

5. Allure Sensuelle By Chanel

Price: Rs. 15,649

If you’re not too much of a fan of floral fragrances then Allure Sensuelle By Chanel is one of the best perfumes you can pick. This fragrance is a unique combination of vanilla and amber patchouli. It is a modern fragrance that you can use for casual as well as formal occasions. It is classy, feminine and bold.

4. Chance Eau De Parfum By Chanel

Price: Rs. 11,900

Chance Eau De Parfum By Chanel is a perfume for dreamers. This perfume comes with an amazing attractive floral scent that truly stands out in the crowd. It consists of a sensual and a sweet aroma that is filled with energy. The top notes of Chance Eau De Parfum include lemon, pink pepper and pineapple. The heart of the perfume consists of Jasmine, Hyacinth and Iris. The base consists of vetiver, patchouli, white musk and amber.

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3. Bombshell By Victoria’s Secret

Price: 3,593

Victoria’s Secret is one of the leading brands when it comes to feminine products. They have a wide range of fragrances that you can pick from, but Bombshell By Victoria’s Secret has always topped the charts. This is an amazing fragrance that is loved by a large number of women in India. It comes with a blend of vanilla orchid, purple passion fruit and Shangri-la yellow peony. It is fresh and one of the best picks for a hot summer in India.

2. Rose Essentielle By Bvlgari

Price: Rs. 4,901

This is a delicate and amazing fragrance from the house of Bvgari. This floral fragrance is one of the most popular fragrances that linger on your skin giving you a sensual feeling. This is one of the perfect gifts for the woman you love.

1. Miss Dior By Christian Dior

Price: Rs. 12,399

Miss Dior By Christian Dior

Miss Dior by Christian Dior is one of the best perfumes available for women in India. This perfume has been created keeping spirited and elegant women in mind. It has a blend of Italian mandarin, Egyptian jasmine and patchouli that gives it an amazing fruity fragrance.

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