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Top 10 Best Olive Oils in India 2017 – Most Popular

If you love to eat healthy and remain healthy, you should go for Olive Oils. These oils are considered as a rich source of all ingredients, which a person is looking for. Most of the people are investing their money in buying olive oil for cooking which really helps in offering those necessary nutrients, which a body is looking for. Many people are considering olive oils as compared to other oils. In India, the sale of olive oil is considered very high and many top edible oil-manufacturing companies are producing olive oils. If you are too planning to buy olive oils for regular use, you should read up the popular brands, which are selling olive oils, which are good for your pocket as well.

Let us know about them in detail:

10. MIMI Pomace Olive Oil

MIMI Pomace Olive Oil

Serve yourself with great health and value for money. This oil is good for cooking purposes and is easily available too. It is a very widely accepted olive oil and you can prepare many exotic dishes through it. In addition, it is light and offers a neutral flavor too.

9. Gata Extra Light Olive Oil

Gata Extra Light Olive Oil

This oil is manufactured through the virgin olives round the world and is good source of nutrients required. It comes with a balanced taste of bitterness and sweetness. You can feel the aroma of banana, recently cut grass and fresh apple. This is surely good in taste as it is coming from a rich brand and offers a golden yellow colour in look, which is an alluring feature.

8. KeoKarpin Herbal Body Oil Sandal with Olive Oil

KeoKarpin Herbal Body Oil Sandal with Olive Oil

Popular hair oil brand KeoKarpin is offering body oil, which is rich in olive oil. Not only for cooking purposes, olive oils are also important considered for your body as well. It is very popular and you can give massage to toddlers as well. Available easily, this oil is very economical too. If you have allergic skin, you should try this oil, which keeps you good in all weather conditions. It contains sandal as well, which avoid sunburn, remove wrinkles and darkness from your skin.

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7. Dabur Almond Olive Oil for Hair

Dabur Almond Olive Oil for Hair

One of the most prestigious companies that are into this segment is Dabur, which is offering good source of Olive oil to your hair. Yes, this oil offers nutrients to your hair. Through this way, you can keep your hair also damage free. Those who suffer through the problem of hair loss can try this olive oil. Dabur is a trusted brand and is available in almost every part of the country too. It offers good nourishment to your hair and is quiet popular too.

6. Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil

Leonardo Olive Pomace Oil


Very good thing about this olive oil is that it is processed directly from the olive musk. There is no processing done for this olive oil manufacturing. This oil is also available with a combination of virgin olive oil too. Good in taste it offers all sources of nutrients too. Because of all this quality, many of the households are having good knowledge about this olive oil.

5. Dabur Vatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil

DaburVatika Enriched Olive Hair Oil

If your hairs are disturbed because of not shining, hair loss or hair damage, you should consider this olive hair oil for your hair. This olive oil comes from the reputed brand of Dabur, which is already a good name in every household for the hair oil category. Thus, this olive hair oil contains all those features through which they are the good reason for your strong and rooted hair. It offers scalp free and straight hair too.

4. Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Del Monte Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Del Monte is a very famous international brand that manufactures many eating products. It is also sold in different parts of the world and here in India, they are coming up with their latest product, olive oil which is a good source of health. They are offering extra virgin olive oil with the guarantee of purity and freshness. It is extracted from cold pressed olive oils. It is having a rich source of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins, which are good for health too. Also, it is economical too.

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3. Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This olive oil is having a rich source of Vitamin E. Consider this olive oil fir your cooking as it comes up with the pure juice of olive. There are many benefits if you are going for this olive oil as it reduces the chances of heart attack and cancer to the body. In addition, it keeps you fit and fine as well. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Olive oil is considered good for your blood vessel and keeps your skin bright as well.

2. Farrell Olive Oil

Farrell Olive Oil

There are lots of benefits if you are using this olive oil. This olive oil is very popular in keeping your health proper as it keeps your arteries fine and open its blockage too. This olive oil is also coming up with polyphenols, which is a good source in keeping in Low Density Lipoprotien in the body. This is having light aroma along with monounsaturated fat and helps in controlling the chances of heart attack to the body as well.

1. Borges Extra Light Olive Oil

Borges Extra Light Olive Oil

If you are going with the way of popularity, then Borges olive oil comes at number one. This olive oil is a very reputed brand in the country and it holds a large number of customers in the market too. The olive oil is coming up with extra olives, which are from virgin olive oils. It is also a good source of monounsaturated fat and MUSA, which are internationally accredited.


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