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Top 10 Best MLM Companies in India in 2016

MLM actually stands for Multi Level Marketing, and there are so many companies out there that belong to this. One of the countries in the world that have these kinds of companies is the progressive country of India. Yes, you read it right. The country is also adopting this business since it has a promising aspect in the business world when it comes to revenue. In this regard, here are the top 10 MLM companies in India that everybody should know:

10.Balaji Multi Services

 It was way back in the year 2008 when Balaji Multi Services was established in the MLM business world. Its headquarters can be located in the beautiful city of Aurangabad in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This top MLM company in India focuses more on rental services. The available for rent products that this firm is offering are DJ and Mini DJ, Computer/Laptop, LCD Projector, P.A. System, LED Video Wall, Plasma LCD TV and a lot more.


9.HLM Retail India Limited

Another flourishing MLM firm that can be found in India is the HLM Retail India Limited. Such company has started its business operation way back in the year 2010. In other words, HLM Retail India Limited is still a young MLM firm, but it already established a reputable name in the industry. Two of the best selling products of the company are bracelets and Quantum pendants. Its currently working on its official business webpage.

8.AAROH Unicepts Marketing Pvt. Ltd.

It was way back in the year 2010 when this MLM firm was founded. Meaning to say, it is another young MLM company in the country that penetrates well into the business world. This company has a lot of things to offer to its loyal and possible customers such as health care products, gadgets, FMCG, Telecom, beauty products, and insurance policies. Its corporate office can be located in the 4th largest city in the Indian state of Gujarat, which is the city of Rajkot.

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7.Hindustan Unilever 

Another successful and reputable MLM company in India is the Hindustan Unilever Limited. It is not only successful in the MLM world, but also in manufacturing consumer goods. Its business headquarters can be found in the city of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It was actually founded in the year 1932. From that year on, it continues to flourish in the industry.


6.Dewsoft Overseas 

Dewsoft Overseas is an MLM firm that is existing in the business world for more than a decade now. It was exactly incorporated way back on December 1, 2010. The products that it proudly offers to its customers are various softwares that have something to do with education and business. Its main office can be located in the city of New Delhi.




Who would not know Avon by the way? This is a very popular MLM firm not only in India, but also in the entire world. It has long been existing in the industry for a long time now. It started its business operation in the year 1886. It is known in selling a wide range of cosmetic products and even fashion accessories. Its main office is located in New York City, USA.




 It’s another international MLM firm that flourishes in the Indian business industry. It was established in the year 1996, and its main business office can be found in the city of Orlando in the US state of Florida. It has a lot of products to offer like home appliances and food-related products.

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 There’s actually no question why Oriflame is included in the list of top ten MLM firms in India since it has more than 50 branches in the entire world, including India. It was in 1967 when this firm was established. What it offers to the consumers are wide ranges of cosmetic products.



 Amway is considered to be very successful in the MLM world not only in India, but in some other parts of the world as well. It was in 1959 when this company was established, and its main office is located in the US state of Michigan. It has a number of products to offer that have something to do with beauty and health.



1.RMP Infotec Private Limited

 It is in the city of Chennai in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu where you can locate the main office of this extremely successful MLM company. It was in the year 2001 when it started operating in the business world. It also has a wide range of products being offered to the people. These products have something to do with beauty and home.



These are the top 10 MLM companies in India. Truly, these firms have already established reputable names in the MLM world.

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