Top 10 Best Men’s Wallet Brands In India

Men don’t use too many accessories, but if there is one thing that no man can live without it’s his wallet. No man will ever leave home without his wallet and it is one thing that is inseparable from him. This little wallet comes with a number of features that come with it and there are a number of patterns and designs that you can choose from. While some wallets come in the traditional old pattern, there are others that are trendier and come with a zip closure. Men don’t like changing their wallets too often and this is why it is always good to choose a brand that will last long. Here’s a list of the top ten wallet brands for men that you can invest in.

10. Louis Philippe

Louis Philippe is a reputed brand of men’s accessories and clothing. It is owned by the Aditya Birla Group and was established in 1989. Louis Philippe is one of the largest selling and the most trusted wallet brands in India. It specializes in various compartments for coins and notes that are neatly stacked. The quality of the wallets is excellent and the small logo of Louis Philippe in the corner of each wallet adds a touch of class.

9. Laurels

Laurels specialize in making of Pu-Leather. Most of the wallets by Laurel have a slim design and look classy. The unique thing of Laurel wallets is that they come with memory card slots and secret pockets that make these wallets stand out in the market. Laurel wallets are the best bargain for the price that they are offered for.

8. Titan

Titan is the biggest name in watches across India and the world. However not many know that Titan excels with other classy products too. Titan wallets are among the best that are offered in the market. Titan wallets look classy and amazing. Their neat look makes it an excellent buy. The wallet comes with various compartments for coins and notes. The quality of the wallets is excellent and among the best that you get in the market.

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7. Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss is one of the most popular wallet brands in India and the world. The best part of Alpine Swiss wallets is it accommodates over 7 cards along with compartments for notes. This is excellent considering most wallet brands offer just 2 or 3 card slots. Although the wallets do cost a bit extra, they are definitely worth the price. Alpine Swiss wallets lend a class to your attire and ramps up your reputation.

6. Bellroy

Bellroy wallets are classy and add to your personality in a unique manner. Bellroy offers a number of different patterns for wallets which include travel wallets, outdoor wallets and everyday wallets. You don’t ever need to worry about spoiling your wallet if you frequent the outdoor too much. The various designs are meant to suit the requirement of all the different men. The design is beautiful and there is a wide range for you to choose from which makes it a popular design amongst people.

5. Urban Forest

Urban Forest wallets are definitely the best when it comes to accessibility and creating an impact in society. Urban Forest wallets look amazing and feel really soft. All wallets by urban Forest are hand crafted and made of amazing genuine leather. While the quality of the wallets is excellent, they are not priced too high.

4. Woodland

Woodland is a reputed brand which is well known for shoes since 1950. The wallets that this brand has to offer are also in high demand. They are classy and come in various price ranges which make it one of the best brands to invest in. They come in traditional colors and this is one wallet you can never go wrong with. It is also a great wallet to gift.

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3. K London

K London wallets are the best when it comes to cool wallets. The design of these wallets are detailed and look sharp. The wallets are comfortable to carry and come in some of the most amazing colors and textures. This is a great wallet to pick if you like style and are looking for a different pattern.

2. American Tourister

While this brand is well known for their travel collection, they also manufacture some of the best wallets that men love to carry around. The brand is owned by Samsonite and it also sells backpacks and other carry bags. One of the best things about the American Tourister wallets is that they are lightweight and easy to carry around. They are slim and also come with the zip closure which is a great addiction to the wallet.

1. Levi’s


Levi’s is well known clothing brand worldwide. However Levi’s accessories are definitely up there when it comes to looks and quality. Levi’s wallets are extremely stylish and reliable. One look at these wallets and you will know why there are so popular.

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Updated: July 23, 2016 — 11:27 pm

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