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Top 10 Best Job Consultancy in Pune

Pune is amongst those beautiful and progressive cities in India, and this is located within the Indian state of Maharashtra. Knowing that it is progressive enough, it is no longer surprising why there are many job consultancy companies here. In relation to this, here is the top 10 job consultancy in Pune:

10.Aasha Outsourcing & HR Consulting 

It was way back in the year 2010 when Aasha Outsourcing & HR Consulting was founded. The company actually has its expertise in the field of placement consultancy. It is proudly offering its varied services that have something to do with recruitment, development, and training. Apart from the field of job placement consultancy, this firm is also a reliable one when it comes to the business sector that has something to do with pharmaceuticals, ITES, banking, finance, manufacturing, and telecom.


9.ADEO Consultancy 

This is one of the best job consultancy firms within Pune, but its main office can be located in the city of Kolkata. This company is the expert when it comes to HR services such as Job Placement. Aside from that, ADEO Consultancy is also excellent in providing services that have something to do with Executive Staffing, HR Outsourcing, Staff Recruiting, and Temporary Staffing. It was founded in the year 2008.


8.HR Remedy India 

As an excellent job consultancy firm that can be found in Pune, HR Remedy India has been providing very satisfactory services to the entire Indian people regarding staffing, placement consulting, training, and HR solutions. Since the year when it was established, which was in the year 2008, this firm never stops providing top notch services, causing it to continue flourishing even up to this day.


7.Career Care Staffing Solutions 

Since the year 2011, this top notch job consultancy company has been providing excellent services to the people. Its complete list of excellent services includes payroll processing, campus placements, HR audit, temporary staffing, and executive searching. There are actually different domains included in their staffing division namely Supply Chain, Advertising, Maintenance, and IT.

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6.Eye Global Technologies

Eye Global Technologies has been providing varied excellent services to the people that have something to do with job consultancy of course. This is expert in the business field of human resource consultancy. The company’s staffs are trained well on how to do their job effectively, which is why a number of people prefer hiring their services. Some of the top notch services offered by the company are Process Outsourcing, Executive Search, Contract Staffing, and Recruitment.



5.Aps Consultancy 

Another reliable job consultancy company in Pune is the Aps Consultancy. It provides unmatched services regarding Executive Search, Human Resource, Job Placement, Staff Recruiting, and Training. This firm is undeniably well known because of its big time clients that include Precision, Bajaj, PFG, Akiyo, Huntsman, Kirloskar, ITC, and Kores India. When it comes to finding the most capable candidate for a vacant job or in finding the best employer, Aps Consultancy is definitely the right expert to get help with.



4.ACH Consultants

It was in the year 2007 when ACH Consultants was established in the business world of job consultancy. It is a well renowned HR solution service provider that has already proven its great worth in the industry. In fact, this excellent company is highly associated to a number of reliable companies in India. Such firm also has a long list of big time clients including RPG, Aditya Birla, Mahindra, Castrol, Loreal, and Coca-Cola.


3.Mitcon Consultancy & Engineering

This company is really flourishing in the job consultancy industry, and it can be confirmed by its major company expansions in several parts of India. All in all, it already has 6 branches located in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Nagpur, Mumbai, and New Delhi. Its list of services includes infrastructure consulting services, recruitment solution, IT solutions, and engineering consultancy services. Mitcon Consultancy & Engineering is actually an ISO 9001:2008 registered firm.

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2.Kelly Services 

It is one of the job consultancy companies in the entire India that has long been existing in the business industry. Kelly Services was founded way back in the year 1946. It has been providing top notch services regarding job placements and HR solutions. It has now more than 7 branches all around India. The company’s headquarters is situated in the progressive city of Gurgaon.


1.Randstad India 

The foundation year of Randstad India can be traced back in the year 1992. From that year on, the company has never been hesitant to deliver its wide ranges of services to their customers. This is the main reason why it is still flourishing in the industry even up to this day. The truth is, Randstad company is a Dutch firm that has managed to put up its profiteering branch in India. Its success in the business can be confirmed by its 20 plus corporate branches being spread within the entire regions of the country. Its main business base in India can be found in the city of Chennai.



This is the top 10 job consultancy in Pune that you should take note. They are the leaders when it comes to the Indian business world of job consultancy and HR solutions.

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