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Top 10 Best Icecream Companies In India

Ice cream is something that is loved by people all across the globe. It is without a doubt one of the most loved desserts that people of all ages enjoy. Ice creams are available in various flavors and textures and of late a number of ice cream brands are experimenting with savory flavors in ice creams to make them more appealing. There are a number on Indian Ice cream brands that sell some amazing flavors that are loved in India. If you are looking for some of the best Ice cream brands in India, here’s a list of the top ten.

10. Dinshaw’s

Dinshaw’s is one of the oldest ice cream brands in India. It was established in 1933 by Dinshaw’s Ice Cream Company. While they initially started with the production of milk, their line of ice creams eventually started gaining popularity. Dinshaw’s was a success mainly because of the quality of ice creams delivered by them.

9. Havmor

Havmor is one of the most popular ice cream brands in India. They have a number of outlets all across the country and are known to serve up creamy ice cream. Havmor was started by Satish Chona in 1944 as a part time business; however his ice creams were so popular he soon had to give up his job in order to cater to the demand of their ice creams. They are known to create some amazing candies, sundaes and sugar free ice creams that are very tasty and different in comparison to the other brands. Havmor is regarded as one of The Most LOVED Ice Cream Brand according to Awards for Innovation & Best in class in Ice Creams.

8. Arun

Arun ice creams are one of the biggest ice cream brands in South India. Arun ice creams are known for having the most number of exclusive parlors across India. They have a total of 148 in Karnataka and the rest of Kerala and Andhra Pradesh and a massive 670 outlets in Tamil Nadu alone. It will only be a matter of time before Arun ice creams builds its brand across the other states of India.

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7. Cream bell

Cream bell is one of the most popular ice cream brands in India that you will find in any part of the country. They have some amazing flavors that are popular and loved by Indians. Cream bell is also known to come up with some amazing exotic flavors that no other brand has to offer. Cream bell is an Indian company which is in collaboration with a French dairy brand. The flavors and quality of ice cream that this brand offers is of international standards. Cream bell is the highest selling ice cream at hotels and in the hospitality industry.

6. Vadilal

Vadilal needs no introduction. Something that started off as a small business venture 80 years ago in Ahmedabad has today become one of the largest ice cream producers of India. Vadilal sells some of the best ice cream at the most affordable prices. They offer over 150 unique flavors of ice creams and they offer a variety of choices such as family packs, cups, sticks, bars, cones and economy packs.

5. Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is one of the leading dairy brands in India that is known to create some amazing ice creams in India. The brand is popular all across the country and while Mother Dairy does not have individual stores, their products are sold in malls and shops across the country. It is one of the most popular ice cream brands that are best known for its family packs. The best thing about Mother Dairy is that they add fresh pieces of fruit to their fruit ice creams which make it very tasty and natural. Some of their most popular flavors include mango, strawberry, litchi and custard apple.

4. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins was founded by Irv Robbins and Burt Baskin from California. Baskin Robbins has always boasted of the best 31 flavors and their logo will show the number ’31’ quite prominently. Ever since their inception in 1945 they have come up with the most innovative flavors that are best suited for Indian palettes. Baskin Robbins launched in India in 1993 and collaborated with the Graviss Group. Currently Baskin Robbins is one of the largest ice cream chains in India.

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3. Naturals

Naturals are one of the leading ice creams brands in India that started off in Mumbai. While all other ice cream brands use machines to prepare their ice creams, Naturals is one of the few ice cream brands that still churns the ice cream using traditional methods. This method brings out the best flavor in the ice cream and it tastes creamy and lush. Naturals has ice cream parlors in various places in the country and is best known for their seasonal flavors which are prepared using fresh fruits available during the season. Their mango ice cream and ‘sitaphal’ or custard apple ice cream is famous and always in high demand when available.

2. Amul

Amul has always advertized that its ice cream contains real milk. One bite from an Amul ice cream and you will realize that it is the real deal. Amul has even gone one step ahead of other ice cream manufacturers and started a prolife probiotic wellness & sugar free ice cream campaign in January 2007. This was widely appreciated and proved that good taste does bring good health.

1. Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s

Kwality Wall’s is the leading ice cream brand in India which is available all across the country. They are also well known in Pakistan and Singapore. Kwality Wall’s is best known for their innovative ice creams that taste great. While many other ice cream companies try to copy Kwality Wall’s with their style and flavor, none manage to match up to the kind of ice creams that this company puts up. Some of the best examples of Kwality Wall’s ice creams include Cornetto which is a cone ice cream that is loaded with goodness and Feast that comes with a chocolate surprise in the center.

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