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Top 10 Best Herbal Brands In India

There are a number of cosmetic products available in the market that you can choose from. However, if you are looking for products that will not damage your skin when you use them, then it is best to opt in for herbal products. They are safe, herbal and known to have no side effects or damage on the skin. Herbal products are known to work wonders for the skin and body. While the competition in huge, there are a few brands that stand out in the market.

Here are some of the best herbal cosmetic products that you can choose from.


10. Just Herbs


Just Herbs is a popular herbal brand in India. There are based on the age old grandmother’s homemade recipes. If you do not have time to make the recipes yourself, Just Herbs is the best option to go to. They are well known for their herbal face packs that rejuvenate the skin.

9. Shahnaz Husain


Shahnaz Husain is one of the leading cosmetic labels you will find in the market. Shahnaz, the woman behind the brand focuses delivering high quality herbal cosmetic products that do not damage your skin or hair in anyway. The brand is also well known for hair coloring products and facial kits which are chemical free.

8. Rustic Art


Rustic Art claims to be the best homemade brand in India. Their products are natural and organic. They specialize in homemade soaps that help with allergies, inflammations on the skin and irritation on the skin. They also provide a variety of products for skins that are prone to acne. Their range of skin protection products are among the best in India.

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7. Khadi


Khadi is a leading brand when it comes to herbal cosmetics. The brand is well known in over 25 countries and is most popular for their shampoo range. Khadi shampoos are free from any sort of chemicals and are made using natural ingredients that work best for your hair. If you are looking for quality shampoos that will not damage your hair, Khadi is a great product to invest in.

6. Himalaya Herbals


Himalaya Herbals is probably one of the oldest herbal brands in India. Products of Himalaya Herbal are probably the first herbal products used by anyone. They aspire to combine makeup, beauty, body, oral and hair care in all their products. All of the products of Himalaya Herbals are extremely affordable and they do not have any harsh effects on the skin.

5. Nature’s Co.


This is one of the leading herbal cosmetic brands that is 100% vegan. All their products are natural and very safe and effective to use. Nature’s Co. is best known for their face wash range which is refreshing, pure and very gentle to the skin. The brand also has a number of body scrubs that work wonders for your skin and is a must try for people who like natural products better in comparison to chemical ones.

4. Nyassa


If you are worried about the strong herbal fragrance that most natural cosmetics come with, you need to check out the Nyassa product range which focuses not only on delivering some of the best herbal products, but also ensure the products have an amazing fragrance. Their latest range’ Under the Ocean’ is a must try.

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3. FabIndia


FabIndia offers some of the best organic and herbal products in India. They are know for their shower gels that have a rejuvenating effect on the skin. Their organic soaps and organic oils work wonders for the body. FabIndia outlets are all over India and this makes it easily accessible to all women in India. All of their products are affordable and effective on the skin and body as well.

2. Forest Essentials


Forest Essentials is known to be the only herbal brand in India that uses pure cold pressed and pure essential oils that are naturally distilled in all of their products. They also use vegetable oils that are organically grown, organically grown herbs, organically grown plant extracts and organically grown spices in all their products. They are well known for their body lotions, cold pressed oils and lip scrubs. They are definitely one of the most popular herbal brands available in India.

1. OmVed


This is one of the best brands in India when it comes to choosing healthy and natural products that are free from chemicals. The main aim for this brand it to try and develop products that are safe and natural and effective on the skin. All the products that OmVed have to offer are Biodegradable. Their products are trusted by women all over India and for good reason too.

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