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Top 10 Best Helmet brands In India

The helmet is an essential accessory or tool for two wheeler riders. It acts as protective headgear used by the riders. Helmets become mandatory in most of the big Indian cities nowadays. It prevents or decreases head injuries and thus saves the life of the rider. Helmet not only provides safe ride but also protect the person from cold, hot, dust, air and insects etc. In a study, it was inferred that number of road accidents are increasing in our country due to increase in a number of vehicles on the road as well as due to high-speed driving.  The state government expects that citizens of India have to follow this helmet wearing rule in order to have a chaos free journey and to maintain discipline on the road. There are a number of helmet manufacturing companies in the market and increasing day by day. The companies increased their productions and strongly recommend to use it for an enjoyable and safe ride.

If you are planning to buy a helmet, here is a list of top 10  best helmets available in India. You can select any particular product based on your purpose, comfort, size and price.


SHOEI Helmet

Shoei is a Japanese Helmet manufacturing company which was established in the year 1958. They produce famous line of series of motorcycle helmets. These helmets are designed and manufactured in Japan but duly accepted in the whole world. The product line covers the whole array from open faced to full face, flip-up etc. Famous models of this brand are GT1100, Hornet x-2, and X-Twelve.

9. HJC


HJC is another popular brand specialized in manufacturing motorcycle helmet. The company was established in the year 1971. USP of this brand is innovative product and affordable price range. HJC manufactures high-quality and comfortable motorcycles around the globe. Most popular models of HJC are CS-R2 Injector, CS-14 Paso, R-pha Max. These are highly demanded in this market.

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Aerostar is an ISO and ISI certified helmet manufacturing company. The brand is the largest manufacturer of motorcycle helmets and boxes since the last couple of years. The market share of the company increases in last few years. They have a manufacturing plant near Delhi Airport spread on 6 acres. The built-up area of the plant is more than one lakh square feet. The company has set up a long assembly line of manufacturing around 800 helmets per day.



Wrangler is next leading name in helmet and motorcycle accessories manufacturing in India. The company produces the wide array of helmets of multiple design, price range, and color. It is well established for manufacturing full face helmets, safety helmets, designer helmets etc. Presently, Wrangler is recognized as one of the respectable brands of helmet manufacturing and exporter. The company has a huge client base and respectable name in this competitive market in India.

6. THH

THH Helmet

THH refers as Tong Ho Hsing, is a Taiwan brand in helmet manufacturing which was established in the year 1974. It has the big brand in the world producing approximately 60,000 helmets in a month. THH is an ISO certified company and also garnered many other quality and competency certifications from different nations of the world. The product is having the unique design of 3D modeling, using CNC equipment and made up of high-quality material like carbon fiber. The product has undergone rigorous testing before came in the market.



Royal Enfield is in this motorcycle helmet since more than a century. They are well known for manufacturing classy motorcycles. The company also manufactures unique helmets and other bike accessories specifically design for the comfort of the bike rider. It is world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturing company. The Royal Enfield motorcycle gives you the perfect experience of riding a motorcycle.

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SBHT stands for Steelbird Hi-Tech India Ltd. Established in the year 1964. The company is committed to manufacturing high-quality products. This is the flagship company of famous Steelbird Group of Industries. The key features of SteelBird helmets are Pannier Boxes, Helmet Locking Devices (HLD), and Sweat Resistant Interiors. Steelbird helmets come with anti-scratch, anti-fog visors and anti-glare. They offer the wide range of helmets from open face to full face, flip up helmets etc.

3. LS2

LS2 Helmet

LS2 was established in the year 1990 by Arthur Liao. Each helmet of this brand comprises of three main elements i.e. numerous accessories, the external shell, and shock absorbing EPS liner what separate this brand from other helmets brand.Few famous models of this brand are of569.1 Scape FF 352-L and FF 350 Atmos. The company manufactures high-precision and excellent products and having the 5-year limited warranty.



Studds Accessories Ltd. is one of the well-recognized manufacturer and exporters of high-quality helmets and motorcycle accessories in India. Studds has a significant global presence in more than 35 countries. They have highly established testing laboratory which is duly approved by BIS India and IDIADA Spain. Few famous models of Studs are Ninja Series, Professional Full face, Chrome Elite and Motocross.


vega helmet

Vega is the leading brand in manufacturing world-class helmets and spread across the globe. The company was established in the year 1994 and providing high-quality products at an affordable price range. Each product undergoes rigorous testing for the quality check before came in the market. Few famous models of Vega Helmets are Cliff, Vega Cruiser, and Formula HP Motocraft etc. They provide wide array of products and caters the multiple cadres of riders.

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