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Top 10 Best Hearing Aid Companies In India

Hearing disability can be one of the toughest problems faced by a human. Not being able to hear can be dangerous to others and to yourself if you are working in a place like a factory or a construction site. Thankfully hearing disabilities can be cured to quite an extent. Although your ears will not be able to hear naturally, there are various aids that will artificially help your brain hear clearly. There are various brands available in the market but choosing one will be difficult. We have come up with the 10 best hearing aid brands in India. They make some of the best and most reliable hearing aids in India.

10. ReSound

Most Popular Model: ReSound Up Smart

ReSound is one of the few hearing aid companies that focus on providing customers with solutions that are based on their requirements. ReSound also tends to hearing solutions for children. They are an established company that is helping people all over the world hear more clearly.

9. Oticon

Most Popular Model: Oticon Opn Premium Model

Oticon is another trusted name in hearing aid technology. They put people first and focus on bridging the gap between communication and hearing. All of Oticon’s products use the latest technology and are innovative as well.


Most Popular Instrument: Dyana i

ALPS is one of the best names in the market when it comes to hearing solutions. The brand focuses on innovating new technology that enables people to hear more clearly with the use of their devices. ALPS is an affordable brand that a number of people can invest in.

7. Amplifon

Most Popular Model: Micro CIC

Amplifon is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in India. They provide hearing aid solutions to over 22 countries and have 200 clinics established all over India. One of the best things about the Amplifon hearing aids is that the brand offers lifetime aftercare for the device. They don’t just sell instruments for patients, they conduct complete tests to identify which hearing aid is perfect for the patient and then provide them with the device.

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6. Axon

Most Popular Model: Axon K-80 Hearing Aid & Voice Amplifier

Axon is an extremely popular brand when it comes to hearing aids. They have a variety of aids that range from digital hearing aids, in ear aids, sound amplifier aids to mini hearing aids. Most of Axon’s hearing aids come with an in ear volume adjustment that helps you adjust the volume depending on the surroundings. These aids also come with an in built amplifier that enhances the volume in bad weather conditions as well.

5. Phonak

Most Popular Model: Phonak Naida Q 90 Up Bte Hearing Aid – 1 piece

Phonak is one of the leading hearing aid brand manufacturers all over the world. They are a popular brand in India and are known to provide high quality hearing aid solutions to people with hearing problems. Phonak is best known to design and manufacture hearing aids that come equipped with the latest technology. The brand also ensures they provide hearing aids that suit people based on their age.

4. Widex

Most Popular Model: Widex Unique CIC Micro

Widex makes the most unique hearing aids in India. They come with the Widex Unique technology. This technology helps you hear sounds a lot better irrespective of surroundings. Widex Unique helps you hear loud and soft sounds with ease and has the best noise reduction system among all hearing aids. This means that even if the weather is windy, it would not interfere with your hearing. This technology also helps improve your hearing and adjusts itself according to the surroundings.

3. Elkon

Most Popular Model: Elkon 220 Semi Digital BTE Hearing Aid

Elkon is the only hearing aid company in India that has been selected by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment for their outstanding quality of hearing aids that comes under the contract rate for the last 25 years. This is an ISO certified company that aims and making life easier for people with speech impairment and hearing problems. This is an Indian brand that manages to meet up to the standards and quality of international companies.

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2. Starkey

Most Popular Model: Z Series

Starkey is one of the most innovative hearing aid brands in India. Their innovative hearing aids are among the best in the market. Some of the technology that they use includes:

  • iPhone Compatible: This hearing aid can be connected directly with your iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone or Apple Watch.
  • Invisible Aids: These hearing aids sit well in the second bend in the ear canal. This means that no one can see them.
  • In Canal Receiver: These hearing aids are small and discreet. They fit quickly and is the best product for wearers wearing an aid for the first time.

1. Siemens

Siemens Hearing aid BTE Intuis Pro Dir

Most Popular Model: Siemens Hearing aid BTE Intuis Pro Dir

Siemens is one of the largest brands in India that is known to manufacture a number of products. They are also well known for their hearing aids which are in high demand all over the world. Siemens offers affordable hearing aid solutions that range from behind the ear instruments to instruments that can be inserted into the ear. Siemens also has a unique Hearing Care Center (HCC) concept that provides people with complete hearing solutions. These solutions include:

  • Pure Tone audiometric (Hearing, Testing)
  • Counseling
  • Hearing Trial with Instrument
  • Selection suitable hearing instruments
  • Hard/Soft Ear-molds
  • Accessories for hearing instruments
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