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Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Indian Women

A popular adage states that the physical beauty of a woman lies in her hair. Indian women pride themselves in the grooming of the hair. The nature of the Indian woman’s hair allows for versatility in styling. There are a plethora of fashionable hairstyles available to women for every occasion. While some styles are traditional, others reflect a more contemporary theme.

Whether your hair is long, short, straight or curly, you will find a few in this collection that will suit you. Read on if you are looking for something that will give you a polished, humble or delicate look. Perhaps you are seeking hairstyles that are enticing, dazzling and trendy. In any case, this assortment of hairstyles will get you in tune. Be adventurous and try something new. Go ahead. Dig in and have fun! So check out Top 10 Best Hairstyles for Indian Women.

No. 10 – Ponytail to the Side

Ponytail to the Side

You can never go wrong with a ponytail because this hairstyle is not an intricate design. Simply pull all of the hair together, swing it to the side and use a hair band to hold the hair in the midsection. This style lends itself to flexibility. The ponytail can also be worn high by using the band to hold the hair above the ear. For the purpose of a party, one may wear a ponytail with bouncy curls falling below the shoulder.

No. 9 – Front Twist and Braid Bundle

Front Twist and Braid Bundle

It does not get any easier than this. Women who lead busy lifestyles will fall in love with this ‘easy to fix’ hairstyle. Twist both sides of the hair at the front into thick puffs, sweep the twists backwards and braid everything into a bundle. Although this is a simple hairstyle, it gives a stunning impression. The puff and braid bundle hairstyle is very popular for business settings but is quite fitting for casual occasions as well.

No. 8 –The Beehive: Vintage Style

The Beehive: Vintage Style

The Beehive is an exceptional hairstyle. It was born in the 60’s. In that era, women sported the puff. It suits both long and short hair and is a premier technique for styling the hair of Indian brides. This is not an everyday wear because it requires some skill and time. The Beehive retro style is classical and attributes a unique and sophisticated look to women. If you desire to look dashing on your wedding day, go Beehive retro. Click on the link below to watch a Youtube tutorial of how to design the Beehive hairstyle.

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No. 7 –Do the French Roll

Do the French Roll

 The French roll updo is quite a graceful and fancy hairstyle. If worn with the sari, an extra touch of class will be added to one’s appearance. It is well suited for a formal occasion. Older women also wear this style well because the hair is rolled out of the face and leaves them looking younger. It is also very easy to design this style in one’s hair. Accessorize with flowers or hair ornaments for an exquisite finish.

No. 6 –Halfway Up and Halfway Down

Halfway Up and Halfway Down

 The Halfway up and halfway down hairstyle is very convenient. It also sports a sophisticated image. The top half of the hair is pinned down, while the bottom half of the hair is worn loose.  You may indulge in this hairstyle whether your hair is straight or coiled. Add verve to this hairstyle by adorning it with flowers or accessories.

No. 5 –Curls Galore

Curls Galore

 Loose curls are very trendy and classy. They can be worn by all ages. This hairstyle is perfect for cold seasons as it helps to keep the body warm. Women who are seeking to find the ideal hairstyle for a romantic date can try loose curls. This effervescent hairstyle will transform you into a beautiful queen. You may wear your curls to the back of your head, on both shoulders or to one side of the shoulder.

No. 4 –Fish Tail Braids

Fish Tail Braids

 Do you sometimes need a quick fix on mornings when you have to rush through the door? Well, it takes just a few minutes to complete the fish style braid. This hairstyle works well for casual and formal settings. Hair should be detangled with a brush before braiding for the best result. When worn with the sari, the woman takes on a sensual look. To learn the technique of the fish style braid, click on the link below to watch a Youtube tutorial.

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No. 3 – Traditional Braids

Traditional Braids

 It is true that every Indian woman looks absolutely gorgeous in the traditional plait. This style suits many occasions. Swoop all of the hair into a bundle at the back of the neck. Plait the hair straight down the back or sweep it to the side of the shoulder. Teenagers wear this style well because it carries a girlish theme. The plait can be worn with straight or curly hair. You may also choose to wear a puff at the front of the hair for an unusual appearance.

No. 2: Sweep It to the Side

Sweep It to the Side

 Yes, sweep all of it to the side. The side sweep is a fabulous hairstyle for Indian women. It beautifies the face, is easy to style and gives a youthful image. The side sweep can be worn with straight hair but looks phenomenal with coiled hair. After curling your hair, simply sweep all of your hair to one side of your shoulder and keep hair intact with pins. Throw in a flower or an accessory where the pins are located and your hairstyle will make you shine.

No. 1 – Those Sweet Buns

Those Sweet Buns

 Do you desire to make a statement? Wear the ultimate hairstyle for women who want to assume an elegant and sophisticated look. Put your hair in a bun. If you want to steal attention at a special event, the bun or chignon will do the trick. This is suitable for formal or traditional events. Contemporary hair stylists encourage women to wear updos for formal events such as weddings, anniversary dinners and the like. The most spectacular sight is an Indian woman wearing a well-styled bun with her sari. Heads turn and compliments follow. To give your bun a special look, wear it with flowers, accessories or a swirl. Women may select from a variety of chignon styles. The type of bun that a lady chooses should complement her outfit, accessories and theme.

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