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Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands Available in India

The entire world must be very thankful to the people of China who have brought the invented the beneficial green tea. This tea is a simple herbal mixture which possesses tons of health advantages and is also recommended even as fitness supplement. The following are the few benefits of the green tea:

  • Green tea benefits in stabilizing the hypertension issues in the human body.
  • It aids in controlling the diabetes of the patient.
  • A person can reduce weight after consuming it regularly.
  • It also leads to the increase in the human body’s immunity.
  • Retains the anti-cancer properties.

India is one of the main producers of the tea in the entire world. Therefore, green tea is also manufactured in the excess as well as consumed essentially in India. There are so many famous green tea brands which are available in India. But if you are a new consumer of this tea then there is no need to get worried. The below we are presenting you the list of the top 10 best Green Tea Brands in India at present:

10. LaPlant Green Tea


LaPlant green tea brand belongs to the Mumbai. Even though the name is new in the green tea market but still it have executed well and are increasingly gaining the popularity. This brand provides the outlandish and exclusive mixtures of the green tea along with lemon,Tulsi, and long leaf diversities. This green tea brand is easily available in the market and is soundly priced.

Price of 25 tea bags of LaPlant Green Tea: Rs 160/-

9. Tetley Green Tea

Tetley Green Tea

The next name in the list is of Tetley green tea which is a blockbusting brand in India. It is also known to be one of the initial brands that introduced herbal tea in the market of India. The few variants of this green tea brand include Lemon &Honey,Long Leaf, and Ginger. It also extended the trust in several Indian homes. Tetley Green Tea is easily obtainable in shops and is also reasonable. It’s tea bags are also separately packed.

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Price of 30 bags of Tetley Green Tea: Rs 160/-

 8. Happy Valley Green Tea

Happy Valley Green Tea

This is one more emerging brand which provides excellent organic green tea.  In this green tea, the leaves are refined and collected from the Darjeeling. It is basically developed with bio-vibrant practices. Its teabags are also draped discretely. The out standing quality of this tea originates with the perfect price.  However, its rates are little higher than the other brands which are available in the market.

Price of 25 tea bags of Happy Valley Green Tea: Rs 430/-

7. Jay Green Tea

Jay Green Tea

This green tea brand is owned by the Madhu Jayanti International Limited which is a foremost manufacturer of the usable goods. Jay green tea is a famous brand in India which comes in two variants i.e. Pomegranate and lemon.

Price of 25 tea bags of Jay Green Tea: Rs 150/-

6. Taj Mahal Green Tea

Taj Mahal Green Tea

The Taj Mahal Tea is tremendously famous tea brands in India along with the green tea. This green tea is sold by the Hindustan Unilever. The two variants of this green tea brands are Darjeeling and Honey Lemon which taste amazing. It offers a variety of healthy effects on the body of the human.

Price of 10 tea bags of Taj Mahal Green Tea: Rs 60/-

5. Himalaya Green Tea

Himalaya Green Tea

The Himalaya is one of the most trustworthy brands in the category of health care products. It is also an important brand which basically offers the products related to the Derma Care, Oral Care, and Hair Care. But, it has certain consumable healthy goods also such as the Himalaya Green Tea. It offers numerous health benefits to the people.

Price of 10 tea bags of Himalaya Green Tea: Rs 180/-

4. Gaia Green Tea

Gaia Green Tea

On the fourth position in our list is Gaia brand which offers an outstanding quality of green tea. Its main variants consist of Elaichi (Cardamom), Ginger, Honey,Lemon, etc. It not only taste fantastic but also benefits in numerous diseases. This brand also provides some other goods such as Health Supplements, Herbal Infusions, Health Bars and much more.

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Price of 25 tea bags of Gaia Green Tea: Rs 150/-

3. Organic India Green Tea

Organic India Green Tea

This brand is growing the popularity due to its excellent quality goods. The green tea of this brand is filled with the enormously useful herb and Tulsi. This mixture benefits in reducing the weight, improving the breathing and decreasing the stress.

Price of 100 gm of Organic India Green Tea: Rs 220/-

2. Twinings Green Tea

Twinings Green Tea

This is yet another famous and exceedingly marketing green tea brand in India. It also offers the varieties of Herbal Infusions and Black Tea which can be attained in numerous flavors. The variety of green teas by this brand is obtainable in the form of loose leaves or flavored tea bags. Twinings Green Tea’s variants are Jasmine, Lemon, Earl Grey and mint.

Price of 25 tea bags of Twinings Green Tea: Rs 270/-

1. Lipton Green Tea

Lipton Green Tea

The top name in the list is of Lipton Green Tea which is a product of the Unilever Company. It is also the most prevalently vending green tea brand in India. The company provides a large number of variants of its green tea such as Jasmine,Pure, Citrus and Mint. This extremely famous brand outnumbers the maximum number of other brands in terms of sales.

Price of 25 tea bags of Lipton Green Tea: Rs 140/-


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