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Top 10 Best Food Products in India

These days, there are a lot of food companies that are operating in the entire India. These companies have been manufacturing a lot of food products that are consumed by the Indian people every single day. Without these food products, the people in the country will surely find it very hard to survive. These products are also bringing a considerable amount of money to the companies. In relation to this, here are the top 10 best food products in India:


biscuits best food products

Biscuits are undeniably profit making food products not only within India, but also in the entire world. These can be of different flavors, depending on the manufacturers of the biscuit products. There are those biscuits that are flavored with coconut, orange, mango, pineapple and a lot more. Great percentage of the Indian population has been consuming tons of biscuits everyday. Well, there is no question about that since biscuits can be perfect alternatives for those people who don’t have the appetite to eat their meals.


Just like in any other countries, alcohols are also widely being sold in India. Indians are fond of drinking alcoholic beverages specially when there are special occasions that must be celebrated. Any celebration can never be complete without alcohols. This is the main reason why alcohol manufacturing companies in India are flourishing in the industry nowadays. Some of these alcoholic beverages are beers, wines, rums, and vodkas.


Asia is the number one rice producer in the entire world, and India is amongst those countries in Asia that is constantly exporting rice products throughout the world. There is no question about that since some of the most delicious Indian cuisines have something to do with rice. Some of these rice products are Devaaya Basmati Rice, Daawat Pulao Basmati Rice, and Rozana Basmati Rice Super 90.


Milk is a very nutritious food product that is needed not only by those growing children, but by the entire human race as well. It is very rich in protein that help in building muscles. Milk can be produced from cow, goat, and carabao. Since India has a wide land area, raising these animals is definitely one thing that Indian people do. This is why milk is included in the list of best food products in India.

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Just like any other countries, India also has several delicious bread products that everybody can taste. These are great specially during breakfast or snacks time. For health conscious individuals, there are Indian wheat breads available that will satisfy your bread cravings without giving you extra weight. There are even different kinds of cakes sold in the Indian market that you can try like delicious cup cakes.


Since India is a tropical country, getting thirsty always is definitely a common scenario in the country. This is the number one a number of refreshing drinks are manufactured by different companies in India and sold in the Indian market, and even in some other parts of the world. Two of the world renowned refreshing drinks manufacturers here are Coca Cola and Pepsi. There are even traditional Indian drinks that are sold in the country that tourists can try.


Just in case you do not know, India is very popular in the entire world for its original curry cuisines that will surely blow your mind away when you taste them. The thing is, delicious curry dishes in India can never be completed without the very important food ingredient, which is the turmeric powder. This is why it is widely sold within India like in the department stores and grocery stores. It is even sold in some other countries, making other nationalities create their own versions of Indian curries.


If you are thinking that only Americans are major consumers of coffee, then you are definitely wrong. Great percentage of the world’s population is consuming a considerable amount of coffee products daily, and Indian people are some of those. When you visit India, you will surely be surprised with the wideness of the coffee plantations in several parts of the country.

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Some people have this thought that tea and coffee are the same. The truth is, these two are completely different products. A lot of people in the world are drinking tea because it can give you several amazing health benefits. In connection to this, do you know that India is a major producer of tea? Yes, you read it right. As a matter of fact, there are several wide areas of green tea plantations that can be found within the country.


Chocolates are very popular food products in America as well as in Europe. There are a number of big time chocolate manufacturing companies that you can find in these continents. But just like the countries in these continents, India can also offer chocolate products to its consumers. As a matter of fact, India also have a number of chocolate making companies spread all over the country such as Cadbury, Ferrero India, Nestle, Campco, Amul, Lotus, and Candyman. There is no way you will love munching these chocolates in India, specially if you are a chocolate lover.

These are the top ten best-selling food products within the entire India. Some of these products are exported in some other parts of the globe, making them great contributors to the Indian economy. Without a doubt, the beautiful country of India can never be ranked on the bottom part, as far as food products are concerned.

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