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Top 10 Best Fertilizer Companies in India

India has a very rich land that is gifted with a number of natural resources, which made the country even more popular in the entire world. Bigger percentage of this rich land is made to be agricultural land, which made major agricultural products in India that are exported in some other parts of the world. Because of this, it is no longer surprising why the country is home for a number of world renowned fertilizer making companies. In relation to this, here are the top fertilizer companies in India that you should know:

10.Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd.

 This top performing fertilizer making firm has been providing the farmers in the country with high quality fertilizers that are affordable in their budget. Zuari Agro Chemicals Ltd. is famous in manufacturing DAP based fertilizers, Urea, and NPK. It has a lot of branches in the entire India, but its main corporate office can be found in the progressive Indian state of Goa. The company started its business operation way back in the year 1973.



9.Liberty Phosphate Ltd.

 This is definitely amongst the leading fertilizer making companies that can be found in the progressive country of India. This excellent company was founded way back in the year 1976. And today, it has managed to put up a total of 6 company branches in the entire country. In other words, more and more people who need fertilizers in the country are reached by the firm. If you have business transaction with this company, all you need to do is visit its head office that is located in the city of Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. In fact, 18 percent of the needed SSP fertilizers in the country comes from this company.



8.Deepak Fertilizers & Petrochemicals Corporation Ltd.  

The head office of this top performing fertilizer company in India can be found in the city of Pune in Maharashtra. Since 1979 that was its foundation year, it has been providing top quality fertilizers and photochemicals to the people within the entire country. As a matter of fact, this company is an award winning company in the industry where it belongs. Some of its awards are Excellence in Fertiliser Extension Services in 2011, Excellence in Energy Conservation and Management in the year 2010, and Dun & Bradstreet Award in 2011. Aside from fertilizer-making, the company is also involved in the real estate sector. The main office of this firm is nestled in the city of Pune in the state of Maharashtra.

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7.Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

 The company becomes extremely famous and successful after it partnered with the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. This firm was established way back in the year 1976. From that year on, it never stops providing top quality fertilizers to the people within the entire India. Apart from fertilizers, the company also ventures in some other business sectors like Information Technology, Electronics/Telecommunications, Chemicals/Petrochemicals, and Energy.


6.National Fertilizers Ltd. 

If you need inorganic or organic fertilizers, the National Fertilizers Ltd. is the best company to run to. It has been a leading fertilizer making company in India since its foundation year way back in 1974. It has been involved in manufacturing fertilizers like Urea, agricultural products, and industrial chemicals that are very in demand in the country today. The turnover of the company is around 70,000 Crores. Its main office can be located in the city of Noida.


5.Fertilizers & Chemicals Travancore Ltd. 

It was way back in the year 1943 when this company was established. This is actually a government owned fertilizer making firm that is also involved in equipment fabrication, engineering consultancy, and in manufacturing caprolactam. Fertilizers and Chemicals Travancore Ltd. or simply called FACT is headquartered in the city of Kochi in the state of Kerala.


4.Rashtriya Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. 

The main corporate office of this fertilizer company can be found in the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra, and it was established way back in the year 1978. The company has been manufacturing a number of basic chemicals and of course, different kinds of fertilizers such as Suphala 20:20:0, Suphala 15:15:15, Sujala, Microla, Biola, and Ujjwala.

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3.Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd.

 It was in the year 1985 when Chambal Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. was established in the fertilizing making industry. It is a big time fertilizer company that is reaching western, northern, and central regions in the country. This company is an ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 certified one, that is receiving a number of prestigious awards from the award giving body of the industry where it belongs. The main office of the company is nestled in the progressive city of New Delhi, which also happens to be the capital city of India.


2.Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd. 

This is definitely one of the flourishing fertilizer-making companies in India that has been existing in the industry since its foundation year way back in 1967. Some of the top selling and popular fertilizer products it is providing to the people in India are urea, diammonium phosphate, phosphoric acid, ammonia sulfate, and ammonia. Apart from fertilizers, it also manufactures industrial gases, nylons, fibers, and plastics.


1.Coromandel International Ltd.

This is the number one company in India when it comes to manufacturing phosphate fertilizers. It is also famous in providing crop protection products to the people such as herbicides, plant growth regulators, fungicides, and insecticides. According to TERI, Coromandel International Ltd. is amongst the greenest companies that can be found in the country. It was established way back in the year 1961, and its corporate headquarters can be located in the city of Secunderabad in the state of Andhra Pradesh.




These are the top fertilizer companies in India that everybody should know. Without a doubt, these companies have already established great reputations in the industry where they belong.


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