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Top 10 Best Domestic Airlines Of India

Considering the amount of time it takes to travel by trains, a large number of people these days prefer to take a flight. While there were not too many domestic airlines to choose from back in the day, India is loaded with options that can get you from one city to the other in no time. If you’re looking to travel by air within India, here are some of the top airlines that you can pick.

10. Air Pegasus

Air Pegasus on an Indian airline based in Bangalore. The airline is a subsidiary of the ground holding services company, Decor Aviation. Air Pegasus started its operations in April 2015 with the inaugural flight flying between Bangalore and Hubli. Air Pegasus operates from its main hub at the Kempegowda International Airport located in Bangalore.

  • Market Share:2%
  • Fleet size: 2
  • Passenger Load factors:1%
  • Cancellations:81%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):4% (Per 1000 passengers)

9. Air Costa

Air Costa is a regional airline which is based out of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh. This airline launched in October 2013 and is one of the major domestic airlines in Southern India. The airline launched with an employee strength of 300 which included the pilots and engineers. It kick-started with just two Embraer E-170 aircrafts.

  • Market Share: 1%
  • Fleet size: 4 (+50 on order)
  • Passenger Load factors:3%
  • Cancellations:79%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):8 % (Per 1000 passengers)

8. Vistara

Vistara is a new Indian airline that is a joint venture between Singapore Airlines and Tata Sons. It commenced operations in January 2015 and the inaugral flight was between Delhi and Mumbai. The airline operates over 250 weekly services covering 10 destinations across India. Vistara is known to be the first airline to introduce premium economy seats on domestic routes in India.

  • Market Share:3%
  • Fleet size: 7
  • Passenger Load factors:9%
  • Cancellations:19%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):2% (Per 1000 passengers)
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7. Air Asia India

Air Asia India is one of the most popular airlines which is headquartered in Chennai. This is a joint venture with Air Asia Berhad holding 49% and Tata Sons holding 40.06% and Telstra Trade place holding the remaining 10%. This is an Indo-Malaysian airline which is a low cost carrier. Launched in June 2014, Air Asia is all set to take up international flights too.

  • Total Market Share:4%
  • Fleet size: 5
  • Passenger Load factors:1%
  • Cancellations:0%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):0% (Per 1000 passengers)

6. JetKonnect

JetKonnect is a brand of Jet Airways based in Mumbai. It was initially called Jetlite and the name JetKonnect came into effect in 2012. All of the onboard and ground services for JetKonnect are operated by Jet Airways

  • Market Share: 3%
  • Fleet size: 9
  • Passenger Load factors:7%
  • Cancellations:44%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):4% (Per 1000 passengers)

5. Go Air

Go Air is a low cost Indian airline which is based out of Mumbai. The airline was launched in 2005 and has been one of the most popular low cost airlines ever since. Go air has a total of about 140 daily flights that travel to around 22 cities in India.

  • Total Market Share:2%
  • Fleet size: 19
  • Passenger Load factors:6%
  • Cancellations:44%
  • Passenger Complaints (Average):3% (Per 1000 passengers)

4. Spice Jet

Spice Jet is one of the most popular airlines in India for domestic flights. The airline was launched in 2015 and has a total of around 270 flights that travel to 41 different locations in India. It also travels to 7 international cities.

  • Total Market Share:3%
  • Fleet size: 34
  • Passenger Load factors:1%
  • Cancellations:70%
  • Passenger Complaints (average):4% (Per 1000 passengers)
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3. Jet Airways

Jet Airways is one of the biggest airlines that are based in Mumbai. It has the second largest share of passengers among all airlines in India. Jet Airways operates over 300 flights daily and covers 74 destinations across India.

  • Total Market Share:8%
  • Fleet size: 116
  • Passenger Load factors:8%
  • Cancellations:96%
  • Passenger Complaints (average):4% (Per 1000 passengers)

2. Air India

Air India is one of the oldest Indian airlines that is part of the Government of India enterprise. This is one of the most popular airlines in India that has domestic as well as international flights. The headquarters for this airline is at the Indian Airlines House in New Delhi.

  • Total Market Share:4%
  • Fleet Size: 108 (excluding subsidiaries)
  • Passenger Load factors:3%
  • Cancellations:20%
  • Passenger Complaints (average):7 % (Per 1000 passengers)

1. Indigo Airlines

Indigo Airlines

Indigo is the most popular airlines in India. The airline is a low cost airline that has its head quarters in Gurgaon. Indigo has over 633 flights that travel to various parts on India. The airlines also serve 5 international destinations on a daily basis. Indigo has a total of 97 aircrafts.

  • Total Market Share:5%
  • Fleet size: 97
  • Passenger Load factors:8%
  • Cancellation Rate:10%
  • Passenger Complaints in average:7 % (Per 1000 passengers)
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