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Top 10 Best Dialouges of Actor Raaj Kumar

Raaj Kumar, also known as Kulbhushan Pandit, is a celebrated Bollywood film actor who acted in films like Paakejha and Waqt. He is known and remembered for his distinct acting talent and style, his white shoes and dialogues that are still etched in people’s hearts. He is especially known for his dialogue delivery and style. Here we are listing top 10 of the best dialogues delivered by the acting legend in his filmy career.

These listings, including the dialogues of Raaj are top rated ones and are most loved among the crowd at all the times.

Raaj Kumar

10. Baazar ke kisi sadak chaap darzi ko bulakar usse apne kafan ka naap de do

English Translation

Call a cheap tailor from the market and order the size of your shroud.

This dialogue from the movie  Marte dum tak is a cult dialogue.

9. Hum kutto se baat nahi karte  

English Translation

We don’t talk to dogs

This is also a dialogue from the movie, Marte dum tak.

8. Hum tumhe wo maut denge Jo toh na kisi kanoon me kitaab me likhi hogi aur na hi kisi mujrim ne Sochi hogi

English Translation

We will give you such a death that is not written in any law books and no offendant have thought of.

This is a dialogue from movie Tiranga.

7. Dada to iss duniya mai do hi hai.Ek uparwala aur doosra main.

English Translation

There are only two bosses in the is the almighty and other me.

This is a famous dialogue from movie marte dum tak.

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6. Hum aankhon se surma nhi churate.Hum aankhen hi chura lete hain.

English Translation

We don’t steal the color from eyes. We steal the eyes themselves.

This is a dialogue from the movie tiranga.

5. Hamaari jubaan bhi goli ki tarah hai.Dushman se seedhi baat karri hai.

English Translation

Our tongue is just like a bullet. Talks straight with the enemy.

This is a dialogue from movie tiranga.

4. Kaash ki tumne Hume awaaz do hoti toh hum maut ke neend se bhi uthkar chale ate.

English Translation

I wish you would have called me then I would have come even from sleep of death.

This is a dialogue from movie Saudagar.

3. Hum tumhe maarenge, aur zaroor maarenge … lekin woh bandook bhi hamari hogi, goli bhi hamari hogi aur waqt bhi hamara hoga

English Translation
I will kill you, and will kill you for sure … but that gun will be mine, the bullet will be mine and the time will be mine

This is also a notable dialogue from movie Saudagar.

2. Aapke paon dekhe,bahut haseen hai.Inhe jameen par mat utariyega.Maile ho jayenge.

English Translation

I saw your feet, they are beautiful. Don’t put them on land, they will get dirty.

This is a beautiful dialogue from the movie Pakeeza starring Meena Kumari.

1. Chinoy Seth, jinke ghar sheeshe ke hote hai vo dusron par pathar nhi phenka karte

English Translation

Chinoy Seth,people with glass houses don’t throw stones at others.

This is a dialogue from the movie Waqt.

A dialogue is made memorable not only by the words but the way in which  the dialogue delivery by the character is done as well as the context in which it is said. That’s why some dialogues get etched into the memory of audience while others are just forgotten with the passage of time.

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We hope you enjoyed this article and found it to be quite informative and useful. Here we listed the top 10 dialogues by famous yesteryear Bollywood star Raaj Kumar, who has acted in cult classics such as Waqt and Pakeeza .


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