Top 10 Best Deodorants For Women In India

With the arrival of the summer come the problems associated with it. Sweating is one such problem caused during summer. The humidity in India causes sweaty armpits and bad body odor. Thankfully there is a wide range of deodorants and antiperspirants available for women that can save the day. Here is the list of the top best and popular 10 deodorants available in India for women.

10. Spinz

Spinz is an excellent Indian brand of deodorants. Their range of deodorants is made especially to capture the imagination of women. Their wide range of fragarances is apt for every woman and every occasion.

Here is the most popular range of Spinz deodorants.

  • Spinz deo black magic: Rs. 170
  • Spinz deo exotic: Rs. 160
  • Spinz deo Enchante: Rs. 170
  • Spinz deo hip-hop: Rs 170
  • Spinz deo samba: Rs. 170
  • Spinz deo rock n roll tin: Rs. 150
  • Spinz perfumed deo fresh burst: Rs. 160

9. Jovan White Musk Women

Price: Rs. 185

Jovan is one of the most beautiful fragrances available in India. While the Jovan perfumes can be expensive, their deodorants are within everyone’s budget. Jovan White Musk Women is one of the most popular brands of deodorants among woman.

8. Fa

Fa is one of the most well known names in the world of fragrances. Fa’s range of beauty products includes soaps, deodorants and perfumes. Women just love the fragrance of Fa and there is a Fa deodorant available for all women.

The most popular deodorants produced by Fa are:

  • Fa Golden Star Women – 150ml: Rs. 220
  • Fa Golden Star Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Mystic Moments Women – 150ml: Rs. 150
  • Fa Whitening Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Mystic Moments Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 219
  • Fa Purple Passion Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Active Pearls Rose Fresh Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Active Pearls Aqua Spirit Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Nutri Skin Invisible Control Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Sensitive Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Natural & Pure Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
  • Fa Natural & Pure Women – 150ml: Rs. 205
  • Fa Nutri Skin Maximum Protect Roll On – 50ml: Rs. 199
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7. Dove Clear Touch

Price: Rs. 170

Dove is one of the best brands when it comes to deodorants. They have some of the best fragrances available to women. The Dove Clear Touch is one of the most popular deodorants delivered by Dove. This deodorant is extremely gentle on the skin and does not cause any underarm burns as well.

6. Secret Temptation Perfume Body Spray

Price: Rs. 170

The Secret Temptation Perfume body spray is known for having no gas content and long lasting perfume. This deodorant has gained popularity due to being long lasting and free from gas.

5. Nivea Roll On Deo

Price: Rs. 165

Nivea is one of the best known brands in the world. Their deodorants have an amazing fragrance that is appealing and warm. With the introduction of the Nivea Roll On Deodorant, Nivea has attempted to take care of the skin darkening problem in the underarms.

4. Playboy

Yes, this seems like a deodorant brand for guys, but Playboy does have some amazing fragrances for women too. The sensual fragrances are perfect for every occasion and they resemble a perfume which makes it rich and classy. Playboy deodorants are gentle on your skin and last long which is why they are in high demand these days.

Popular Deodorants

  • Lovely – Rs. 200
  • Sexy Rs. 200
  • Spicy – Rs. 200
  • Rock – Rs. 200

3. Yardley

This international fragrance brand hit the Indian markets recently and has been a hit ever since. The rich floral fragrances that are very unique and feminine are popular with a number of women. Yardley fragrances last long and are very gentle on the skin which makes them a great pick. These fragrances are gentle, classy and very different in comparison to the other deodorants available in the market.

Popular Yardley Deodorants

  • English Lavender – Rs. 180
  • Jasmine – Rs. 180
  • Red Roses – Rs. 180
  • Lily of the Valley – Rs. 180
  • English Rose – Rs. 180
  • Sandalwood – Rs. 180
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2. Adidas

Adidas is one of the most popular deodorant brands available in India currently. While the brand is best known for its sports apparel, their deodorant range is amazing. The brand understands the need for long lasting fragrances like no other which is why Adidas is a top pick for women who are constantly on the go. There are quite a few options available under this brand, so you can choose a fragrance that will suit you best. When investing in an Adidas deodorant, make sure you pick the original ones from a reputed shop. There are a lot of duplicate Adidas deodorants in the market these days, and while they might not cost as much as the original, they could be harmful and do not smell as good.

Popular Adidas Deodorants include:

  • Adidas special edition extreme power deo body: Rs. 175
  • Adidas fruity rhythm deo women’s: Rs. 200
  • Adidas pure lightness deo women’s: Rs. 200

1. Nike

Nike deo for women

Nike is one of the most popular brands when it comes to deodorants in India. This sports brand is reliable and their fragrances last for a long time. Women who need to spend long hours outside should opt in for a Nike deodorant since it is one of the most long lasting deodorant for women. They are also very gentle on your skin and will not cause any darkening or irritation under the arms. While these deodorants are a little higher priced in comparison to the other deodorants available in the market, they are worth the investment.

Popular Nike Deodorants

  • Nike women blue fantasy Deo: Rs. 275
  • Nike women magic passion eau de toilette: Rs. 275
  • Nike women sweet emotion eau de toilette: Rs. 275
  • Nike women hidden desire eau de toilette: Rs. 275
  • Nike women fruit fever eau de toilette: Rs. 275
  • Nike basic purple woman eau de toilette: Rs. 275
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