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Top 10 Best Deodorants For Men In India

India is a warm country and the sub tropical climate does not make it any better. Summers can get as hot as 50 degrees C and it gets tough to stay presentable in such weather conditions. While you can do your best to look good and fresh, sweat and body odor could let you down. In such situations it is best to use a deodorant on regular basis. There are a number of deodorants that are specifically designed for men. If you are looking for some of the best deodorants in India for men, here’s a list of the top 10.

10. Old Spice

Price: Rs. 199

Old Spice is one of the oldest and most reputed brands of perfumes and deodorants in India. There is something extremely charming about Old Spice deodorants that make women go crazy. Old Spice was popular for its tag line ‘The Mark Of A Man’ and that tag line holds true even today. Old Spice deodorants bring out the masculine scent and the fragrance lasts through the day. It also has antibacterial properties that keep the skin clean and fresh.

9. Wild Stone

Price: Rs. 195

Wild Stone is one of the most popular deodorant brands for men. This fragrance lasts long and manages to meet the requirements of men all over India. It has some amazing masculine fragrances that are very sensual. These fragrances are long lasting and do not cause any stains on your clothes. They are designed to match Indian weather conditions which make them very convenient to use.

8. Garnier Men

Price: Rs. 150

Garnier Men is one of the best deodorants in India. Although Garnier is better known for its beauty products, their deodorants are extremely long lasting and fragrant. There are many variants of Garnier Deodorants namely Invisible Deo Spray, Extreme Cool, Anti Sweat Extreme and Anti Sweat Dry.

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7. Nivea

Price: Rs. 149

Nivea is very well known for their skin care range for women. There are also some deodorants that this brand has to offer for men as well as women. These deodorants are very safe on the skin and do not cause any irritation. There are different deodorants available under Nivea to suit your needs. There is a dry deodorant that prevents you from sweating too much. There is also a cool deodorant that keeps you feeling cool all day. Nivea fragrances for men have some amazing fragrances that have a unique smell that stand out and last very long.

6. Reebok

Price: 285

Reebok is one of the most popular sports brands all over the world. This brand understands the need for a strong fragrance that is long lasting. There are a number of different deodorants Reebok has to offer for men. One of the best things about these deodorants is that they last very long and they keep you feeling fresh all day. There are a number of fragrances that you can pick from under Reebok and each fragrance has a very different smell.

5. Nike

Price: Rs. Rs. 180

Nike is one of the biggest sports apparel manufacturers in the world. Nike deodorants are known to be the best in the world. Their line of deodorants is known to cope with body odor and sweat. The different variants of Nike deodorants are On Fire, Wood Blast, Cool, Magnetic Blue and Paranoia.

4. Adidas

Price: Rs. 169

Just like all the other large sports brands, Adidas too has some amazing fragrances for men. These deodorants are long lasting and are perfectly designed to meet the need of the Indian market. There are some great options that are available under this brand. Some of the most popular men’s deodorants include Get Ready, Sport Field, Victory League, Team Force, Intensive and Pure Game.

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3. PlayBoy

Price: Rs. 175

Although relatively new to the Indian market, PlayBoy has created quite a buzz in India. The fragrances of PlayBoy are quite charming and are popular among women too. There are three variants of PlayBoy deodorants are Miami, New York and Ibiza.

2. Park Avenue

Price: Rs. 165

This is one of the leading brands in men’s fragrances for a long time now. Park Avenue is part of Raymond which has been a leading clothes brand for men and understands what men like perfectly. There are a number of deodorants that you can pick from Park Avenue. These deodorants have a long lasting fragrance that will keep you fresh for a long time.

1. Axe

Price: Rs. 156


Axe is undoubtedly the number one deodorant brand in India. Axe fragrances are known to be extremely popular especially among college kids. Axe is known to have the biggest range of deodorants in India. The most popular ones are Pulse, Chocolate, Dimension, Provoke, Summer and Apollo.

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